How much money does the average nhl player make a year

How much money does the average nhl player make a year

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Prior to the new collective bargaining agreement CBA , teams took advantage of a loophole that allowed players to be paid more than they normally would under the salary cap. That loophole led to some skewed salaries.

This year's list of the NHL's highest-paid players includes eight wingers, seven centers, three defensemen, and two goaltenders.

One thing to know: The catch is that the deal is 14 years long and heavily front-loaded, not expiring until he is 40 years. The benefit to the team was to spread the salary cap hit out over many years. This practice was nixed in the newest CBA, with contracts now limited to eight years.

Like Shea Weber, Crosby signed his extension just before the new CBA, and his deal is also heavily front-loaded. However, unlike some bigger deals signed later, his was not front-loaded.

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Despite talks of a possible extension, nothing has come to fruition yet. Getzlaf's 8-year contract includes a no-move clause, meaning he cannot be traded or sent to the minors. Sean McIdoe described the contract as " one that largely redefines the market for young players.

If he is still around to see the end of the deal, he will be 42 when his contract expires. Why big data can make HR more important.

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How much does an NHL player make

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how much money does the average nhl player make a year

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