Javascript get select option display value

Javascript get select option display value

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Would make strUser be 2. If what you actually want is test2then do this:. The following script is getting the value of the selected option and putting it in text box 1. The following script is getting a value from a text box 2 and alerting with its value. Running the above in Firefox et al will give you an 'is not a function' error because IE allows you to get away with using instead of []:.

Beginners are likely to want to access values from a select with the NAME attribute rather than ID attribute. We know all form elements need names, even before they get ids. The previous answers still leave room for improvement because of the possibilities, the intuitiveness of the code, and the use of id versus name.

One can get a read-out of three data of a selected option -- its index number, its value and its text. This simple, cross-browser code does all three:.

javascript get select option display value

For functional form purposes, name is still valid, also in HTML5, and should still be used. Lastly, mind the use square versus round brackets in certain places. As was explained before, only older versions of IE will accept round ones in all places. Inin Firefoxthe following also works.

Every other browser should convert what's inside open-close tags as the option value. Refer to the article Selecting dropdown element using JavaScript or jQuery. They have explained it in many ways using JavaScript and jQuery. To go along with the above answers, this is how I do it as a one-liner. This is for getting the actual text of the selected option. There are good examples for getting the index number already.

And for the text, I just wanted to show this javascript get select option display value. I doubt this processes any faster than the two line version.

I simply like to forex global solutions cyprus my code as much as possible. If anyone knows how to do this in one line without having to get the element twice, I would love for you to comment and show me how.

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