How much money does an emt make

How much money does an emt make

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How much can an EMT-B make? | Student Doctor Network

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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. How much can an EMT-B make? SDN is made possible through member donationssponsorshipsand our volunteers. Learn about SDN's nonprofit mission. Previous Thread Next Thread. I'm not sure if an EMT-B makes much, I actually doubt it but will I be able to support myself as an EMT-B and go to school at the same time?

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how much money does an emt make

PublicHealthJul 30, OSUdoc08Aug 15, I am suprised that EMT-B doesnt make more the that where you guys are. I test for my B this saturday the 21st. But I have been looking for work hope i dont jinks myself anyhow.

LMalayAug 16, Yeah, and sitting in a dirty, old ambulance for 16 hours a day is worth it CaesarsAug 29, OSUdoc08Aug 29, I'm trying to get a job on the UCLA campus EMS and I'll be honest, the EMTs there make less than the lifeguards, the kids who run the yogurt shop, and just about everyother on campus vocation you can think of.

I mean, half the drunken frat boy population would be doomed without us. LDutchSep 3, Any idea of how much EMT-P's make? FreakingzoomingSep 20, Man, that is so underpaid for what EMTs have to do. OSUdoc08Oct 6, Unless you are in an area with a high cost of living.

EMT Paramedic Salary

This is because of the lack of college degrees required for such jobs. Sure, some jobs ask for them, but they are no more than an associate's degree at a community college, and that too is rare.

Realize that EMS is not a degreed fieldyou would expect someone with a bachelor's or even a master's to make much more. You have to keep in mind that in New England, medics are paid double, but so is every other job.

This is because everything else is doubledcost of food, houses, cars, etc. Cost of living is something to keep in mind. Cost of living is relatively low in Texas. I'm about to get my BS in biology as well as my EMT-B. Should I expect to make the high-end salary regardless of calls, or do I still need to do more transport stuff rather than ? OSUdoc08Nov 23, In the ED where I work, I got an increase right away upon being hired, because of my BA.

FebrifugeNov 24, I have worked for three different systems. Having a masters degree has not made one bit of difference in my salary as an EMT. MS05'Nov 24, WestcoastMedicineNov 29, I'm a soon-to-be-student of the EMS world Just wanted to toss my two cents in I'm new to the boards, joined it to find some medical info I do have a bit of a med backgroundand just found the EMS forum FeOverloadJan 9, Small price to pay for doing something I love.

DaedalusJan 9, I make 10 an hour That's in texas, however. KebersonFeb 1, OSUdoc08Feb 1, Pay in public service is not comensurate with the required duty, but Hey, that's public service for ya. Static LineFeb 1, I am so amazed at how little everyone says they make on here! I have only been a basic for two years.

INFINITY8Oct 19, Looking at pay by hour isn't a great way to sort it out, since places that run 12 hour shift have 16 hours of overtime built in every month. I think it's better to ask about yearly salary. Also keep in mind what "working" means. At some places you sit around the station for 8 out of 10 hours and do homework.

EMT Salaries by education, experience, location and more -

If you think of it that way pretty sweet gig to be able to catch up on your stuff and run a call here unified pricing asian options there. The problem with putting yourself through school as an EMT is usually to work enough hours to make decent money you risk cutting into school time or extra-cirricular time.

It's hard to find a schedule where you can go to class from and then work. Some people go to class during the day and work at night, but unless you run one call a night you are burning the candle at both ends.

Those people are miserable, don't do it. I took classes at community college while still an EMT-B. I worked one 48 hour shift a week and had 5 days off, and made decent money with overtime.

It was a sweet gig. When I went to paramedic school I quit work because I was worried about burn out if I went to EMS related school and than had to work shifts as an EMT as well.

Now I work part time as a medic and while no where comparable how much money does an emt make fire care@livetradesystem police salary, I get by comfortably while finishing my B.

Like other posters said it really depends on your location and job availability where you are at. It is near impossible to find how to make money using skinning EMT job where I live now because the local schools pump out hundreds of Forex trading formation every semester and there are probably fewer than 10 open positions a year at the services.

That was with one private agency which had the county's response contract and did interfacility transports. I was the only part-time guy, and I didn't have benefits since I got those from my full-time gig. I ended up taking home more than anyone else there including the binary options robot golden goose reviews, lol.

Their business didn't stay afloat for long I might add. This agency had a small area of coverage and interfacility transports - although few.

ArkansasRangerNov 20, I'm an Army Medic ten years as an EMT-B, now National GuardI taught PHTLS, EMT-refresher and CPR for the State Surgeon, I'm a veteran of the Iraq war, but I'm stuck deciding whether or not I want to become an Bigelow aerospace stock market or an RN.

I have yet to find any definitive salary rate to compare the two and was hoping for some advice from this thread. Although majority of the posts seem to have been inI thought maybe you guys would know what type of jobs and salary ranges to expect in EMS vs.

Being that I really only have Military experience and nothing civilian to compare it to, and everyone I know has been retired for a while from either profession, I'm somewhat at a fork in the road. Thanks for the help!

AmbergerNov 27, EMT-B at private EMS service with response: We ran calls and other emergencies for care facilities as well as numerous transfers. We were one of the busiest services in the country. As a medic for the company, I made But I had no set schedule, no regular work hours, and worked my ass off to make ends meet. Now, I work there part time and have a full time medic gig at a well known, large transfer based company.

I make 20 an hr and am on a set schedule. I pay for my benefits but not a lot. Don't run a ton of emergencies but I get some pretty cool ones when I do. All depends on what you are looking for.

ArkansasRangerNov 28, I typically work a 48 two weeks and a 72 one week, so without working more than 3 days a week I pick up 48 hours of OT a month. Even on shift I have time to study I am in one of those online EMT-P to RN ASD programs I have plenty of time with my wife and daughter.

Most importantly I love what I do, if it is what you really want to do it is the greatest job there is. MedicJonSep 5, AegriSomniaSep 6, Most EMT's in Central Florida start at the an hour range. MedicFLSep 6, Seriously, don't get into EMS for the money! Anyways, I worked for two agencies while doing my undergrad now that I've moved on to PhD, I don't have time Here is what I made: Since it was a smaller service, the employees were not unionized although we had looked into unionizing with the state firefighter's union.

My best advice is to stay in school and do your RN or MD or PhD or BS and do something non-EMS related if you are worried about making money. KDOct 3, I know the others have beaten this into the ground but you can expect to make below a liveing wage as an emt basic. Julyjoe88Aug 13, I got my EMT license a little over a year ago, through a summer program.

how much money does an emt make

The hospital I work for is in a rural area, which pays a little more than the national average. Also I am enrolled in 15 units, but am able to study sometimes on shift during the weekend.

My weekdays are filled with classes, but it's nice only having to work one of two days a week and still have free time. I highly recommend an EMT job for full-time students. EMTCDOct 31, Sucks if your doing something, or want to plan something, but you can pull in some serious cash. Cost of living was really low.

FedekzDec 4, OenakApr 29, I work for the City of New Orleans EMS only. PRN work schedule here rocks: You must log in or sign up to reply here. How much can you make? Anasazi23 Aug 25, How much money can you make in Chicago? How much can a vet make? How much can a Sport Psychologist make? SportacusFeb 24,in forum: Sportacus Feb 24, Share This Page Tweet. Your member name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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how much money does an emt make

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