Holdfast moneymaker uk

Holdfast moneymaker uk

Author: pddjcolin Date of post: 17.07.2017

As a part-time wedding photographer for the past 4yrs, I have struggled somewhat with the idea of investing into accessories. Bags, Light Stands, Flash Modifiers etc.

Cameras and Lenses I had no issues with dropping my money on. I generally shoot with two cameras, one slung on each shoulder with a telephoto and a wide lens. This is so I can quickly adapt to each shot. For as long as I have been doing photography, the product I have kept my eye on and hoping the price would go down is the Black Rapid RS DR-1 Double Strap.

holdfast moneymaker uk

In my opinion of course…. I wanted something more discreet and stylish, and one day I came across an F-Stoppers article reviewing this strap from Holdfast called the MoneyMaker.

holdfast moneymaker uk

The strap itself looks stylish and comes in various colours. After over a year of deliberating whether I should purchase this premium strap, at this premium cost! I took the plunge and ordered from Rigu.

I have used the Holdfast MoneyMaker on one shoot and some of the issues I faced with it, I would face with any strap, so it could just be me needing to adjust to new working style.

As an example, to put down a camera with the manufacturers strap, so much easier. Slip it off my shoulder, put it down and walk away. Or at least I did.

holdfast moneymaker uk

The rings which hook the smaller straps onto the body strap at times kept catching on to my shirt, and when I went to raise the camera to my face, the motion was not as smooth due to this. Whilst walking around keeping an eye out for candid moments, I had the groom of the wedding randomly rub my chest.

Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness: edegawiwajy.web.fc2.com: Camera & Photo

Needless to say given the points I had mentioned above, this was not the greatest experience shooting with this strap. Overtime, the colour may not rub off as all the excess colours may wear off and my shirt catching on the strap can be overlooked.

Holdfast Gear Moneymaker Review - Luxury Leather Camera Strap

I will however like to close on the note that if you are looking for a double strap of some sorts, whether it be the BlackRapid or Holdfast, just bear in mind it does have its drawbacks and depending what you value the most for convenience or safety, you might be better off without it.

The Holdfast itself however, I cannot help but feel disappointed given its price. As mentioned above, it has only been the one official event with this strap, and if my feelings do change I will update the post or re-write a completely new review.

Although my cameras throughout did feel very secure throughout the event, for the moment, I will have to determine this strap overpriced. On a side note, the service provided by Rigu.

The item was delivered quickly, kept in contact to follow up everything was OK in terms of the delivery, checked out my work via social media and had a brief conversation over email regarding photography.

I found the service to be very personal and it was a joy to deal with someone on this level as opposed to a company simply taking my money and dropping my product on my doorstep, so I do highly recommend Rigu. Your email address will not be published. Leo Hoang Create your badge.

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