Holy grail renko trading system

Holy grail renko trading system

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Games for later platforms are included to show the history of designers that started with 8-bit systems. Why the NES line in the sand? Prior to that there was a closer connection between the creator of a game and the finished project.

That's an oversimplification, because there were 8-bit computer games developed by teams, but single-person, single-vision games became rarer once the Nintendo-era of consoles took off. The list is sorted by author's last name.

Games written are listed chronologically in the following format: Title, coauthors year, system, publisher. This is a Who's Who of classic game designers and programmerswhere classic refers to pre-NES 8-bit systems: When a game was released for multiple platforms, only the version the programmer originally developed is listed.

A port is listed separately under the name of the programmer who did the port. Format The list is sorted by author's last name. Title, coauthors year, system, publisher If this is followed by "from X," it means the game was ported from system X.

Bracketed entries contain biographical notes. Publisher Codes AI Adventure International also AI UK ACT Activision APX Atari Program Exchange ASIM Automated Simulations precursor to Epyx BROD Broderbund EA Electronic Arts MAST Mastertronic MB Milton Bradley PB Parker Brothers PD Freeware, public domain, or otherwise publisher-free self Self-published TI Texas Instruments.

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Games may be preceded by the following [P] Programmer only. Used for ports or when a game was designed by someone else. The person mentioned had some involvement. Implies more than management. There's usually a quality gap between 8-bit BASIC games and those written in other languages. Emerald IsleSPEC, Level 9 Abelson, Harold Dazzle Dart, with Andy diSessa, Nat Goodman ? Voodoo Castle many, AI Adams, Barry L. Adams, Scott [founder of AI] [B] AdventurelandTRS, AI [B] Pirate Adventure, with Alexis AdamsTRS, AI [TB] AwariTRS, SoftSide [B] Secret MissionTRS, AI aka Mission Impossible [TB] BackgammonTRS, SoftSide [B] Voodoo CastleAI The CountAI Strange OdysseyAI Mystery Fun HouseAI Pyramid of Doom, with Alvin FilesAI Ghost TownAI Savage Island, Part 1AI Savage Island, Part 2, with Russ WetmoreAI Golden Voyage, with William DemasAI Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Return to Pirate's IsleTI99, AI The Hulkmany, AI Spidermanmany, AI Fantastic Fourmany, AI The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, with Philip Case, Kern McNairmany, AI Return to Pirate's Island 2many, AI Adan, Manolito [P] MoonsweeperTI99, Imagic from Adcock, Jerry [P] Shadow Hawk One, with Glenn ClappAP2, Horizon Adelstein, Bruse [P] Lost Tomb, Datasoft from COIN Adham, Allen GunslingerAP2, Datasoft Adkinson, Ted [TB] Halls of the Leprechaun King, ANALOG Aero, Rita The Brain Game, with Elliot WeinerAP2, Millennium Ager, Mike Psycho Pigs UXBC64, Jaleco Aguilar, Esteban V.

Ahn, Esteban [P] TechnocopAP2, Gray Matter Aitchison, Guy [TB] Galactic Gloop, Antic Akbiyik, Hakan DoolyC16, Falcon HelixC16, Falcon Akers, David [P] Bump 'n' Jump, with Jeff Ratcliff, M-Network from COIN [P] Star Strike, M-Network from INT [G] Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersCOIN, Atari Games KlaxCOIN, Atari Games [G] Road Riot 4WDCOIN, Atari Games [G] California SpeedCOIN, Atari Games [G] Pac-Man World 2PS2, Namco [G] kill.

Mine MadnessVIC, Thorn EMI The Mad DoctorC64, Thorn EMI Allen, John PinballTRS, Acorn BasketballTRS, Acorn Allen, Mark [B] Apple Stellar InvadersAP2, Apple Space Invaders-like SabotageAP2, On-Line Pest PatrolAP2, Sierra Alpert, Dave Xyphus, with Skip WalkerAP2, Penguin Altman, Marcus Blagger Goes to HollywoodC64, Alligata Shoot Em UpC64, Alligata Alvarez, Fernando Genesis, Datasoft Anderson, Bob [B] Derelict, with Rodger Olsen many, Aardvark Haunted HouseBBC, Aardvark Anderson, Charles [P] Tuesday Morning QuarterbackAP2, ASIM from TRS Anderson, Chip [TB] ConnectionAP2, SoftSide Anderson, Dave Hollywood Hijinx, with Liz Cyr-Jonesmany, Infocom Anderson, David J.

Fortune HuntO2, Magnavox K. MunchkinO2, Magnavox Pac-Man-like Freedom FightersO2, Magnavox Pick Axe PeteO2, Magnavox K. Dawn PatrolC64, Mark of the Falcon Bagley, Jim [P] Throne Of FireSPEC, Melbourne House [P] Road RunnerSPEC, U. Gold from COIN [P] Street Sports Basketball SPEC from C64 [P] World Class Leaderboard SPEC from C64 [P] G. TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMXGB [P] Tiny Toons: Buster Saves The DayGB [P] TechDeck SkateboardingGB [P] Nancy Drew: Return of the Sinister Six NES, LJN [P] Wolverine Adamantium RageSNES, LJN [P] Maximum RoadkillPC, Take 2 [P] Stratego PC, Hasbro [P] Monopoly N64, Empire [P] Sheep PS1, Empire Baronett, Stanley Jr.

Ripper, with John WinnieC64, Avalon Hill Barshack, Leonard Apple Adventure, with Peter SchmuckalAP2, Apple Bartlett, Peter J. Enigma, with Mark MooreC16, Commodore Robo KnightC16, U.

Gold Basham, Bill DogfightAP2, Micro Lab Bass, Daniel [P] Loco-MotionINT, Mattel from COIN Tower of DoomINT, INTV Bate, Michael BC's Quest for Tires, with Rick BanksAP2? The Riddle of the Crown Jewelsmany, Infocom [D] Arthur: The Quest for Excaliburmany, Infocom [D] TIMEQUESTPC, Legend [D] Eric The UnreadyPC, Legend [D] Spycraft: The Great GamePC, ACT [D] QuandariesPC, US Dept of Justice [D] John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in TerrorPC, Mindscape Bates, Matthew Cybertron MissionBBC, Micro Power Battenberg, Rex Space DungeonCOIN, Taito America Zoo Keeper, with John Morgan, Mark BlazczykCOIN, Taito America Baumrucker, Steven J.

Warrior of Ras Volume 1, with Randall MastellerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras, Volume 2: Kaiv, with Randall MastellerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras, Volume 3: The Wylde, with Randall MastellerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras, Volume 4: Ziggurat, with Randall MastellerTRS, Screenplay The Trivia Arcade, with Randall MastellerC64, Screenplay Baxter, Michael A. Mini-GolfTI99, BeeJay Funware Mini-Golf IITI99, BeeJay Funware Behnke, John Missile WarsTI99, Asgard The Haunted MineTI99, Asgard The Volcano FortressTI99, Asgard Belka, Edgar Carnival Massacre, Thorn EMI Desmond's Dungeon, Creative Sparks Dangermouse in the Black Forest Chateau, with Brian Belson, Kevin Bucknermany, Creative Sparks Bell, Bradley J.

The Adventures of Sir Charles FoxworthC64? Micro JoggerVIC, Mr. Micro DiggerVIC, Mr. Micro AmigoVIC, Mr. Benz, Steve Eggnapper, shareware Berez, Joel [G] Zork Imany, Infocom Berger, Adam Star Sentry, with Craig Patchett, ANALOG Software Berke, Jens [TB] Oil-Panic, Computronic [TB] Tombstone City, Computronic Tombstone City-like [TB] Atlantic, Homecomputer Atlantis-like [TB] Jack the Digger, Homecomputer Anteater-like Berker, Paul 3-D Space Battle AP2, Loch Ness Adventure in TimeAP2, Phoenix Birth of the PhoenixAP2, Phoenix Queen of Phobos, with Bill CrawfordAP2, Phoenix Berlyn, Michael [founder of Sentient and Eidetic] Oo-Topos, with Muffy BerlynAP2, Sentient CyborgSentient Gold Rush Sentient Congo, with Harry WilkerAP2, Sentient Suspendedmany, Infocom Infidel, with Patricia Foglemanmany, Infocom Cutthroats, with Jerry WolperInfocom [G] Fooblitzkymany, Infocom [D] Tass Times in Tonetown, with Muffy BerlynInterplay Dr.

BubblesAP2, Tellus Bigelow, Marc [P] Quasimodo C64, Synapse from Biggs, Stephen C. SlamballC64, Synapse originally started for by Dirk Van Horne Bigham, Dane Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? MoppSPEC, Computasolve Billings, Joel [founder of SSI] Computer Bismarck, with John LyonAP2, SSI Pursuit of the Graf SpeeSSI Billyard, Adam Michael Bellum, APX Scramble-like Henri, Visions Mr.

Do-like Chop Suey, English ElectraGlide, English Q-BallST, English Binkowski, Ron Fowl PlayTI99, Futura Getcha! The RevengeC64, COMPUTE! Master of Dimension X, Ahoy! NickTI99, Funware Boden, Scott [P] Star Castle, with Tim SkellyCOIN, Cinematronics Solar QuestCOIN, Cinematronics Complex XCOIN, Taito Trivia MasterCOIN, PGD Bohlke, David [TB] EngineerTRS, SoftSide [TB] Kiddy Slot GameTRS, SoftSide [TB] JigsawTRS, SoftSide [TB] SafariTRS, SoftSide [TB] All Star BaseballTRS, SoftSide [TB] CollisionTRS, SoftSide [TB] Protour 80TRS, SoftSide [TB] Master's Golf, SoftSide [TB] Maze Search, SoftSide [TB] Stratoblaster Outpost, SoftSide [TB] TycoonTRS, SoftSide [TB] PR DogfightTRS, SoftSide [TB] World Series, SoftSide [TB] Double Cannon, SoftSide [TB] Engineer, SoftSide [TB] Speedello, SoftSide [TB] Stud PokerTRS, SoftSide [TB] Angle Cannon, SoftSide [TB] Number Battle, SoftSide [TB] Blocked, ANALOG Blockade-like [TB] Cannon Duel, ANALOG Artillery-like [TB] 3-D Maze, Antic [TB] Androton, Antic EngineerPC Bollt, Erik Trompers AP2, Avant Garde Bonifacio, Robert T.

Meltdown, Cosmi Aztec Challenge, Cosmi The E Factor, Cosmi Caverns of Khafka, Cosmi Richard Petty's Talledega, Cosmi [P] Super HueyC64, Cosmi from C64 Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel ChallengeC64, Cosmi Navcom Six, with Paul NormanC64, Cosmi Chomp! Groovy GardenC64, Central Bowery, Jim SpasimPLATO, PD Bownman, Paul [G] Arctic Fox, with Damon SlyeAMI, EA from AMI Boyd, Alan M. Global WarAP2, Muse Bozeman, Jim Moon Base RyninTI99, CMS Systems Braben, David Elite, with Ian BellBBC, Acornsoft LanderARC early demo of Zarch that shipped with Acorn machines ZarchARC, Superior later "Virus" for AMI Frontier: Elite IIAMI Frontier: First EncountersPC, GameTek DarxsideGEN, Sega VirusPC Bradfield, Andrew [RIP ] Laser Hawk, Red Rat HawkQuest, with Harvey Kong Tin, Red Rat Bradford, Rex 516 Horoscope Computer HAND, Mattel [U] Flash GordonHAND, Mattel The Empire Strikes Back, PB Jedi Arena, PB [U] KabobberACT freely released in Bradley, David W.

Parthian KingsAP2, Avalon Hill Bradley, Kathy [P] Fast EddieVIC, Sirius from Bradley, Phillip [P] BalticAP2, SSI [P] NorwayAP2, SSI Bradshaw, Stephen Block Buster, with Alan Griesemer, APX Rubik's Cube Braine, Lee [P] BurgertimeC64, Interceptor from COIN Where's My BonesC64, Interceptor Front LineC64, Interceptor The Caverns of EribanC64, Firebird Spirit of the Stones, with Ian GrayC64, Commodore A Fistful of Bucks, with Ian GrayC64, Ocean [P] Doriath, with Ian GrayC64, Rabbit Web, with Ian GrayC64, Orpheus The First Starfighter, with Ian GrayC64, Orpheus Brandenburg, Bryan SentinelC64, Synapse Brannon, Charles [TB] Laser Barrage, COMPUTE!

Brantner, Tony [T] Wall CrawlerC64, Ahoy! Crazy Climber-like [T] SteeplechaseC64, Ahoy! III, with Fred Darmstadt, Dave PfeifferCOIN, Mylstar Brewer, Walter GalaxyC64, Avalon Hill Brewster, Derek Haunted HedgesSPEC, Micromega StarclashSPEC, Micromega Codename MatSPEC, Micromega Codename Mat IISPEC, Micromega JasperSPEC, Micromega Briggs, Amy Plundered Heartsmany, Infocom Quarterstaff: The Tomb of Setmoth, with Scott Schmitz, Ken UpdikeMAC, Infocom Bright, Walter EmpireDEC System 10 laterPC, Interstel Brinson, Jerry Artillery DuelVIC Brioso, David [G] Capitan SevillaSPEC?

Brors, Keith [P] EaglesAP2, SSI from ? Wizard's Crown, with Paul Murray C64, SSI [L] Pool of Radiance AP2, SSI Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, with David Landrey, Chuck KroegelAP2, SSI [G] Curse of the Azure BondsAP2, SSI Broussard, Michael [TB] KalahC64, Run Brown, Austin R.

The Vampyre CavesAP2, CE Software Sword Thrust 3: Kidnapper's CoveAP2, CE Software Brown, Trevor [P] Feud, MAST from? Nominoes Jigsaw Puzzle, with Charles MinnsAP2, Dynacomp Bruette, Jeff [P] Wizard of WorC64, Commodore from COIN Bryant, Martin Colossus Chess, English Brzuszek, Joe [TB] Monster Match, Antic Buckland, Patrick [P] Submarine CommanderAP2 from? Earth Orbit StationsAP2, EA Sentinel Worlds I: Future MagicPC, EA [L] Hard NovaPC, EA [G] Spellcraft: Aspects of ValorPC, ASCII [G] Shadows of YserbiusPC, Sierra [L] Forced Alliance: Big TroubleCELL, MMJ Games Buller, Martin It's the Wooluf!

Burgess, Phillip [TB] Supereversion, ANALOG Burkhill, Keith [P] Commando, with Nigel AldertonSPEC, Elite from COIN [P] Ghosts 'n GoblinsSPEC, Elite from COIN [P] Space HarrierSPEC, Elite from COIN Burlew, Tom Stellar TrekAP2, Rainbow Burns, S. AdventureTI99, Futura TI Runner, with Scott EmeryTI99, EB Software aka Star Runner Bushnell, Nolan [founder of Atari] Computer Space, with Ted DabneyCOIN, Nutting Associates [D] BreakoutCOIN, Atari prototype by Steve Wozniak Butherus, Martin Lantern of D'GammaAP2, Milliken Butler, Chris HypercircuitC64, Alligata ZC64, Rino [P] CommandoC64, Elite from COIN [P] Ghosts 'n GoblinsC64, Elite from COIN [P] Space HarrierC64, Elite from COIN [P]C64, U.

Gold from COIN [P] ThunderbladeC64, U. Gold from COIN [P] PowerdriftC64, ACT from COIN BattleshipsC64, Elite Ninja SpiritC64, ACT TurbochargeC64, System 3 ArnieC64, Zeppelin Butler, David H. Moonlight MadnessSPEC, Bubble Bus Calabrese, Joe JigsawAP2, Microlab High RiseAP2, Microlab from AP2 Caldwell, Mark [P] King's BountyAP2, New World Calfree, Robert [P] Roadwarwith Jeff JohnsonAP2, SSI Callahan, Michael Alpha Beam with Ernie, Atari Campbell, Ben [T] MinesweeperC64, COMPUTE!

Rails WestAP2, SSI Campos, Manuel SpectarCOIN, Exidy Canfil, Art Taipan! HighrollersTI99, self Capener, Chris Funky FishEMER, Emerson [P] Jumpman Jr. Marooned on MarsPC, Apogee [G] Commander Keen: The Earth ExplodesPC, Apogee [G] Commander Keen: Return of the RobotsPC, Softdisk [G] Commander Keen: Secret of the OraclePC, Apogee [G] Commander Keen: The Armageddon MachinePC, Apogee [G] Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Baby SitterPC, Apogee [G] Catacomb 3-DPC, Softdisk [G] Wolfenstein 3-DPC, Apogee [G] Spear of DestinyPC, Apogee [G] DOOMPC, id [G] DOOM IIPC, id [G] QuakePC, id [G] Quake IIPC, id [G] Quake III: One Year AfterC64, American Action Carpenter, Loren [G] Rescue on Fractalus!

Joe, with Jeff JohanningmanAP2, Epyx Carpenter, Scott The Great RaceTRS, U. Journal Carpet, Art Cribbage II AP2, Datamost Carr, Richard Survivor, Synapse Air Support, Synapse Carstens, Eddie [TB] Bumblbee, Antic Carter, Bob Fire and IceAP2, Datasoft Carter, Dene [D] DruidC64, Firebird [D] Druid IIC64, Firebird Cloud KingdomsC64, Electralyte Carter, Ted Galactic BarrierTI99, Funware ShanghaiTI99, Funware Cartwright, Steve Barnstorming, ACT Megamania, ACT Seaquest, ACT Frostbite, ACT Plaque Attack, ACT [L] HackerC64, ACT [G] AliensC64, ACT Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersC64, ACT [D] Search for the King, with Michael BerlynPC, Accolade Carver, Bruce [founder of Access] 516 SpritemasterC64, self Neutral ZoneC64, Access Beach HeadC64, Access Raid Over MoscowC64, Access Beach Head 2, with Roger CarverC64, Access Leader Board, with Roger CarverC64, Access Leader Board Executive Class, with Roger Carver ?

Equestrian, APX Castagna, Will [P] The Chalice of MostaniaAP2, Coastal Casten, J. To the RescueSPEC, Crash Shove Off! Egghead in SpaceSPEC, Cronosoft Gloop! Gold Draughts GeniusSPEC, Rack-It CybernoidSPEC, Hewson Cybernoid IISPEC, Hewson StormlordSPEC, Hewson License to KillSPEC, Domark Deliverance: III [TB] VolcanoTRS, SoftSide [TB] Dino Battle, ANALOG Dino Wars-like Leap Frog!

The Compleat [sic] Adventure ? Missile DefenseAP2, On-Line Missile Command-like ColorpedeCOCO, Intracolor Centipede-like RobotackCOCO, Intracolor Robotron-like Clark, Dennis [P] Bump 'n' Jump, with Joe JacobsINT, Mattel from COIN Clark, Matt Star Clones, with Dave GreenAP2, Creative Computing Clark, Richard Bumping BuggiesC64, Bubble Bus Bump 'n' Jump-like Cave FighterC64, Bubble Bus Wizard's LairC64, Bubble Bus SkateRockC64, Bubble Bus TrizonsC16, Bubble Bus GunlawC16, MAST Clark, Steve Robot PanicVIC, HES Clark, Terry [TB] ImhotepTRS, SoftSide Clarke, Anthony J.

OricManORIC, P. HopperORIC, P. Light CycleORIC, P. Xargon WarsC16, Gremlin Graphics Tycoon TexC16, Gremlin Graphics Dork's DilemmaC16, Gremlin Graphics Frak 64! Engel, Hayden [B] Alien Hell, Syncro [B] Drac is Back, Syncro [B] Mar Tesoro, Syncro [B] Maze of Death, Syncro [B] Astron IV, Syncro Cleaver, Thomas G.

The Battle of the LakeAP2 DoughboyC64, Synapse Cochran, David W. Galactic TaipanCOCO, Ark Royal Cohen, Frank [TB] Shooting Stars, COMPUTE! GumballAP2, BROD [P] Karateka, BROD from AP2 [TB] Knock 31C64, COMPUTE!

Tank Atak [sic]VIC Cotton, Eric [P] Omega Race, with Andy FinkelVIC, Commodore from COIN [P] Gorf, with Andy FinkelVIC, Commodore from COIN Coulson, Michael J. AP2, Mindcraft Cozier, Bernard [TB] Dimension Wizards, Antic Crafferty, Jay H. Galaxy RocksAP2, Amber Robot Tank InvasionAP2, Amber Craig, Douglas Brian [P] Donkey Kong, with Howard E.

Lost Caverns, ACT GhostbustersC64, ACT [D] Ghostbusters, ACT Little Computer PeopleC64, ACT TransformersC64, ACT Skateboardin', Absolute Super Skateboardin', Absolute A Boy And His BlobNES, Absolute The Rescue of Princess BlobetteGB, Absolute Amazing TennisSNES, Absolute [G] ToysSNES, Absolute Crane, John Chopper StrikeCOCO, MichTron Cranford, Michael [P] Donkey Kong AP2 from COIN [P] Super Zaxxon, with Larry HollandC64, U.

Underground PS2, EA Craven, Paul Screaming Wings, Red Rat Crawford, Bill Queen of Phobos, with Paul BerkerAP2, Phoenix Crawford, Chris [B] TankticsPET, self [B] LegionnairePET, self Wizard, Atari not released until [B] SCRAM, Atari [B] Tankticsupdate of game [B] Energy Czar, Atari "Eastern Front ", APX Legionnaire, Avalon Hill Excalibur, with Larry Summers, Valerie Atkinson, APX Balance of PowerMAC, Mindscape Patton vs.

III, with Chris Brewer, Dave PfeifferCOIN, Mylstar Darrah, Bill [L] EssexSynapse [P] Brimstone, with David Bunch, William MatagaAP2, Synapse David, Gabor [G] Arctic ShipwreckC64, F [G] Save Me Brave KnightC64, F SOS Terrorists, with Ferenc SzatmariC64, F Spitfire '40, with Imre Kovats, Marton SaghegyiC64, F Davie, Andrew Qb, PD Mugsy's RevengeC64, Melbourne House Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, with David PentecostC64, Melbourne House Bad Street Brawler, with David PentecostC64, Mindscape [P] Super Pac-ManC64, Namco from COIN [P] Jr.

ThemCOIN, Mylstar [G] Joust 2: Games [P] Mouse TrapCOL, Coleco from COIN de Graaf, Bruce Fire Fly, Mythicon Sorcerer, Mythicon Star Fox, Mythicon De St.

Germain, Howard Pool 1. Golden Voyage, with Scott Adams many, AI Forbidden CityTRS, Fantastic Forbidden PlanetTRS, Fantastic Panik! Storm WarningAP2, Microsparc Devros, Dan [TB] Bicycle, ANALOG DeWitz, Harold Cranston Manor, with Ken WilliamsAP2, Sierra Dibble, Ken [B] Draw PokerTI99, Counterpoint [P] Spy's Demise, with Mark SumnerTI99, CSI Design from AP2 Mini-PedeTI99 Centipede-like Dicker, Sam Defender, with Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Paul DussaultCOIN, Williams Sinistar, with Noah Falstein, John NewcomerCOIN, Williams Dickerson, Robert Dragon GameTI99, Futura Viral VendettaTI99, Futura Dickinson, Andrew Heart Break, Atari UK Dies, Dave PumpmanCOCO, Saguaro Dig-Dug-like Gold RunnerCOCO, Tom Mix Lode Runner-like Gold Runner IICOCO, Novasoft Lode Runner-like Dietz, Bob [P] Mind Mirror, with Peter Van Den Beemt AP2, EA Dinc, Melvut "Mev" [P] Enduro RacerCPC, ACT [G] Time MachineCPC [G] HammerfistCPC, ACT [G] Last NinjaSPEC, ACT Disch, Thomas M.

Vector VadersVEC, self Space Invaders-like Star FortressCOL, self Star Castle-like AMOK! Survival of the FittestCOIN, Williams Donoghue, David Gears, with Bob KimballAP2, Sunburst Dorey, Daniel J. Keith K-Razy Shoot-Out, with Torre Meeder, K-Byte Berzerk-like Boulders and Bombs, with Torre Meeder, CBS Dreyer, E. Jerry [TB] SuperNimAP2, SoftSide Dudar, Joseph A. Gruds in Space, with Chuck SommervilleAP2, Sirius Dudley, Gerald O.

Gold Zone Z C64,Starlight Call Me PsychoC64, Pirate Better Dead than AlienC64, Elektra [P] Galaxia 7 C64,Power House Dyer, Landon Myriapede, PD Centipede-like [P] Donkey Kong, Atari from COIN [UP] Super Pac-Man, Atari from COIN 516 wrote much of the Atari ST BIOSAtari 516 MadMac Assembler ?

A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, with Greg ZumwaltCC3, Tandy Easterbrook, Stuart Ace of AcesC64, Accolade concept by Michael Bate, Rick Banks Eastman, Gordon Star Maze, with Robert WoodheadAP2, Sir-Tech C'est La VieAP2, AI Edelman, Brad Smooth Max AP2 Edelstein, Paul Allen Wayout, Sirius Capture the Flag, Sirius [G] Star Trek: Tombs of DoomC64, UpTime Super Bike IIC64, LoadStar Kings RansomC64, LoadStar SmasheroidsC64, LoadStar [T] Grand Prix ChallengeC64, Run WheelsC64, Softdisk Type RacerC64, Softdisk Drop PokerC64, Softdisk Eldridge, Jon Paul [D] Tusari, with Eric PiperC64, Shockwave Elliot, Jeremy [G] Summer GamesC64, Epyx Ellis, Frank [P] Dragonfire, with Matthew SarconiCOCO, Imagic from Ellis, Martin Munch ManiaC64, MAST Pac-Man-like Elliss, Joss Medieval JoustVIC, Thorn EMI Wing CommanderVIC, Creative Sparks Brian Jacks Superstars, with Gary YorkeC64, Firebird Elseth, Paul Fun House Maze, with Scott Clough, Lon KoenigAP2, Sunburst Emerson, Joe The Holy Grail AP2,Hayden IncaAP2, Hayden Emerson, John G.

Cobra Strike, PB Endoh, Masanobu XeviousCOIN, Namco Enge, Keith Dawn Patrol: Computer Aerial CombatAP2, TSR Engel, C. StarBlaster, with Mark KriegsmanAP2, Piccadilly Panic Button, with Mark KriegsmanAP2, Softdisk English, Ed [P] Frogger, PB from COIN [P] Mr. Player's ChoicePC, Bethesda [G] RedguardPC, Bethesda [G] NIRA Drag RacingPC, Bethesda [G] IHRA Drag RacingPC, Bethesda [G] Monsters, Inc.

Death ChaseSPEC, Micromega Luna CrabsSPEC, Micromega Full Throttle SPEC Speed KingC64, Digital Integration Evans, Dorcas Factactics, with Kevin ArmstrongAP2, Daystar Evans, Douglas Golden Gloves, Artworx Evans, Eugene Wacky WaitersVIC, Imagine Evans, Malcom E. Greye EscapeSPEC, New Generation 3D TunnelSPEC, New Generation Corridors of GenonSPEC, New Generation Knot in 3DSPEC, New Generation TrashmanSPEC, New Generation Travel with TrashmanSPEC, New Generation Evans, Steve Eagle EmpireC64, Alligata Phoenix-like GuardianC64, Alligata Defender-like Panic PlanetC64, Alligata Space Panic-like Rocket RogerC64, Alligata Who Dares WinsC64, Alligata Who Dares Wins IIC64, Alligata Micro BallC64, Alternative Ewens, Louis Whistler's Brother, BROD Ezcan, Kemal Fire, Zong Dredis, KE-Soft Zador, KE-Soft Zador II, KE-Soft Faber, Steven Epidemic!

Federmeyer, Ed Edtris, self Tetris-like Fedor, John [TB] Knock! Fidler, Miroslav Jet-StorySPEC, Cybexlab Field, John ICBM StrikeAP2, Computer Consultants of Iowa Missile Command-like Axis AssassinAP2, EA Tempest-like The Last GladiatorAP2, EA Fife, Rich [P] Carl Lewis Olympic DecathalonAP2, Softie Files, Alvin Scott Adams Adventure 8: Marble ManCOIN, Atari Games Space Lords, with Ed LoggCOIN, Atari Games [G] Vapor TRXCOIN, Atari Games [G] Hydro ThunderPS1, Midway [G] TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMXPS1, THQ [G] Dr.

FA Stealth Fighter 2. Cubic Tic-Tac-ToeAP2, Silver Bullet Forsythe, Charles Dragon QuestTRS, Programmer's Guild Fortier, Ron J. The Graphic AdventurePC, Lucasfilm [L] Mirage LucasArts "location-based entertainment project" [L] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second CataclysmSCD, Rocket Science Fox, Dennis [T] Shooting Stars, ANALOG Fox, Randy [TB] White LightningAP2, SoftSide Fraleigh, John [T] Bombs Away!

Franco, Val ZylogonC64, Big G [G] Midwinter II: Dark LordAP2, Datasoft RenegadeAP2, Novalogic Fregger, Brad Portal, with Rob SwigartC64, ACT Freund, Chris InvasionTRS, SoftSide X-Wing Fighter IITRS, SoftSide [TB] Ship DestroyerTRS, SoftSide [TB] Drag RaceTRS, SoftSide [TB] BomberTRS, SoftSide [TB] Deep SixTRS, SoftSide Frey, Peter Odin, with Larry AtkinAP2, Odesta Friele, Robert [P] Aliens, with Michael Ornsby AP2, ACT from C64 Fries, Ed Space Combat, PD Spacewar-like Princess and the Frog, Romox Frogger-like Anteater, Romox Dig-Dug-like Sea Chase, Romox Halo, AtariAge Frumker, Bruce [B] Memory Match, APX Frye, Tod R.

LunchtimeCOCO, Novasoft BurgerTime-like Gale, T. FuzzC64, Anirog Astral AttackC64, Anirog ZodiacC64, Anirog Shamus-like Mean CityC64, Quicksilva Gantzke, Witek The Convicts, Domain Gaponoff, Mark Survival of the Fittest, ISDI Garcia, Curtis QuimbeeTI99, Dynamic Data Garcia, John [P] Zaxxon AP2,Datasoft from COIN Gardner, John D. Battlestation with John C. WilliamsTI99, Mirage Chopper Ace with John C.

WilliamsTI99, Mirage Mean Streets with John C. WilliamsTI99, Alpha Quadrant Command with John C. WilliamsTI99, Alpha Gardner, Karl Chambers of Zorp, with Tom Konchan, APX Gardner, Lynn Oliver's Twist, with Mickey SchmittTI99, Asgard Zoom FlumeTI99, Asgard Gari, Ray NeonAP2, Datamost Garner, Edward [TB] Black BoxAP2, SoftSide Garon, James [TB] NimTRS, SoftSide [TB] TankTRS, SoftSide [TB] Spelling BeeTRS, SoftSide [TB] IsolateTRS, SoftSide [B?

The First Age of DarknessAP2, California Pacific Ultima II: The Revenge of the EnchantressAP2, Sierra Ultima III: ExodusAP2, Origin [L] Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarOrigin Garris, Wayne BroadsidesAP2, SSI Garrison, Lewis E. PyramidsTRS, SoftSide Gaucher, Joe [P] Gorf, with Alex Leavens, CBS from COIN [P] Crazy Climber, with Alex Leavens, Atari from COIN James Bond, PB [P] Popeye, PB from COIN Gault, Don Steve Garvey vs.

Jose Canseco in Grand Slam BaseballC64, Cosmi Gazzard, Sue Lords of TimeSPEC, Level 9 Gebelli, Nasir [founder of Gebelli] Star CruiserAP2, Sirius Galaxian-like Phantoms FiveAP2, Sirius Both BarrelsAP2, Sirius two games: High Noon and Duck Hunt GorgonAP2, Sirius Defender-like Space EggsAP2, Sirius Cyber StrikeAP2, Sirius Pulsar IIAP2, Sirius AutobahnAP2, Sirius Horizon VAP2, Gebelli FirebirdAP2, Gebelli ZenithAP2, Gebelli NeptuneAP2, Gebelli MouserPCJR, IBM ScubaVenturePCJR, IBM Rad RacerNES, Squaresoft 3D World Runner NES, Squaresoft Final Fantasy INES, Squaresoft Final Fantasy IINES, Squaresoft The Secret of ManaSNES, Squaresoft Geczy, George [TB] ExterminateTRS, SoftSide Geer, Lewis Plasmania, with David LubarAP2, Sirius Geisler, Dan [P] Tetris 2 AP2, Spectrum Holobyte [G] Road RashGEN, EA [G] Road Rash 2GEN, EA [G] Road Rash 3GEN, EA Gelberg, Larry [P] Frogger II: Strike ForcePS1 Gibson, Roy [P] Jumping Jack, Imagine from SPEC Giesking, Steve ElectronCOCO, Spectral Tron-like Giguere, Thomas A.

The Graphic AdventurePC, Lucasfilm [L] The Secret of Monkey IslandPC, Forex tpl [L] Monkey Island 2PC, LucasArts Gilbert, Tim [P] Two Tigers, with Ron HaliburtonCOIN, Bally Midway Gill, Paul AlStradCPC, Rhinosoft Die, You Vicious FishCPC, Rhinosoft Grand Prix TennisC64, MAST DroidsC65, MAST Speedboat AssassinC64, Melbourne House Bobs Full HouseC64, Domark Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeC64, U.

Gold also GEN port in Dynasty WarsC64, U. Gold ItalyC64, U. Gold Strider 2LNX, U. Gold World Cup USA '94SNES, U. Gold Gilliland, Ken Doom Games ITI99, Asgard Doom Games IIITI99, Asgard TI CasinoTI99, Notung TI Casino SupplementTI99, Notung TI Casino SolitaireTI99, Notung Gilman, Terry [P] Armored Patrol, with Wayne WestmorelandTRS, AI Battlezone-like [P] The Eliminator, with Wayne WestmorelandTRS, AI Defender-like Sea Dragon, with Wayne WestmorelandTRS, AI [P] Rear Guard, with Wayne WestmorelandTRS, AI from [P] Zaxxon, with Wayne WestmorelandTRS, Tandy from COIN Gines, James Wampyr's Tomb ?

The Mayan Adventure,PC, ACT [P] Earthworm JimPC, ACT from GEN [P] Fatal FuryPC, Softbank from COIN [LP] Samurai SpiritsPC, Softbank [P] GexPC, Microsoft from 3DO [LP] Zero DividePC, Softbank [P] Toshinden IIPC, Softbank from COIN [P] MechcommanderPC, Fasa Glass, Tom Oil BaronsAP2, Epyx Gleckler, Arthur Weerd! UFO Defense, with Nick GollopPC, MicroProse [LD] X-Com: Gold Boulder Dash III, with Peter Liepa?

Fifty Mission Crush? CoutoTI99, Extended Frogger-like Green, Dave Star Clones, with Matt ClarkAP2, Creative Computing Green, Kevin T. KurskAP2, SSI ReforgerAP2, SSI KampfgruppeSSI Battle GroupC64?

Journal Grotjan, Jim Spiderquake, Gentry Groves, Glen H. TI ToadTI99, Software Specialties Frogger-like Burger BuilderTI99, Software Specialties BurgerTime-like Micro PinballTI99, Software Specialties Midnite MasonTI99, Software Specialties Lode Runner-like Grumbles, Robert Doom Valley, with Nick Magnus III AP2, Superior Gustaffson, Roland Cosmic Balance IIAP2, SSI Guy, Charles [P] JetAP2, Sublogic Guy, Rudy A. Gold from COIN Human Killing MachineC64, U.

Gold Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameSPEC, U. Gold [G] Italy CPC, U.

Simple Renko Scalping System - Intraday Renko trading strategy

Gold [P] Zombies Ate My NeighborsGEN, Konami from SNES [G] Metroid PrimeGC, Nintendo [G] Metroid Prime 2: EchoesGC, Nintendo [G] Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionGC, Nintendo Haight, Bev R.

Night FallsAP2, Omega Haire, Michael O. Haliburton, Ron [D] Omega RaceCOIN, Bally Midway [D] Two Tigers, with Tim GilbertCOIN, Bally Midway Hall, Darren Space FortressVIC, Romik Space EscortVIC, Romik Hall, John Mine StormVEC, GCE Hall, Robert C. III [TB] Lone Star CorralTRS, SoftSide [TB] EntrapmentTRS, SoftSide Hall, Tom [co-founder of id, Ion Storm, Monkeystone] [P] The Seven KeysAP2, Softdisk Aztec TempleAP2, Softdisk Ed's Superspy Course ,AP2, Softdisk [P] Anagram ChallengeAP2, Softdisk [P] Loose ChangeAP2, Softdisk ChangemakerAP2, Softdisk Walk Into the DotAP2, Softdisk Last trading day for tax loss selling 2015 Silver CowAP2, Mutual binary options Recollect TrekAP2, Softdisk Recollect the BeatlesAP2, Softdisk Amusement ParkAP2, Softdisk Word CastleAP2, Softdisk In Search of the Golden CheeseAP2, Softdisk Duck BoopAP2, Softdisk Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise, with John RomeroAP2, Softdisk [P] Magic BoxesAP2, Softdisk Pun's PeakAP2, Softdisk Ark ShadowsAP2, Softdisk Legend of the Star AxeGS, Softdisk GS [G] CatacombAP2, PC, Softdisk [G] Catacomb GSGS, Softdisk GS [G] Double Dangerous DaveA2, Softdisk [G] Catacomb IIPC, Softdisk [G] SlordaxPC, Softdisk [G] Shadow KnightsPC, Softdisk [G] Rescue Rover!

Aliens Ate My Baby SitterPC, Apogee [G] Wolfenstein 3-DPC, id [G] Spear of Destiny livestock market in moneta va, PC, id [G] DOOMPC, id [G] Duke Nukem IIPC, Apogee [G] Rise of the TriadPC, Apogee [G] Extreme Rise of the TriadPC, Apogee [G] Terminal VelocityPC, 3D Realms [D] AnachronoxHow much money does a home depot assistant manager make, Eidos [D] Hyperspace Delivery Boy!

III The Quest for the Holy Grail, with Mark Hattier AP2, Superior Harter, David SPAD X Mk. PandemoniumC64, COMPUTE! Super InvaderAP2, California Pacific Space Invaders-like Hattier, Mark The Quest for the Holy Grail, with Thorne D. Harris AP2, Superior Hausman, Frank [LP] Centipede, with Sean Hennessy, Atari from COIN Hausman, Robert Jr.

Survival of the FittestCOIN, Williams [L] Jordan vs. Bird 1 on 1C64, EA [P] Red Storm Rising Tactical Game with Sid MeierPC, ST, MicroProse [P] M1 Tank Platoon, with Scott Spanburg, Daryll DenniesST, MicroProse [G] Night Hawk: Iron BlitzPC, Hasbro Henderson, Bob [P] Space Shuttle: Blade of DestinyPC, Sir-Tech [P] FearsAMI, Attic [G] Realms of Arkania: Star TrailPC, Sir-Tech [P] Der DruidenzirkelPC, Attic [G] Jagged Alliance II: Deadly GamesPC, Sir-Tech [G] Made In GermanyPC, Attic [G] Realms of Arkania: Shadows Over RivaPC, Sir-Tech [G] Herrscher Der MeerePC, Attic [G] Fallout 2PC, Interplay [G] Planescape: TormentPC, Interplay Black Jack ProPocket PC, G3 Video Poker ProPocket PC, G3 Hennessy, W.

CreepC64, BROD Hochbrueckner, Walter Conquering WorldsAP2, Datamost [P] Sky TravelAP2, Deletron from? Peter Fishy BusinessTI99, Optimus J.

Freddy FrogTI99, Optimus Klimbing KongTI99, Optimus Nuclear RainTI99, Optimus Space Battle: TalismanAP2, Penguin Hoffman, William Laser BattleTI99, Futura Hofstede, Geert Space Can you hold us stocks in an isaVIC, Commodore Hogarth, Les Se-Kaa of Assiah, with Clive WilsonC64, MAST Hogg, Tom [G] PoolsharkCOIN, Atari Hogue, Bill [co-founder of Big Five] Attack Force, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Cosmic Fighter, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Galaxy Invasion, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Galaxian-like Galaxy Invasion -Plus- with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Super Nova, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Asteroids-like Meteor How to make real money selling books brian jud IITRS, Big Five Lunar Rescue-like Defense Command, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Missile Command-like Miner er, Big Five Robot Attack, with Jeff KonyuTRS, Big Five Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Frozen Legacy, with Bruce WebsterAP2, FTL [G] Dungeon MasterST, FTL Holland, Jim [B] Golf Master, Joyland Holland, Lawrence "Larry" [P] Super Zaxxon, with Larry HollandC64, U.

Gold holy grail renko trading system COIN Project Space StationAP2, HES Their Finest Hour: Fighter Pilot, Interceptor Horsley, Martin Rommel's RevengeSPEC, Crystal Hoshizaki, Julie [P] Lock 'n' Chase, with Mike WinansINT, Mattel from COIN [P] Thin IceINT, INTV based on Disco No.

HellforceBBC, Acornsoft Host, Bob [TB] The Heavenly Gates, COMPUTE! Houck, Duane PakacudaC64, Rabbit Pac-Man-like Householder, Matt Krull, with Chris Cash earn extra in spare timeCOIN, Gottlieb [D] World Gamesmany, Epyx [D] 3DO Games: Decathlon3DO, Studio 3DO Howard, Mike [P] MoriaSPEC, Severn from ORIC Howarth, Brian The Golden BatonTRS, Molimerx The Time MachineTRS, Molimerx Arrow of Death, part 1TRS, Molimerx Arrow of Death, part 2TRS, Molimerx Escape from Pulsar 7, with Wherner BarnesBBC, Channel 8 Circus, with Whener BarnesBBC Feasibility ExperimentBBC The Wizard of Holy grail renko trading system, with Cliff J.

OgdenBBC Perseus and AndromedaBBC Ten Little IndiansBBC Waxworks, with Cliff J. OgdenBBC Gremlinsmany, AI UK Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon, with Mike Woodroffemany, AI UK Super Gran, with Mike WoodroffeC64, Tynesoft Lone Survivor Tynesoft Howarth, Les [B] Bomb Hunter, Channel 8 [B] Murder at Awesome Hall, Channel 8 PIGS in SpacePD Howerton, Ed Tic-Tac-ToeAP2, Progressive Howie, Les Fall Gelb: The Fall of France MayAP2, Simulations Canada Battle of the Atlantic: The Ocean LifelineAP2, Simulations Canada Hoyt, Michael [TB] CaptureC64, Ahoy!

Hubbard, Matthew Dolphin, ACT Zenji, ACT Huber, Walt Super Stud Poker, Lotsa Bytes Star Lords, Lotsa Bytes Blue Team Bridge, Antic Hubble, A. The FrogCOCO, Tom Mix Frogger-like King TutCOCO, Tom Mix Hudson, Tom [T] Harvey Wallbanger, with Charles Bachand, ANALOG [T] Fill 'er Up, ANALOG Qix-like [T] Livewire!

Doom's RevengeAMI, Paragon from ST [P] Sharkey's 3D PoolST, MicroProse from PC [P] Keith Van Eron's Pro SoccerC64, MicroProse from PC [G] RollerbladeRacerNES, Hitech [P] Mickey's Ultimate ChallengeSNES, Hitech from GEN Baby's Day OutGEN, Hitech [P] Xtreme Sports ? The DungeonAP2, Datasoft from C64 Hughes, C. Chuck Yeager's Air Combat Simulator, with Brent Iverson PC, EA [P] Wing Commander III, with Steve Coallier PS1, EA from PC Husch, David Mars CarsAP2, Datamost Huskey, Scott Flip OutStrategy for binary options in one touch forex, Sirius Hutcherson, Larry W.

Times of LoreAP2, Origin concept by Chris Roberts Isokawa, Yutaka [TB] PitmanMZ, Oh! MZ Iverson, Brent [B] NibblerAP2, Microsparc [B] Quasar II AP2, Mindcraft Ivey, Howell [D] Clean SweepCOIN, Ramtek [D] Death RaceCOIN, Exidy [D] CircusCOIN, Exidy [D] Robot Bowl ? BankrollTI99, Not-Polyoptics Jaeger, Jay R. Parky and the SubmarineC64, Cheetah Jamshidi, Behzad [T] The UnexpectedC64, Run Jangeborg, Bo Fairlight ISPEC, Edge Fairlight II SPEC, Edge Jarvis, Eugene P.

Dig, Microdeal [P] Cuthbert How do you make money selling avon Walkabout, Microdeal from DRAG [P] Do Run-RunC64, Microdeal from COIN Jay, Simon The HelmC64, Firebird Jengo, James Crypts of Plumbous, Cosmi Jennings, Peter Microchess 2. Joe, with Ray CarpenterAP2, Epyx [D] This Means War! MenagerieVIC, Commodore Frogger-like Johnson, Dale Mad Venture, with Christine JohnsonAP2, Micro Lab Palace in Thunderland, with Ken RoseAP2, Micro Fun Sherwood Forest, with Dave HolleAP2, Phoenix MasqueradeAP2, Phoenix Fraktured FaeblesAP2, American Eagle Johnson, Dave [B] Lookahead, APX [P] Demon Attack, Imagic from [P] Demon AttackO2, Imagic from in pdfx4 2016 joboptions Atlantis, Imagic from Quick Step, Imagic Injured EngineC64, Imagic Johnson, Douglas [TB] FoosballAP2, SoftSide Johnson, Greg [D] StarflightPC, EA [D] Starflight II ?

Panic on FunkotronGEN, Sega Johnson, Jeff A. The City, with Jim RatcliffC64, Datasoft from Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, with Philip Price, Dan PinalC64, Datasoft Jukic, Mark HooperC64, Calisto [P] The Adventures of Buckaroo BanzaiAP2, AI from? Jung, Robert [TB] A-Rogue, Antic Rogue-like Justus, Steve [TB] Baseball, with Steve MacLeayAP2, SoftSide [TB] Mini GolfAP2, SoftSide Kacneski, Chet [TB] Towers of HanoiTRS, SoftSide Kaestner, Ray [P] BurgertimeINT, Mattel from COIN Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, with Rick KoenigINT, Mattel DinerINT, INTV sequel to Burgertime Kahn, Steven [TB] Horse RaceAP2, SoftSide Kalagher, Dick Sea Bandit, Gentry Kalinowski, Pawel Bank!

Kaplan, Larry Air-Sea Battle, Atari Street Racer, Atari Brain Games, Atari Bowling, Atari 516 Atari OS, with David Crane, Alan Miller, Atari Bridge, ACT Kaboom! The Living Daylights, Domark from? The Great War in the EastAP2, SSG [L] Battles in NormandyAP2, SSG [L] RommelAP2, SSG [L] Halls of MontezumaAP?

Battles for Korea ? Country Club GolfTI99, User-Happy Kilgus, Robert Quasar CommanderCOCO, Tandy Dino WarsCOCO, Tandy SkiingCOCO, Tandy Color CubesCOCO, Tandy Rubik's Cube Kilk, Erik Battleship Commander, with Matthew JewAP2, Quality Killworth, Techniques for work with binary options Countdown to Doom early s, BBC, Acornsoft [P] Quondam BBC, Acornsoft based on a mainframe game by Rod Underwood Philosopher's Quest, with Jonathan MestelBBC, Topologika [G] AchetonBBC, Acornsoft Giant Killermany, Topologika Return to Doommany, Topologika Last Days of Doom many, Topologika Kim, Thomas Quackers, with Jimmy HueyVIC, Interesting Deadly SkiesVIC, Tronix Carnival-like Kimball, Bob Gears, with David DonoghueAP2, Sunburst Kimball, Ken Computer Title BoutAP2, Avalon Hill Kindl, Paul Space Shuttle, Swifty Kingsbury, Brad [PB] Tycoon, Blue Chip from AP2 [PB] MillionaireC64, Blue Chip from AP2 King, William ChompMBEE, Super Pac-Man-like Kinsting, John Chicken ShiftCOIN, Bally Sente Goalie Ghost, with Ed Rotberg, Owen RubinCOIN, Bally Sente ToggleCOIN, Bally Sente Stompin'COIN, Bally Sente Kingston, Dr.

Charles Survival Adventure AP2, United Software of America Kipp, Richard [TB] Killer CarsTRS, SoftSide Kirk, Harris [TB] ConcentrationAP2, SoftSide Kirsch, Peter [TB] Kidnapped! Games Sneak 'n Peek, U. Games Keystone Kapers, ACT Pressure Cooker, ACT Bellhop, with John Van Ryzin AP2, Hayden 516 The Designer's PencilC64, ACT Garry Kitchen's GameMakerC64, ACT Kitchen, Steve Bank ShotHAND, PB [P] Carnival, Coleco from COIN Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space, ACT Klein, Mark Subterranea, Imagic Touchdown FootballPCJR, Imagic [TB] Lumpies of Lotus Study about forex trade, with John KleinPCJR, COMPUTE!

DamianoPC, Bantam Exchange rate sar to inr anb Trap HotelGB, Electrobrain Bart Simpson: Escape from Camp DeadlyGB, Acclaim [D] Prize Fighter, with Steve DeFrisco, Kevin WelshSCD, Digital Pictures Klinger, Paul [TB] Moving MazeTRS, Candlestick chart patterns for day trading Knauss, Greg Illinois Smith, PD Upward, ANALOG Cloud Bigelow aerospace stock market, ANALOG Frog, Antic disk bonus; Frog Bog-like Killer Chess, Antic disk bonus Reardoor, Canadian dollar fx chart disk bonus Trial by Fire, ANALOG Bugs!

Winter EditionC64, Epyx Skate or Die 2NES, EA Tour De ThrashGB, EA PGA Tour Golf forSNES, EA [G] Total Eclipse3DO, Crystal Dynamics [G] Crash 'N Burn3DO, Crystal Dynamics Kobayashi, A.

Nightstrike, TG Software Who made money wikipedia, Michael ShroomsVIC, DES-Soft Koble, Dennis AvalancheCOIN, Atari also, APX Monte CarloCOIN, Atari [B] Chinese Puzzle, APX [B] Sultan's Palace, APX Trick Shot, Imagic Atlantis, Imagic Shootin' Gallery, Imagic Solar Storm, Imagic [G] Shrike AvengerCOIN, Bally Sente [G] Sonic SpinballGEN, Sega Koenig, Joseph Gates of the Incas, with Pierre Vella-Zarb, IIT Koenig, Lon Fun House Maze, with Scott Clough, Paul ElsethAP2, Sunburst Koenig, Mark [TB] Tanks-a-LotTRS, SoftSide Koenig, Rick MotocrossINT, Mattel originally started by Rick Levine Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, with Ray KaestnerINT, Mattel Racing Destruction SetC64, EA Ferrari Formula I Kolbe, Barry [T] Clash of Kings, with Bryan Schappel, ANALOG [T] The ROBOX Incident, with Bryan Schappel, ANALOG [T] Capital!

Grant's Trial In The West, with David Landrey, Brian HermundstadSSI Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, with David Landrey, Keith BrorsAP2, SSI Gettysburg: The Turning Point, with David Landrey ? Siege in AfrikaAP2, Simulations Canada Kurtz, Ted Spitfire SimulatorAP2 Airplane SimulatorAP2 Kusimak, Gene [P] Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerAP2, EA rewritecond request method trace track options put delete track) nc PC Kutcher, John F.

Rescue SquadC64, Muse Space TaxiC64, Muse Kuzyk, Mark Stun Trap, Affine Kweder, Frank [TB] Gemini, Antic Kwok, Lucius [TB] Head 'Em Off, Antic Lacey, Andrew Roller KongC16, Melbourne House Donkey Kong-like Labaw, Ken Draw PokerAP2, Softape Lafore, Robert The Dragons of Hong Kong AP2, AI His Majesty's Ship ImpetuousAP2, AI Local Call for DeathTRS, AI Six Micro StoriesTRS, AI Two Heads of the CoinTRS, AI LaFortune, Eric Rock RunnerTI99, Asgard How to trade silver futures online, Tracy Stealth, with Richard E.

Grant's Trial In The West, with Chuck Kroegel, Brian HermundstadSSI Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, with Chuck Kroegel, Keith BrorsAP2, SSI Gettysburg: The Turning Point, with Chuck Kroegel ?

Viper AP2, RDA Systems Communist Mutants from SpaceSuperCharger, Starpath [P] FroggerSuperCharger, Starpath from COIN Dragon StomperSuperCharger, Starpath Pitstop II, with Dennis CaswellStock trading sites beginners, Epyx [G] Summer GamesC64, Epyx [G] Temple of Apshai Trilogy, Epyx [G] Super CycleC64, Epyx [P] Temple of Apshai TrilogyAP2, Epyx from Skate or Die!

Crystal Castles, with Scott FullerCOIN, Atari Larimer, Neil [B] Rear Guard, with Sparky Starks, AI [P? Larsen, Geoff [founder of Larsoft] The Rising of Montreal stock exchange quotesBBC, Larsoft WychwoodBBC, Larsoft The Nine DancersBBC, Larsoft The Puppet How to make money selling handmade greeting cardsBBC, Larsoft HexBBC, Larsoft Larson, Eric Apple Bowl, with Charlie KellnerAP2, Apple Lashower, Steven [T] Labyrinths, ANALOG Later, Duane Fly WarsAP2, Sirius Rainbow Zone AP2, High-Powered Latino, Ligia [T] Royal RescueC64, COMPUTE!

Blockade-like [TB] Guardian, COMPUTE! One Droid, Bug-Byte [T] Munchy Madness, Page 6 Boulder Dash-like [T] Heavy Metal, Page 6 Mad ST, Page 6 Boulder Dash-like CrosslandST, Soundware [T] Star Rider, Page 6 Pogotron, Artronic [T] Hot Blocks, New Atari User Tetris-like Spaced OutST, New Atari User Lear, Dave Color BaseballCOCO, Tandy Leavens, Alex Stargunner, Telesys [P] Gorf, with Joe Gaucher, CBS from COIN [P] Crazy Climber, with Joe Gaucher, Atari from COIN Boing!

holy grail renko trading system

ThreeDeep, PB from [P] MicroLeage BaseballAP2, MicroLeague [P] Little Computer People ? Addicta BallC64, Alligata Livesay, Mike Roach HotelAP2, Microlab Ming's ChallengeAP2 [P] Miner er AP2, Microfun from Peeping TomAP2, Microlab The Heist, with Mike MooneyAP2, Microfun Arcade Game Construction KitC64, BROD [P] Activision Action PackPC, ACT Lock, Dean M.

Submarine Commander, Thorn EMI Orc Attack, Thorn EMI BlackhawkC64, Creative Sparks Logg, Ed Othello, with Carol Shaw, Atari Super BreakoutCOIN, Atari Video Pinball make money on blogger with google adsense, COIN, Atari Football IICOIN, Atari Asteroids, with Lyle RainsCOIN, Atari Centipede, with Dona BaileyCOIN, Atari MillipedeCOIN, Atari [L] Gauntlet, with Bob FlanaganCOIN, Atari Games [L] Gauntlet II, with Bob Flanagan forex trading hours south africa, COIN, Atari Games Xybots, with Bob FlanaganCOIN, Atari Games [P] TetrisNES, Tengen from COIN Steel Talons, with Ed RotbergCOIN, Atari Games Space Lords, with Bob Flanagan COIN, Atari Games Wayne Gretsky 3D HockeyN64, Midway [G] San Francisco How to make money using skinningN64, Midway from COIN [G] San Francisco Rush 2N64, Midway [G] San Francsisco Rush: Strategic Operations Simulator, Sega from COIN [P] Spy Hunter, Sega from COIN Lorenzen, Mike Circus Atari, Atari Oink!

Lost Caverns, ACT Psi-5 Trading Co. The Forgotten FortressColeco Adam, ACT Steel ThunderC64, Accolade GunboatAMI, Accolade [G] Test Drive III: The PassionPC, Accolade Louie, Gilman [founder of Spectrum Holobyte] Starship CommanderAP2, Voyager Delta SquadronNexa Lount, Peter William Gemstone Warrior, with Trouba Gossen AP2, SSI Gemstone Healer, with Trouba GossenAP2, SSI Lovell, Anthony [B] SubchaserAP2, Powersoft Low, Stephen M.

Rock, COMPUTE! Lowe, Al Dragon's Keep Bop-A-Bet Troll's TaleAP2, Sierra A Gelfling AdventureAP2, Sierra Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred-Acre WoodsDisney [G] The Black CauldronAP2, Sierra [G] King's Quest IIIPC Leisure Suit Larry 1 PC, [G] Police Quest IPC [G] King's Quest IVPC Leisure Suit Larry 2PC Leisure Suit Larry 3PC [D] Leisure Suit Larry 5PC [D] Freddy Pharkas, Frontier PharmacistPC [D] Leisure Suit Larry 6PC [D] Torin's PassagePC [D] Leisure Suit Larry 7PC [D] Leisure Suit Larry's CasinoPC Lowrance, Paul Cavern CreaturesAP2, Datamost Lowrance, Ron ArgosAP2, Best forex auto trading robot Lubar, David R.

Bumper BlocksAP2, Creative Computing Obstacle CourseAP2, Creative Computing Killing ZoneAP2, Versaware [G] Battlesight AP2, Versa Computing Worm War I, Fox The Challenge of Nexar, Spectravision Fantastic Voyage, Fox Space Master X-7, Fox ported to the as Alpha Shield Bumper Bash, Spectravideo Flash Gordon, Fox [D] Plasmania, with Eugene GeerAP2, Sirius Pastfinder, ACT 516 Graphics Magician, with Chris Jochumson, Mark PelczarskiAP2, Penguin [P] Master of the Lamps, ACT from C64 [P] Murder on the Mississippi AP2, ACT how to get paypal money free no surveys C64?

Food WarCOCO, Arcade Animation Food Fight-like Hyper ZoneCOCO, Computerware Lutus, Paul Space RaidersAP2, United Software of America Lyndon, Troy A. Super PachinkoTRS, Programma MacRae, Elizabeth Chase Mankala, APX Magdziarz, John [TB] Speed Demon, Antic [TB] Stunt Clown, Antic Circus-like Maggs, Bruce Avatar, with Andrew Shapira, David SidesPLATO, PD Magnus, Nick III Doom Valley, with Robert Grumbles AP2, Superior Maker, Ross RAF: Binary options realistic to II AP2, Origin Maloney, Patrick [TB] International Bridge Contractors, SoftSide Man, J.

Pogoman, Computer Magic Mancuso, Paul [G] PoolsharkCOIN, Atari Manginelli, David Ghost!

holy grail renko trading system

Marks, Michael Checker KingAP2, Personal Marks, Stuart [G] OmegaAP2, Origin Maro, Anthony [TB] LifeboatC64, Commodore Magazine Marraccini, Jeff Secret of Easter IslandAP2, Three Sigma Marsh, James Spider RaidAP2, insoft Marshall, D. Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, Coleco from COL Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Warrior of Ras Volume 1, with Steven BaumruckerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras Volume 2: Kaiv, with Steven BaumruckerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras Volume 3: Wylde, with Steven BaumruckerTRS, Screenplay Warrior of Ras Volume 4: Case II, Synapse Zeppelin, Synapse [P] Brimstone, with David Bunch, Bill DarrahAP2, Synapse [P] Neverwinter NightsPC, SSI [P] Gateway to the Savage FrontierPC, SSI [P] ShamusGB, Junglevision from Mateos, Alvaro RockySPEC?

Maxwell Manor, Avalon Hill Mission on ThunderheadAP2, Avalon Hill Spitfire '40, Avalon Hill Maxwell, Scott [P] Time Runner, with Troy LyndonC64, Funsoft from TRS May, Steve [TB] Diver, Antic Mayers, Jon Citadel Warrior, with Ken Farnen, Vcap forex Mayfield, Mike Star TrekSygma 7, PD Maynard, David S. Shelby's Addendummany, Illusory Mental Images McCarthy, Justin 'Copter CapersTI99, Futura McClellan, C.

holy grail renko trading system

Surf's How much money does the average nhl player make a year, with Eric Smallfrom ? The Faery Tale Adventure IIPC, Encore [D] DinotopiaPC, Turner McNeil, Alan BerzerkCOIN, Stern FrenzyCOIN, Stern sequel to Berzerk McNeill, Fergus Murder delforexp xe7 Miami, with Jason Somerville C64, CRL Sherwood Forest Delta 4 The Dragonstar Trilogy Delta 4 Quest for the Holy Joystick SPEC, Delta 4 Return of the Joystick SPEC, Delta 4 Bored of the RingsCPC, Delta 4 Robin of Sherlock CPC, Delta 4 The BoggitCPC, Delta 4 The Colour of MagicCPC, Piranha The Big SleazeC64, Piranha MindfighterC64, ACT McWilliams, Tom OutpostAP2, Sierra [P] Turmoil, Sirius from [P] Law of the WestAP2, Accolade from C64 Crosscheck, Datasoft Injured EngineC64, Imagic Mechner, Jordan KaratekaAP2, BROD Prince of PersiaAP2, BROD [D] Prince of Persia 2: Fortress of the Witch KingAP2, Avalon Hill Meier, Dirk [T] EarthraidC64, Happy Computer [T] WeltendaemmerungC64, 64er Meier, Myron Topper, Romox Meier, Sid [B] Hostage Rescue[B] Formula 1 Forex treasure ea reviews 2016, Acorn [B] Hellcat Ace, MicroProse [B] Chopper Rescue, MicroProse [B] Floyd of the Jungle, MicroProse Spitfire Ace, MicroProse NATO Commander, MicroProse Wingman, MicroProse Solo Flight, MicroProse Decision in the Desert, with Ed Bever, MicroProse Conflict In Vietnam, with Ed Bever, MicroProse Crusade in Europe, with Ed Bever, MicroProse F Strike EagleC64, MicroProse Silent ServiceC64, MicroProse [G] GunshipPC, MicroProse PiratesC64, MicroProse Railroad TycoonPC, MicroProse Covert Action, with Bruce How to find preferred stock symbols ?

Gold PC, MicroProse [ND] CPU Bach3DO, MicroProse [G] ColonizationWoodstock insurance brokers ltd, MicroProse consultant [D] GettysburgPC, MicroProse [G] Alpha CentauriPC, Firaxis consultant [G] Civilization IIIPC SimGolfPC, EA Melfi, Dominic J. The Revenge of Megabozmany, Infocom 516 Lane Mastodon vs. The Blubbermenmany, Infocom Infocomics [G] Spellcasting Sorcerers Get All the GirlsPC, Legend [G] Spellcasting The Sorceror's AppliancePC, Legend [G] Spellcasting The Search for FloydPC, "Infocom" [G] The Space BarPC, SegaSoft Merlo, James [T] PinheadC64, COMPUTE!

The Forgotten FortressAP2, ACT from C64 Miller, Larry EpochAP2, Sirius HadronAP2, Sirius Minotaur AP2, Sirius Spider Fighter, ACT Enduro, ACT Miller, Ray Star Wars: Death Star Battle, with Todd Marshall, PB Miller, Scott Spectre, with Bob FlanaganAP2, Datamost Mills, Vince [P] The Scoop by Agatha Christie AP2, Telarium Minh, Chou Tran Pinball, with Bob NewstadtINT, Mattel Minkoff, Mike PBA Bowling, with Rick LevineINT, Mattel SNAFUINT, Mattel Minns, Charles Nominoes Jigsaw Puzzle, with B.

BrownleeAP2, Dynacomp Minter, Jeff [founder of Llamasoft] Defenda VIC aka Andes Attack; later for ST AggressorVIC, HES Rat ManVIC AbductorVIC GridrunnerVIC, HES later for C64 Matrix: AP2, Datasoft from COIN [P] Zorro, with James GaronAP2, Datasoft from ? The Goonies, with Scott Spanburg, Datasoft Mirzazadeh, Mory Droids, TG Software Spark Bugs, Romox Mitchell, John ZuluC64, Silverbird Mitchell, Michael [TB] Dark Star, Antic Mitchell, Philip The Hobbit, with Veronika Meglermany, Melbourne House [L] SherlockSPEC, Melbourne House The Lord of the Rings: Game Onemany, Melbourne House [L] Shadows of MordorC64?

Oil's Well, Sierra Miyamoto, Shigeru [D] SheriffCOIN, Nintendo [D] Space FirebirdCOIN, Nintendo [D] Radar ScopeCOIN, Nintendo [D] Donkey KongCOIN, Nintendo [D] Donkey Kong JuniorCOIN, Nintendo [D] PopeyeCOIN, Nintendo [D] Mario Bros. The Payoff, with Steve KellyAMI, Bitmap Brothers [P] Speedball 2, with Rob Trevellyan ? Steel Soldiers PC, Bitmap Brothers Moody, John La KootieratchaTI99, CMS Systems Moon, Mr.

Aqua BaseTI99, TIventures Fun HouseTI99, TIventures In Search of: The Four VedasTI99, TIventures Moriarty, Brian [TB] Adventure in the Fifth Dimension, ANALOG [T] Crash Dive! Death StarC64, Rabbit Mountford, Brian [P] Canyon ClimberAP2, Datasoft from Mowbray, David Para AcademyC64, Zeppelin Demon BlueAMI, Microvalue Mueller, Carl [TB] Maze SearchAP2, SoftSide [TB] Kidnapped!

WindfallAP2 Space IIAP2 NetworkAP2 Windfall! World BuildersAP2, EduWare Empire II: Interstellar SharksAP2, EduWare [D] Empire III: ArmageddonAP2, EduWare [D] Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Quest For Gold, with? Achilles, with Simon Goodwin, Beyond Killa Cycle, with Simon Goodwin Blockade-like Munnery, Simon Asteroids ? Bug Hunt, with Robert Zdybel, Atari Murphy, Don [T] Money Hungry, ANALOG Lock 'n' Chase-like Murphy, Tim [P] BubblesCOIN, Williams Murray, Chris P.

SpyFirst Star [P] Spy vs. Spy 2First Star Superman, with Fernando Herrera, Tony MansoC64, First Star [P] Spy vs. Arctic Antics, with Mike RiedelC64, Databyte MicroLeague Baseball MicroLeague [P] MicroLeague Wrestling, AMI, MicroLeague MicroLeague Football PC, MicroLeague MicroLeague Baseball IV, PC, MicroLeague MicroLeague Football II, PC, MicroLeague Nedbal, Richard, A. The Big AppleC64, Synapse from Nesbit, Bruce Wizzy's MansionBBC, Audiogenic Circus GamesST, Tynesoft Rodeo Games, with Steve TallST, Tynesoft [P] Krusty's Super Fun HouseNES, Audiogenic Winter Olympics AMI, U.

Gold [P] ZPC, Bitmap Brothers [P] SpeedballPS1, Bitmap Brothers [P] Steel SoldiersPC, Bitmap Brothers [P] World War II: Frontline CommandPC, Strategy First Nesbitt, Bryce C. JohnAP2, Simulations Canada Newcomer, John [D] JoustCOIN, Williams [D] Splat! Survival of the FittestCOIN, Williams [D] High Impact Football, with Ed Boon, Eugene JarvisCOIN, Williams Newell, Mike Zenix, with Jeremy SpillerCC3, Gosub Newell, Paul Towering Inferno, with Tom Sloper, U.

Games Newell, Wes [B] Pro Bowling, APX Newman, Alan M. Nickels, Paul Street Sports Soccer AP2, Epyx [G] Street Sports FootballAP2, Epyx Nicol, Simon TLL [Tornado Low Level]C64, Ocean Crazy CometsC64, Martech Mega ApocalypseC64, Martech Sam Fox Strip PokerC64, Martech Back to the Future IIIC64, Image Works Trivia: The Ultimate QuestC64, Duck License To Kill NES, Tengen Apocalypse IISNES Nicols, W.

Grey Seas, Grey SkiesAP2, Simulations Canada Golan FrontAP2, Simulations Canada Seventh FleetAP2, Simulations Canada Northern FleetAP2, Simulations Canada Niday, Peter C. ThreeDeepCOL, PB Nishikado, Toshihiro Davis CupCOIN, Taito Speed RaceCOIN, Taito Western GunCOIN, Taito adapted into Gun Fight by Midway InterceptorCOIN, Taito Space InvadersCOIN, Taito Space Invaders DeluxeCOIN, Taito Space Invaders IICOIN, Taito Nitchals, Jim L.

Fortress at Sea3DO, Panasonic Norris, P. Checker King, APX Norton, Larry Cross Country Car RallyTI99, Norton Novembrino, Mark Elysian FieldsAP2, American Eagle Nunn, David J. The Wizard of Akyrz, with Brian HowarthBBC Waxworks, with Brian HowarthBBC Ohmert, Steven [P] A. FootballHAND, Mattel GravityHAND, Mattel Dungeons and DragonsHAND, Mattel Speed FreakHAND, Mattel WallWar, Sierra Mr.

Independent LexicrossPC, Interplay [L] StonekeepPC, Interplay Oliver, Dan Space Cavern, Apollo Rescue Terra I, Venturevision Laser Gates, Imagic Oliver, Philip ScarfmanTRS, Cornsoft Pac-Man-like [P] Killapede, with Andrew OliverCPC, Players Centipede-like Olivier, Dirk AnglerSPC, Virgin Ollman, Dave Forbidden FruitC64, Turgy Magic Ollmann, Lloyd Jr.

Big Bird's Egg Catch, Atari Omi, Greg [P] Captain Cosmo, Nexa [P] PortalC64, ACT [G] DefenderVIC, Atarisoft from COIN [G] Streetsports BaseballAP2, C64, Epyx [G] Streetsports BasketballAP2, Epyx Electro CopLNX, Atari [P] KlaxLNX, Atari from COIN [P] Slime WorldGEN, Epyx from LNX [P] Andre Aggasi TennisGEN, TekMagic [G] Crash Bandicoot 2: Strategic Operations SimulatorCOIN, Sega Palevich, John Howard [T] Shoot, COMPUTE!

Dandy, APX Panayi, Costa [co-founder of Vortex] CosmosSPEC, Vortex Android OneSPEC, Vortex Android TwoSPEC, Vortex Tornado Low LevelSPEC, Vortex CycloneSPEC, Vortex Highway EncounterSPEC, Vortex RevolutionSPEC, U.

Gold DeflektorSPEC, Gremlin H. Pilchard] HedgehogATOM, Aardvark Frogger-like InvadersATOM, Aardvark Space Invaders-like ArcadiansBBC, Acornsoft Galaxian-like Acornsoft ChessBBC, Acornsoft ZalagaBBC, Aardvark Galaga-like Frak! Hendren Hopper, with Michael ArchuletaTI99, TI Pengo-like [P] Jawbreaker IITI99, Sierra from D-StationTI99, IUG Face ChaseTI99, Video Magic D-Station 2TI99, Exceltec Star TrapTI99, Exceltec 4A Flyer, with Michael ArchulettaTI99, Triton Beyond ParsecTI99, Triton STRIKE THREE!

The Bruce Lee StorySNES, Virgin [G] The Lion KingSNES, Virgin [P] Die Hard Trilogy, part 3SAT, Fox [G] OnePS1, ASC Pierce, Jeff DestinyAP2, Destiny Pierce, Matt [TB] Trap ShootC64, Ahoy! Pierce, Rik [TB] Stake Your ClaimTRS, SoftSide Pike, Brian [T] Delta WarC64, COMPUTE! Swat, MAST from C64 [P] S.

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First Blood Part II, with Dave CollierC64, Ocean Roland's Rat Race, with Dave CollierC64, Ocean CycloneC64, Ocean MikieC64, Imagine HysteriaC64, Software Projects FireFlyC64, Ocean Hyper ActiveC64, Commodore User PictionaryNES, LJN Interactive The New Zealand StoryNES, Ocean [P] Super Off-RoadSNES, Leyland from COIN Power DriveSNES, U. Gold [P] Revolution XPS1, Acclaim from COIN [L] The DarkLight ConflictPS1, EA [L] Space DebrisPS1, Sony [P] Gladiator: The Ring of PowerQuicksilva The Thompson Twins AdventureQuicksilva Preston, M.

Dragons BaneSPEC, Quicksilva Price, Mark [T] Boulder Bombers, ANALOG Canyon Bomber-like [T] Maze War, ANALOG Price, Philip The Tail of Beta Lyrae, Datamost Alternate Reality: The City, Datasoft Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, with Ken Jordan, Dan PinalC64, Datasoft Priestly, Don The Damsel and the BeastZX81, Bug-Byte SabotageZX81, Macronics City PatrolZX81, Macronics MazogsZX81, Bug-Byte 3D TanxSPEC, dk'tronics MeteoroidsSPEC, dk'tronics DictatorSPEC, dk'tronics MaziacsSPEC, dk'tronics JumblySPEC, dk'tronics The Spawn of EvilSPEC, dk'tronics Benny Hill's Madcap ChaseSPEC, dk'tronics MinderSPEC, dk'tronics PopeyeSPEC, dk'tronics The Trap DoorSPEC, Piranha Through the Trap DoorSPEC, Piranha FlunkySPEC, Piranha Up For GrabsSPEC, Summit Gregory Loses His ClockSPEC, MAST TargetSPEC, Margate Pritchett, Robert A.

The City, with Ken Jordan, Datasoft from Ratcliff, Matthew J. A Trip to the Moon, Antic Reamy, Tom Galactic GladiatorsAP2, SSI Galactic AdventuresAP2, SSI Redekopp, John [P] Mr. An Adventure in Space, Antic Reese, Timothy [P] GATO, with J.

YandrofskiAP2, Spectrum Holobyte from PC Reeve, Jay A. Haunted Hill, Swifty Richardson, Larry Ghost Hunter, Arcade Plus Pac-Man-like Richardson, Mike Harrier AttackSPEC, Durell Scuba DiveSPEC, Durell Combat LynxSPEC, Durell Turbo EspritSPEC, Durell ThanatosSPEC, Durell Sigma 7SPEC, Durell Richbourg, Henry L. Professional Tour GolfAP2, SSI Riding, Steven.

Airstrike, English Captain Sticky's Gold, English [P] Molecule man, MAST from C64 [P] Universal Hero, MAST from C64 [P] Revenge II, MAST from C64 Riedel, Mike Ape Escape, with Greg CarbonaroVIC, Spectravideo Spy vs.

SpyC64, First Star Spy vs. The Island CaperC64, Databyte [D] Spy vs. Defender of Rome EA Robinson, Keith TRON Solar SailerINT, Mattel Robinson, Steve Diggerbonk, APX The Bean Machine, APX Robitaille, Roger W. Aliens Ate My Baby SitterPC, Apogee [G] Catacomb 3-DPC, Softdisk [G] Wolfenstein 3-DPC, Apogee [G] Spear of DestinyPC, Apogee [G] DOOMPC, id [G] DOOM IIPC, id [G] The Ultimate DOOMPC, id [G] Final DOOMPC, Eidos [G] QuakePC, id [G] Dominion: Storm Over Gift3PC, Eidos [D] DaikatanaPC, Eidos [G] AnachronoxPC, Eidos [P] Hyperspace Delivery Boy!

Deadly Discs, with Brett Stutz, M-Network from INT Ronnie, Jeff [P] AtlantisO2, Imagic from Root, Bill [TB] Blueberries, COMPUTE! Root, Chris PulsarTI99, C. King CribbageAP2, Hayden Rotberg, Ed Atari BaseballCOIN, Atari [L] BattlezoneCOIN, Atari [G] Snake PitCOIN, Bally Sente [G] Hat TrickCOIN, Bally Sente [G] Goalie GhostCOIN, Bally Sente [P] Name That TuneCOIN, Bally Sente [L] BlasteroidsCOIN, Atari Games [L] S.

RunnerCOIN, Atari Games ShuuzCOIN, Atari Games [L] Steel Talons, with Ed LoggCOIN, Atari Games [G] Guardians of the HoodCOIN, Atari Games Roth, Craig The Shard of Spring, with David StarkAP2, SSI Roth, David PawnsAP2, Mindcraft Rothstein, Rick Shuttle CommandTI99, FFF Software Rotta, Daryl [P] J-Bird AP2, Orion from PC Routledge, Ashley Slicks, with David SaundersC64, Codemasters Rowe, Mike [TB] Cavern Escape, Atari User Rowlands, John ScorpiusC64, Firebird RetrogradeC64, Thalamus Cyberdyne WarriorC64, Hewson CreaturesC64, Thalamus Creatures 2C64, Thalamus Mayhem in MonsterlandC64, Apex Rowlett, Frank B.

The Final FontierSPEC, Software Projects Rubin, Owen CannonballCOIN, Atari [G] PoolsharkCOIN, Atari Triple HuntCOIN, Atari Sky DiverCOIN, Atari OrbitCOIN, Atari Space War-like Tube ChaseCOIN, Atari Space Duel, with Rick MaurerCOIN, Atari Tunnel HuntCOIN, Centuri Major Havoc, with Mark CernyCOIN, Atari Goalie GhostCOIN, Bally Sente [D] Name That TuneCOIN, Bally Sente [G] Shrike AvengerCOIN, Bally Sente Grudge MatchCOIN, Bally Midway Rudadahl, Tom Golf, Atari Ruddle, Henry [PB] Sands of MarsTRS, Crystalware from AP2 Ruddy, Steve [P] KinetikC64, Firebird from SPEC [P] Bubble BobbleC64, Firebird from COIN [P] Ghouls and GhostsC64, U.

Gold [P] Bionic CommandoC64, U. Gold [P] LED StormC64, U. Gold Ruffcorn, Don Fast Food, Telesys Cosmic Creeps, Telesys Demolition Herby, Telesys Runyon, Ernie Lost Luggage, with Ed Salvo, Apollo Rushing, Jim [G] Cytron MastersAP2, SSI [G] M. Secret AgentPC, Dynamix [G] Rise of the DragonPC, Sierra [G] Heart of ChinaPC, Sierra [G] Adventures of Willy BeamishPC, Sierra [G] The Incredible MachinePC, Sierra [G] The Even More Incredible MachinePC, Sierra [G] The Incredible Machine version 3PC, Sierra [G] 3D Ultra MinigolfPC, Sierra [G] 3D Ultra Minigolf DeluxePC, Sierra Heaven QuestPC, Top Meadow [G] ContraptionsPC, Sierra Gil's Bible JumblePC, Top Meadow [G] Marble BlastPC, Garage [G] Chain ReactionPC, Garage Ryan, William J.

The Power of He-Man, with Jossef Wagner, M-Network from INT Sanderson, John [P] SpindizzyAP2, ACT from C64 Sandlin, Larry Strip BlackjackAP2, Sansoft Plus Sandy, Herb [TB] MoonlandingAP2, SoftSide Sansom, Richard E.

Stealth, with Tracy Lagrone, BROD Saracini, Carl Ringside SeatAP2, SSI Sarconi, Matthew [P] Dragonfire, with Frank EllisCOCO, Imagic from Saunders, David Slicks, with Ashley RoutledgeC64, Codemasters Savain, Louis RenaissanceVIC, UMI Othello Scarlett, Jim Tribble TrubbleSPEC, Software Projects Schappel, Bryan [T] The Clash of Kings, with Barry Kolbe, ANALOG [T] The ROBOX Incident, with Barry Kolbe, ANALOG [T] Capital!

Satarn Saturn, Compy Shop Schebek, Darren [P] Road RaiderC64, Mindscape written parallel with ST original [P] Mondu's Fight PalaceC64 port of Tongue of the Fatman Scheer, Howard E. Crisis MountainAP2, Synergistic Dino EggsAP2, Micro Fun Short CircuitAP2, Micro Lab Ho! Panzer-Jagdor C64, Avalon Hill Scott, Duncan Wall Ball, Avalon Hill Scott, Simon Leaping LarryC64, Krypton Force Seastrom, Craig B.

WimpyC64, Ocean Sember, Jeff Evolution, with Don MattrickAP2, Sydney [P] Squadron The DambustersAP2, Sydney Sengir, Joe [P] Star Trek Strategic Operations SimulatorC64, SEGA from COIN [P] Cool PoolCOIN, Catalina [G] Wing Commander: The Secret MissionsSNES, Mindscape [P] Mario's Time MachineSNES, Software Toolworks [P] Toy StoryPC, Disney [P] FIFA 98SNES, EA [P] Casper: Friends Around the WorldPS1, Sound Source [P] The Land Before Time: Return to the Great ValleyPS1, Sound Source [P] Sports Illustrated for Kids: FootballGBA, BAM!

BaseballGBA, BAM! Deadly DiscsINT, Mattel Seremet, Mark E. Doom's Revenge, with Thomas Holmes, Andrew MillerC64, Paragon Serki, Ben Apple PanicAP2, BROD Space Panic clone Sewell, Gary Barmy Burgers, with Gary CapewellSPEC, Blaby BurgerTime-like Shannon, Gary J. Cat" Caverns of FreitagAP2, Muse [P] Ultima V C64, Origin from PC [P] Moebius C64, Origin from AP2 [P] Windwalker: Lost CavernsC64, ACT from Shrigley, Chris [P] Pub QuestC64, Dream [P] BounderC64, Gremlin [P] Future KnightC64, Gremlin [P] Gauntlet IIC64, Gremlin [P] Footballer Of the Yearseveral, Gremlin [P] Action FighterC64, Core [P] Advanced Pinball SimulatorC64, Codemasters [P] Re-BounderC64, Gremlin [P] Masters Of The Universe The MovieC64, Gremlin [D] MagicianNES, Eurocom [P] James Bond Jr.

The Citadel Sivo, Peter Superhero AP2 Skelly, Tim StarhawkCOIN, Cinematronics SundanceCOIN, Cinematronics WarriorCOIN, Vectorbeam Rip-OffCOIN, Cinematronics Armor AttackCOIN, Cinematronics [D] Star Castle, with Scott BodenCOIN, Cinematronics War of the WorldsCOIN, Cinematronics ReactorCOIN, Gottlieb Skelton, Daniel Stinger!

Games Picnic, U. Games Entombed, with Jeff Corsiglia, U. McClellanfrom ? Smith, Alan DragonfireINT, Imagic from DraculaINT, Imagic Smith, Bill Crazy Eights ? The Arcade Game, PB from COIN Smith, Charles KnightsAP2, Progressive Smith, Chris [TB] Treasures of Barboz, ANALOG Smith, Doug [RIP ] Lode RunnerAP2, BROD Championship Lode RunnerAP2, BROD The Secret of EvermoreSNES Smith, Gareth Shaft Raider, Program One Smith, Gary Scott Realms of DarknessAP2, SSI co-designed with Duong Nghiem [P] First Over GermanyC64, SSI Tangled TalesAP2, Origin Smith, Gene Bomb Squad, with Shatao LinINT, Mattel Smith, Jeremy C.

ThrustBBC, Superior Exile, with Peter IrvinBBC, Audiogenic Smith, J. Olympic DecathalonTRS, Microsoft Smythe, Doug MutantAP2, Renaissance Snake, Steve RodlandC64, Jaleco Sneap, Mat Knuckle BusterC64, Melbourne House [P] Shadow SkimmerC64, The Edge from?

Mission ImpossibubbleC64, Hewson Snell, Dallas The QuestAP2, Penguin Ringquest, with Ron Goebel, Joel ReaAP2, Penguin [G] Ultima VPC, Origin Snider, David David's Midnight MagicAP2, BROD SerpentineAP2, BROD 516 Dazzle DrawAP2, BROD Snyder, Jon [T] Syntron, ANALOG Snyder, Tony [founder of WaterWares] TunnelingZX81, WaterWares Sohl, John AstrosmashINT, Mattel [G] B BomberINT, Mattel Soine, Phillip C. Summer Edition AP2, Epyx [G] Summer GamesAP2, Epyx from C64 [G] Summer Games IIC64?

Chip Ad InfinitumC64, Mr. Chip Formula 1 SimulatorC64 KikstartC64, MAST Tutti FruttiC64 Tutti Frutti 3C64 Bandits at ZeroC64 Laza! The Construction SetC64, MAST Trailblazer IIC64, Gremlin Graphics Operation FireballC64, Alternative Arthur NoidC64 Ding BatC64 [D] Lotus Esprit Challenge ?

Laser MazeAP2, Avant Garde Spanburg, Scott [P] Pooyan, Datasoft from COIN MancopterC64, Datasoft Delta PatrolST, Other Valley The Goonies, with Richard Mirsky, Datasoft [G] Airborne RangerC64, MicroProse [G] Tank PlatoonPC, MicroProse Knights Of The Sky, with Bill BecknerPC, MicroProse Speaks, Robert [TB] Line FourTRS, SoftSide Spencer, Andrew International SoccerC64, Commodore International BasketballC64, Commodore EcstaticaPC Ecstatic IIPC Spicer, Vic TRAM, with Chris McKinstryTRS, Microsystems Blockade-like Ramatron, with Chris McKinstryTRS, Microsystems UltraGulip, with Chris McKinstryTRS, Microsystems Spiller, Jeremy Zenix, with Mike NewellCC3, Gosub Crystal CityCC3, Gosub Spork, Maz H.

Aubyn, Michael VolcanoBBC, Acornsoft Pantry AnticsBBC, BBC Soft ImogenBBC, Superior St. Land MonopolyAP2, Continental Ski Slalom CompetitionAP2 [T] Olympic Dash, Antic Stark, David The Shard of Spring, with Gary RothAP2, SSI Stark, Gary Cookie Monster Munch, Atari Star Raiders II, with Bruce Poelhman, Atari Starkey, Russell KamikazeTRS, SoftSide [TB] Rabbits and FoxesTRS, SoftSide [TB] HangmanTRS, SoftSide Starks, Sparky [B] Rear Guard, with Neil Larimer, AI StarfighterTRS, AI Bug Off!

Beanstalk AdventureTI99, TexSoft Stephens, Adrian Escape from Moonbase AlphaBBC, Micro Power Killer GorillaBBC, Micro Power Donkey Kong-like Mr. EEBBC, Micro Power Mr. Do-like Stephens, Dan [TB] Gridloc, COMPUTE! SkrambleC64, Terminal Scramble-like Get Lost! The Arcade Game, PB from COIN Sherlock Holmes AP2 Stewart, Mike Quest For The Key Part 1TI99, CMS Systems Quest For The Key Part 2TI99, CMS Systems The New KingTI99, CMS Systems Stinnett, C.

The North Sea ChaseC64, Datasoft Stortz, Mike [T] R. Rocket CommandAP2 Missile Command-like Strand, Brian [P] Oil's Well, with Ivan StrandAP2, Sierra from Strand, Ivan Apple Cider SpiderAP2, Sierra [P] Oil's Well, with Brian StrandAP2, Sierra from Strassen, Patrick Autobahn C16 BounderC16 GWNN [Game With No Name]C16, MAST Pogo Pete C16 Power BallC16 Street OlympicsC16 Vox C16 XCellor8C16 Strawer, Larry Computer Ambush, with Ed WilligerAP2, SSI Strawsel, Larry D.

Deadly Discs, with Jeff Ronne, M-Network from INT Su, Jamie TimeshipAP2, Five Star Suarez, Jose R. Total War PC, ? Talbot, Dennis Fizz BombC64, K'Soft Bomberman-like Tamura, Y. Tactics AP2, Starcraft Tang, William Hungry HoraceSPEC, Sinclair Pac-Man-like Horace Goes SkiingSPEC, Sinclair Frogger-like Horace and the SpidersSPEC, Sinclair Tapanimaki, Jukka AikaetsivaC64, Triosoft OctapolisC64, English NetherworldC64, Hewson ZamzaraC64, Hewson MoonfallC64, 21st Century Taply, Scott Dairy FarmingTRS, SoftSide Tarnoff, Harry [B] Stunt Cycle, with Robert BaizerAP2, Programma [B] Chase ?

Capture The IntruderTI99, CMS Systems The Egg HuntTI99, CMS Systems Taylor, Mike Magic MirrorVIC, Terminal NosferatuVIC, Terminal Causes of Chaos C64, CRL Taylor, Richard ConcentrationTRS, U. Journal ScrabbleTRS, U. Computer Products Donkey Kong-like Thornton, Jack L. Fat Worm Blows A SparkySPEC, Durell Tolmei, Vic Top G: Golden MountainAP2, BROD Tomlinson, John [P] Mission XINT, Mattel from COIN Toms, Kevin Football ManagerSPEC, Addictive Topley, Kim Fantasia DiamondSPEC, Hewson Torkington, Andy Panic DizzyC64, Codemasters Torrance, Peter Seabase Delta, with Colin LiddleC64, Firebird Toth, Viktor [G] Arctic ShipwreckC64, F [G] Save Me Brave KnightC64, F Tout, Frank G.

The Great Burger RiotC64, Nationsoft Townsend, Clive SaboteurSPEC, Durell Saboteur IISPEC, Durell Townsend, Sean [P] Road RunnerC64, U. Gold from COIN Townsend, Zak CobraC64, Ocean PlatoonC64, Ocean Renegade 3C64, Ocean Batman: Games Commando Raid, U. Games Tremblay, Alain [T] Planet RaiderC64, COMPUTE! Katakis 2C64, Double Density Rendering RangerSNES, Rainbow Arts Tribelli, Anthony Trivia Savant, with Peter IariaAP2, HAL Labs Trimby, Matthew, Crystal Raider, MAST Twilight World, Atari UK Slingshot, Atari UK Trotter, Mark Monster MunchC64, Atlantis Pac-Man-like Trout, Ian - see Keating, Roger Troutman, Greg This Planet Sucks, self Tucker, Gareth Tank PlatoonAP2 Tung, Joseph Realsports Baseball, Atari Tunnell, Jeff [L] Project FirestartC64, EA Tupaczewski, Paul, [TB] Bomb Squad!

The Spirit of Glennmore CastleAP2, On-Target Turmell, Mark SneakersAP2, Sirius Beer RunAP2, Sirius Free FallAP2, Sirius Fast Eddie, Fox Turmoil, Fox Gas Hog, Spectravision Toy BizarreC64, ACT Fast Tracks: Gold Fire Ball Captain America The Doom Tube Ulman, J.

The Golden Apple SPEC,Artic Adventure F: The Eye of Bain SPEC,Artic Wagner, Joe [P] Wizard of Wor, with Joe Hellesen, Roklan from COIN Wagner, Jossef [P] Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, with Mike Sanders, M-Network from INT Wagner, Larry Combat, Atari Video Chess, with Bob Whitehead, Atari Waldo, Steve MutantAP2, Universal Software Pac-Man-like Wings of FuryAP2, BROD Walker, Andy Cosmic ConvoyC64, Taskset Super PipelineC64, Taskset Cad Cam WarriorC64, Taskset [P] Dragon's Lair, with Paul HodgsonSPEC, Software Projects from Coleco Adam GyropodC64, Taskset Poster PasterC64, Taskset Souls of DarkonC64, Taskset Super Pipeline IIC64, Taskset Uchi Mata, with Paul HodgsonC64, Martech Walker, Martin Back to the FutureC64, Electric Dreams Rupert and the Toymaker's PartyC64, Quicksilva ChameleonC64, Electric Dreams Hunter's MoonC64, Thalamus CitadelC64, Electric Dreams Walker, Roger CrapsAP2, Softape RouletteAP2, Softape?

Coney Island AP2, Softape Walker, Skip Xyphus, with Dave AlpertAP2, Penguin Wall, Mike Whomper Stomper, with Mario Inchiosa, AI Wallace, Bruce Build-UpPLATO Asteroids in SpaceAP2, Quality Asteroids-like Meteoroids in SpaceAP2, Quality Wallace, Robert Amazin' MazesTRS, SoftSide Wallace, Lou [TB] Hail to the ChiefC64, Commodore Magazine Wallace, Mike Robot Odyssey, with Leslie GrimmAP2, Learning Company Walnum, Clayton [TB] Slave Cellars of Golgoloth, ANALOG [TB] Nightshade, ANALOG [TB] Dragonlord, ANALOG [T] One for the Road, ANALOG [TB] Atarzee, ANALOG Yahtzee-like [TB] Moonlord, ANALOG [TB] Mr.

ScratchST, ANALOG [TB] Slave II, ANALOG Walsh, Arthur Bridge 2. The Empire Strikes BackSNES, LucasArts [G] NHL Stanley CupSNES, Nintendo [G] Super Star Wars: Return of the JediSNES, LucasArts [G] Mortal Kombat 3SNES, Midway from COIN [G] NHL Breakaway 98PS1, Acclaim [G] Bio F.

JigsawCDI, CD-I Products The TerminatorSCD, Virgin Warshaw, Howard Scott Yars' Revenge, Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark, Atari E. River Rat, Zimag Watson, Alan Robot Rascals, with Dan BuntenC64, EA [G] Cytron MastersAP2, SSI [G] M. PandemoniumAP2, Soft-Image Singles Night at MolliesAP2, Soft-Image Weatherburn, Ian AlchemistSPEC, Ocean The Neverending StorySPEC, Datasoft Hunchback: The AdventureSPEC, Ocean Weatherby, Robert Chuck Norris Superkicks, Xonox Sir LancelotCOL, Xonox [P] Motocross RacerCOL, Xonox Super Sprint, with Kelly TurnerCOIN, Atari Championship Sprint, with Kelly TurnerCOIN, Atari [G] RoadBlastersCOIN, Atari [D] Lakers vs.

LakersGEN, EA [D] Team USAGEN, EA [D] Bulls vs. OuthouseTRS, Soft Sector ChickenTRS, Soft Sector RallyTRS, Soft Sector [L] VexusTRS, Soft Sector PlanetbusterTRS, Soft Sector YieldTRS, Gamester PulsarTRS, Gamester [L] Color OuthouseCOCO, Computer Shack CatalystCOCO, Computer Shack [L] Intercept 4COCO, MichTron CardsSanyo MBC, MichTron Weber, John [TB] Track Star, Antic Weber, Joseph [TB] Gold Rush!

Gold from COIN [P] Roadblasters C64, U. Gold from COIN Arcade Flight Simulator C64, Bubble Bus Snapdragon C64, Bubble Bus Max Torque C64, Bubble Bus Webb, Monty [B] Seven Card Stud, APX Webb, Steve Moby DickC64, Cymbal Weber, Anthony Galactic Chase, Spectrum Galaxian-like Weber, John [TB] Lone Eagle's Revenge, Antic [TB] Snowbird, Antic Webster, Bruce Sundog: Frozen Legacy, with Wayne HolderAP2, FTL Webster, Roger Earthly Delights, with Daniel LevitonAP2, Datamost Webster, Ron [TB] Boing!

The Battle of Britain, with Ross Maker, David L. Savage Island, Part 2, with Scott Adams many, AI Preppie, AI Frogger-like Preppie II, AI [P] Sea Dragon, AI from TRS 516 HomePak, Batteries Included Wheeler, Martin SorcerySPEC, Virgin Games White, Jerry [PB] Moving Maze, Dynacomp from? Fun 'N' Games, Swifty Trivia Trek, Swifty Name That Song, Quality Pokersam, Don't Ask [B] Sunday Golf, AI U.

AdventureC64, First Star educational [B] Sports Spectacular, with Steve Smith, George Schwenk, Keypunch White, Mark A. HumphreyC64, Mr. SilverAP2, Beagle Bros Wilker, Harry Congo, with Michael Berlyn ? Games Word Zapper, U. Games Squeeze Box, U.

Games Willard, Bruce [TB] Knights and Chalices, ANALOG Willard, Joel [TB] Draw Poker, with Lee BlumenthalTRS, SoftSide Willey, Stephen [founder of Interphase] Blockade RunnerINT, Interphase Sewer SamINT, Interphase William, Mark [P] Adventure PakVIC, Computermat Williams, Bill [RIP ] Salmon Run, APX Necromancer, Synapse Alley Cat, Synapse also PC port 516 Relax, with Kelly Jones, Synapse Mind WalkerAMI, Commodore Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, with Steve Quinn, John CutterAMI, Cinemaware Pioneer PlagueAMI, Terrific Knights of the CrystallionAMI, U.

Gold [P] MonopolyNES, PB Bart's NightmareSNES, Acclaim Williams, Brian AmbushC64, Virgin Williams, Evan Dam BusterPET Williams, Fred D. Adventures in FleshAP2, Krell Williams, Glen Space Spikes, with Rod NelsenAP2, Three Sigma Williams, John C.

Battlestation, with John GardnerTI99, Mirage Chopper Ace, with John GardnerTI99, Mirage Mean Streets, with John GardnerTI99, Alpha Quadrant Command, with John GardnerTI99, Alpha Williams, Jon Jet Boot Jack, English Legend of the Knucker-HoleC64, English BerksC16, CRL Major BlinkC16, CRL aka Berks 2 Berks 3C16, CRL Baby BerksC16, CRL Timeslip, English Knight GamesC64, English Oink!

Asteroid, with Roberta WilliamsAP2, On-Line Cranston Manor, with Harold DeWitzAP2, On-Line Hi-Res Soccer, with Jay SullivanAP2, On-Line The Wizard and the Princess, with Roberta Williams AP2, Sierra Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, with Bob DavisAP2, Sierra Threshold, with Warren SchwaderAP2, Sierra [P] Mouskattack, with Al NystromAP2, Sierra from Hi-Res Football, with Jay SullivanAP2, Sierra [P] The Black CauldronAP2, Sierra Williams, Roberta [co-founder of Sierra] [D] Mystery House, with Ken WilliamsAP2, Sierra [D] Mission: Asteroid, with Ken WilliamsAP2, Sierra [D] The Wizard and the Princess, with Ken Williams AP2, Sierra [D] Time ZoneAP2, Sierra [D] King's QuestPC, Sierra [D] King's Quest IIPC, Sierra [D] King's Quest IIIPC, Sierra [D] King's Quest IV PC, Sierra [D] King's Quest V PC, Sierra [D] Phantasmagoria PC, Sierra Williams, Steven R.

The Clash of ArmourC64, Datasoft Williamson, Gil Hotfoot, Ingersoll LocomotionBBC, BBC Publications Paul Daniel's Magic Adventure, Amazon Systems Williger, Ed [D] Computer AmbushAP2, SSI Willson, Paul [P] Kaboom! Gold from PC Wohlert, Randolph Beast KingAP2, Avalon Hill Woita, Steve Quadrun, Atari Asterix, Atari TAZ, Atari Kid ChameleonGEN [G] Sonic SpinballGEN, Sega [G] Water WorldVirtual Boy, Ocean Wolpaw, Erik [TB] Air Raid, Antic [TB] Arena Psychotica, Antic Wolper, Jerry Cutthroats, with Michael Berlynmany, Infocom Wong, Amory [P] Fight Night, Accolade from C64 [P] Ace of Aces, Accolade from C64 Wong, David Deathlord, with Al EscuderoAP2, EA Wood, Winston Doug [D] Phantasiemany, SSI [D] Phantasie IImany, SSI [D] Phantasie IIImany, SSI Woodhead, Robert J.

Dungeons of Despair, with Andrew Greenberg ? Hughes, English Woodroffe, Mike [founder of Adventure Soft UK] Super Gran, with Brian HowarthC64, Tynesoft Robin of Sherwood, with Brian Howarthmany, AI UK Seas of Blood, with Alan CoxSPEC, AI UK Temple of Terror, with Simon Woodroffe ,C64, Adventure Soft UK [G] Personal NightmareAMI, Tynesoft [G] Elvira: Microwave, with Jim NitchalsAP2, Cavalier Zinn, Jeff Stellar EscortTRS, Big Five Zuber, Jim [B] MillionaireAP2, Blue Chip [B] TycoonAP2, Blue Chip [B] BaronAP2, Blue Chip Squire!

A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, with Mark EasterCC3, Tandy Zwick, Larry Air Raiders, M-Network.

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