Career guide stock brokerage

Career guide stock brokerage

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Please enter your Mobile Number and Education Level to proceed. Exam Results Are Out! Don't Panic, Scientifically Plan Your Career. Stock Brokers are onvolved in buying and selling the stocks of the investors by fetching the current market information and finding the best deal for the investors.

If you are a new brokers there are a number of challenges that lie in your way. Before you establish yourself as a broker, it remains quite a hectic work schedule.

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After that, life gets comfortable. You can choose whenever you want to work. Typically it takes years for an individual to establish as a broker. A stock broker works on following activities in day to day work: Stock brokers have to show up early at office. Generally one or two hours before the market opens. This gives them ample time to do the reasearch, browse the news and happenings around the world and get themselve. Dear Friend,Hope you are at the best of your health!!!

Let me introduce you i have done my B. But the Stock broker do have a life beyond the market timings. In today time of high co. Stockbrokers buy and sell securities on the stock exchange on behalf of investors, who may be individuals or organizationssuch as banks, insurance companies, pension funds or unit trusts, They advise clients on shares they hold and suggest appropriate time to sell or buy.

There are mainly three functions concerning a product on the capital market i. Stock market career opportunities include securities analysis and equity research , investment banking, fund management , corporate restructuring and consulting.

Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!!! Stock Brokers need to be quite equipped technologies since the need for high end communication and analysis is quite essential to capitalise on the opportunities of trading available in market during trading. Stock Brokers has a main role to inform the clients about the stocks or sectors and based on the inputs clients provide trades or business to the brokers. Over the last few years there are few technologies which has provided edge to the stock brokers to effectively service clients by effectively servicing the clients.

Few of them are listed below1 BLOOMB. I am glad that you decided to approach the right platform at the very right time of CareerGuide. Stock markets is a dynamic field full of excitement and challenges. I hope you wish to make a successful and lon.

career guide stock brokerage

Hello Ajay, A warm welcome to careerguide. Many a times it happens in life that we work in a field for a long time and later at some point of time we realise that the work that we have been doing ,we are not interested to work in that field or feels to change the career track.

But while we are planning to switch to the other career option we need to think properly and need to take the right decision. Ajay you have not mentioned in which area you hold a work experience of 20 years and wish to switch in which career option. Dear Aspirant, Stock Market is a wonderful and growing as well as challenging career field. If you are interested in typical Stock Market career, then there are positions like Dealer, Broker, Analyst, etc.

You can also get job in mutual fund asset management companies, insurance broking companies, and stock market itself. Below courses are famous for getting entry into the stock market world as professionals and employees: The NCFM Programme NCFM is an online testing and certification programme.

It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets.

career guide stock brokerage

Hello Sneha, Welcome to CareerGuide. Thanks for approaching us with your career query. Stcok Broking is the booming field having a wide career options and career growth nowadays.

Earlier making a career in Stock Market was considered as not Good Career Option. But as he time has passed and there has been a drastic development and change in all ways of fields in India. The policies of Globalisation,Liberalisation has been one of the significant policies in the Indian economy and.

MBA Finance may help however qualification which are of more technical nature will be more beneficial. Technical qualifications like CFA, NCFM Certifications or courses from NISM, Mumbai will be ideal and apt. Hello Dear Friend, Welcome to CareerGuide. Thanks for approaching us and proposing your query. India has been of the growing economy nowadays. It has been contributing in all ways of development in various sectors like Science and Technology,IT,Real Estate,Trade,Commerce,Arts,Fine Arts,Intellectuals etc.

Swim With The Sharks As A Stockbroker

India has been making its own way of place at the international level in all fields. Due to having skilled and good qualitative Human Resource; and also due to the globalisation and liberalisation ther has been many foreign corporates giving a thought to do an investment and also many. Dear Aspirant, Stock Broker with the right NCFM certifications and a good education qualification as a fresher can get upto Rs. Dear Aspirant, Stock Broking is a purely technical, mathematical and systematic job and domain, relating to trade and money, speculation, forecasting.

It is an autonomous body governed by a Board of Governors. Hello Dear Friend, Welcome to CareerGuide!!! Thanks for writing to us.

Stock Broker Degrees & Careers | How to Become a Stock Broker

Stock Broking is one of the field that has been growing constantly. As it is one of the field that is related to Finance and Economy so it has tremendous career opportunities.

Stock Broker plays an important role between the Corporate Companies and the Clients. Stock Broker is a person who is involved in the buying and selling of stocks in the market,mainly for their clients. A [stock broker][1] is always in touch with the client updating the client with the current market fluctuations and advise them whether to buy or sell. Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!! Com then i went to pursue ICWA and FRM which is also financial Risk Manager Degree.

Stock Broker is a very challenging but rewarding career, if you are passionate and focused on marking your career in stock market the journey of stock broker could be quite rewarding. As your know for stock market what you need is good understanding of the markets and understanding the implication with change in p. Hi,Greetings of the day!!! My Name is Vaibhav and i have worked in Investment Banking Firm as a stock Broker, i would try and give you a first hand explanation of the Work which i used to do and also the responsibilities which would be shared to you.

As you Know Financial Market is a dynamic sector where one has to be quite updated on the things happening in and around the companies and economy in general. Let me Explain you the basic work profile of a stock broker with responsibilities.

You would be responsible to have a sound relationship with the customer you service so that the.

career guide stock brokerage

Hi,Greetings of the day!!!! My Name is Vaibhav and i have been one of the stock broker my self before becoming a enterprenuer, i have done my B. Communication is very important in every job since its the way to express one self but its "very very very important in Stock broking"Communication can be of many type and ways but all the communication has one object that is to convey to the opposite person the thing which we would like him to understand.

Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist. Counselor at Adaptive Minds. Founder And Director At Canvas Career. Director at Open AiR Training Solutions Pvt.

Career Counsellor and Co-Founder of CANVAS CAREER. Stock Brokers - Career Queries Stock Brokers are onvolved in buying and selling the stocks of the investors by fetching the current market information and finding the best deal for the investors.

How is the typical day of a Stock Broker? I have heard that most of the Stock Brokers are confined to office spaces and cubicles. Isn't that too boring? What are the most lucrative jobs available for Stock Brokers and what is the criteria to enter them?

What are the most innovative technologies that Stock Brokers work on? I got to know about BSE Training Institute's Post Graduate Program in Global Financial Markets.

First year bba student from indore.. I need to know about national stock exchange and trading business. What should I join for analytics,EY or an upcoming stock brokerage firm?

How to become a Stock Broker |

What's the career path for sales? How can I change my career path after doing the same thing for almost 20 years? To what extent do I get to choose my career path in the Air Force? What courses can I opt for a career and knowledge in stock market?

How many companies are present in India who hire Stock Brokers? As a Stock Broker, what is the scope and relevancy of doing an MBA? Is the scope of being Stock Broker in India more than in USA or any foreign countries? What is the kind of salary a Stock Broker would get as a fresher? How creativity is important for the role of a Stock Broker? I m confused regarding my career options as in what will be the best for me.

What is a typical salary structure of an average Stock Broker? What are the necessary skills required as a fresher to get a decent job as a Stock Broker?

What are the main work and responsibilities of a Stock Broker? How important it is to have excellent communication skills if I want to work as a Stock Broker in top firm? Popular Career Experts Ask. Anand Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist. Meghna Mukherjee Counselor at Adaptive Minds. Prathamesh Kapote Founder And Director At Canvas Career. Nitin Sadubattula Director at Open AiR Training Solutions Pvt.

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