Animal crossing city folk how to make a money tree

Animal crossing city folk how to make a money tree

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All Animal Crossing Forums. How exactly do you get the money tree. Aug 13, 10 at 7: Wiki Pages Money Tree. Planting a money tree is true, but there's percentages that come into play. Money trees ONLY sprout 90, bells ONCE, just so you know.

Aug 22, 10 at Yeah, I was just going to say that. They're not really worth it! Aug 22, 10 at 4: Aug 22, 10 at 8: Actually it can be. Say if you plant a 10, bell bag and happen to grow a bell tree. You earn 80, bells. Hooked on Neo total posts: IS THIS OKAY MOMMY? Sep 5, 10 at 1: You get stars.

Sep 5, 10 at 5: You've been doing it on pm and threads. Please stop, or you'll be reported.

Sep 6, 10 at 6: It does make a very cool decoration to have though. That's considering you have friends smart enough not to shake down every bell ;-;. So the Bell coins literally hang from it? In that case, I may as well risk losing some chunk of money for the sake of my Town's look.

Yes, bells BAGS hang from the tree. Not coins, just to clarify on that. It really does make a great entrance if you make some sort of path with 'em. But again, keeping them up and un-shook is a daunting task. Sep 8, 10 at 5: I'm certain that I can purge my "Scrooge" temptations for the sake of my Town's classy outlook.

animal crossing city folk how to make a money tree

I'd better attempt to sprout a few of these before the Clan's eventual visit. Aug 5, 13 at Get a golden shovel by burying a normal shovel for a whole day just time travel on the game to the next day but make sure you stay at the same time or higher take the shovel out of the hole and take at least 30, don't bury 99, because you're just losing 9, and bury it using the golden shovel every day water it again you can also time travel until the tree is at its max.

How to Do Cool Things on Animal Crossing City Folk Wii: 4 Steps

After shaking all the money bags out take 30, and plant again for you cannot grow the moneybags again on the same tree. Similar Threads don't do the money tree - last updated Mar 8, 09 at 2: Jump to another forum: Top Core Games Pro Evolution Soccer Shadow of the Colossus Life is Strange: Before the Storm Pro Evolution Soccer Fallout 4 Crash Bandicoot N.

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animal crossing city folk how to make a money tree

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Making it a pretty pointless practice in reality, which is a shame since this sounded like it could've been a neat little trick.

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