What is intraday trading india

What is intraday trading india

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For Seasoned Players If you are already into intraday trading, maybe the links mentioned above are not for you.

what is intraday trading india

DO NOT change the way you work. Simply add our 'Suggests' to your system. If your tracking system also recommends any of our 'Suggests', play with confidence. Life will become a lot easier.

Longer in a rally. We, therefore, do not restrict to buy and then sell trades - ie, we advocate LONG as well as SHORT trades. Objectives of this Site The objective of this site is to provide you with tips so that every day at least one of our six daily 'Suggests' will get you minimum Rs.

If you play on-line as per our Guidelines and following our 'PricePoints' and Alerts.

what is intraday trading india

Monday June NSE NIFTY: Tuesday June NSE NIFTY: Wednesday June NSE NIFTY: Please click on the day's NIFTY chart for more details. PLEASE NOTE Our services will be closed for three days between 10 to Oct, due to Durga Puja Holidays; We will be back online and full services will resume from Monday, Oct LOCAL HOLIDAY We are closed on Monday Jan to celebrate the birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Full services will resume from Tuesday Jan Example of 'Suggests' for Non-Members. These 'Suggests' as we call them are sent by SMS to members around 8: You can also login to this website after 8: We also provide ' PricePoints ' for the scrips mentioned. These are not sent by SMS — they are available only on the 'Suggests' page of this website. You'll get to see this analysis surely by the next trade-day morning.

If you are a beginner, you have arrived at the right place.

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You'll find a lot of information here on intraday trading — basic concepts, strategies for buying and selling, time of entry and exit and a lot multiplayer options and call of duty 4 crack. First ' READ THIS Take a membership and then go through the first 2 links under 'MEMBER AREA' carefully.

If you are already into intraday trading, maybe the links mentioned above are not for you. This site will also save you the trouble of screening the what is intraday trading india market at the end of each day to locate the possible winners for tomorrow.

We do a thorough job, very scientifically, and give you 6 names.

Do's & don'ts of intraday trading on Indian stock Market

Take a membership and find out for yourself The methods advocated by this website are attempts to capture swings that last for 10 to 30 minutes duration. We follow this rule: If the market is going up, look to go LONG.

If the market what is intraday trading india falling, look for SHORTING opportunities. One thing you must remember: SHORTING also has its own peculiar risks: Our 'Suggests' have given consistent intraday returns since we've come online in August We are the best in the business! Check here Like it has been already said: These are not tips.

We neither encourage nor believe in tips.

Also, we never follow the thumb rule of "buy on rumours and sell on news". All 'Suggests' are based on study of the Markets, Stock Charts and multiple Indicators.

what is intraday trading india

We believe in the theory of "more to many, at less to many". So we have kept our subscription rates moderate which in turn has brought in more than registrations till end-March from all across the country.

What is Intraday Trading: All About Intraday Trading - Angel Broking

It is encouraging to see our user-community grow. However, we have been forced to remove the "Free Trial Offer" from Augustas there were too many requests from non-interested visitors just for the heck of it. Now we get trial requests only from serious, interested online intraday traders and we concentrate fully on doing a better job for you: Home What is IntraDay Trading?

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Trading Guidelines What this site offers Membership Details About Us Contact Us SYNERGY GROUP intradaytrade. Read article on Intraday Trading in the Economic Times of June Read Online abridged version. Download full version pdf-zipped.

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