How to make money selling handmade greeting cards

How to make money selling handmade greeting cards

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If you are a keen rubber stamper and are creating beautiful items using your rubber stamps and other supplies, you might be considering how you can make money from your craft.

Whether you are looking to start a new career or simply want to make some extra cash by selling handmade cards to family and friends to buy some new supplies, there are plenty of ways that you can use your rubber stamping and crafting skills to make money. Sell Your Finished Work Online - There are many places to sell your work online, as well as find crafting supplies. These sites are a great way to sell your own hand stamped items or to test the water before starting your own online store.

You can sell everything from hand stamped jewelry through to wedding stationery. Read more about places to sell your handmade work online. Handmade At Amazon - In the late summer of , a new opportunity for craftspeople and artisans has opened up recently.

How to Sell Cards - Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Handmade At Amazon offers artisans a new platform to sell their handmade work. Handmade cards and other stationary is among the categories which are currently available.

Sell Your Home Made Cards

Learn about Handmade at Amazon and what it offers crafts people selling their work. How to Price Your Card s - Getting the pricing and costing right on your cards is important when you are starting out. Price them too high and they will not sell, too low and they end up costing you money!

Successful pricing entails taking into account all of your costs plus market conditions.

Read more about pricing your handmade cards. How to Sell Your Handmade Cards - Whether you sell your cards direct to family and friends, or through a website or other channel, here are a few key tips that will help you succeed. Become a Stamp Designe r - If you are artistic, you may consider creating your own range of stamps.

how to make money selling handmade greeting cards

Creating digital stamps is a great way to start as you don't need any significant outlay of start up cash, and you can test the water to see what works. Learn about selling digital stamps. Write and Sell Tutorials - If you have perfected some techniques which create beautiful end results and you love communicating with people, another way you could consider making money from your craft is to write and sell tutorials. You will notice that there are a variety of places which allow you to sell tutorials including Etsy.

You could also go a step further and consider writing a book. Angel Policies - If you are going to sell handmade cards using rubber stamps it is important that you know what an Angel Policy is and how it applies to you.

Bonanza: The Top-Rated Etsy Alternative for

An Angel Policy is the terms under which a stamp designer sells their stamps. Some stamp manufacturers and designers prohibit the sale of items created using their stamps, so it is important to check the situation early on.

how to make money selling handmade greeting cards

R ead more about Angel Policies. How to Write an Angel Policy or End User License Agreement - If you are going to create your own stamps or artwork then you will need to write your own Angel Policy or End User Agreement. This is essential to protect your artwork.

How to Make and Sell Greeting Cards (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Learn how to write an Angel Policy. These are just a few ways to start making money from your hobby. With a little creative thought you'll find that a whole new range of opportunities will open up to you!

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