How indian politicians make money

How indian politicians make money

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The Quint: Politics is to Make Money, Fool People, Says Independent Candidate

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How the ministers and other politicians earn huge amounts of black money? A middle class person hardly earns one crore rupees in one's life time.

how indian politicians make money

How a minister or politician earns hundred crores, five hundred crores or thousand crores rupees during their 5 years or 10 years of term? Are they equal to Are they equal to Vampires? Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

The money is made mainly by two ways. The first one is by bending the rules to favor somebody. The second is by using discretionary powers they possess. Since most politicians do not have caliber to steer through the jargon of rules and regulations, and many do not even know the discretionary powers they have, therefore they are ably assisted by bureaucrats in their departments in the art of cheating the electorate who pay taxes.

And moreover, there are various other avenues for less fortunate ones, who do not get positions in the government to make money.

India is about to make it easier for political parties to hide where their money comes from - LA Times

They make it by working as agents of ministers, or resort to tricks like cash for query, MP fund commission sharing, transfer and postings etc. Black money is income earned surreptitiously or illegally, usually in cash, and not reported to the government so as to avoid paying taxes on it.

According to the data provided by the Swiss bank, India has more black money than rest of the world combined. By bringing back the black money back to the country there is so much which can be done for the development of the nation and the people who live below poverty line. India will also be able to clear all their foreign debts in 24Hrs. Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30 years.

Politicians Make Money In India. How ?

I think Indian government needs to take some serious steps to get the money back to India which is stashed in Swiss banks. They should work to find out the names of account holders in Swiss banks and also pressurize Swiss bank to get the black money back to the country.

This has also become a matter of pride of nation and if the government still keeps silence about this issue then they will only be making themselves a laughing stock for the entire world.

Every amount you pay as bribe reaches to the top in a systematic way. There is a formula.

When they sanction a project for a businessman he donates freely. Free lands wastelands new projects all are nothing but filling the pockets of ministers. They are sportsmen in the Arena of Corruption and deserve Gold Medal and World Cup. All can not be winners. You have to start right from your college days enrolling yourself in the Students Union and be an Intern under Local Goons to be groomed as a Seasoned sportsman eligible to participate in the world arena of Scams and Frauds and other activities.

If you win, the Lady Luck will smile and date you if she is pleased with you.

It is not our bread and butter. We get sound sleep when we lie down.

How the ministers and other politicians earn huge amounts of black money? | Yahoo Answers

This is a Trade Secret. I don't think any body will reveal it. It is better to try and become Minister yourself.

how indian politicians make money

Money will start pouring like heavy rain. But you will have to be prepared for the thunder storms and lightnings also. They do not earn They take bribe which is known as corruption. Related Questions How the ministers and other politicians earn huge amounts of black money? How can I earn a huge amount of money in winter? Has anyone ever wondered why these politicians spend huge amounts of money yet will never make that money back.

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how indian politicians make money

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