Linux ftp command line mput

Linux ftp command line mput

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In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the Linux ftp command on the shell. I will show you how to connect to an FTP server, up- and download files and create directories. While there are many nice desktops FTP clients available, the FTP command is still useful when you work remotely on a server over an SSH session and e.

To connect to the FTP server, we have to type in the terminal window ' ftp' and then the domain name 'domain. Replace the IP and domain in the above examples with the IP address or domain of your FTP server. Most FTP servers logins are password protected, so the server will ask us for a ' username' and a 'password '. If you connect to a so-called anonymous FTP server, then try to use "anonymous" as user name and a nempty password:. Remote system type is UNIX. Using binary mode to transfer files.

The commands to list, move and create folders on an FTP server are almost the same as we would use locally on our computer, ls for list, cd to change directories, mkdir to create directories Before downloading a file, we should set the local ftp file download directory by using 'lcd ' command:.

If you dont specify the download directory, the file will be downloaded to the current directory where you were at the time you started the FTP session. Now, we can use the command 'get' command to download a file, the usage is:.

The file will be downloaded to the directory previously set with the 'lcd ' command. XXX bytes received in x. To download several files we can use wildcards. In this example I will download all files with the. We can upload files that are in the local directory where we made the FTP connection.

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To upload a file, we can use 'put ' command. Once we have done the FTP work, we should close the connection for security reasons.

With command line FTP, how can I transfer a group of files without typing out all their names?

There are three commands that we can use to close the connection:. If you need some additional help, once you are connected to the FTP server, type 'help' and this will show you all the available FTP commands. FTP is not secure, as it transmits usernames and passwords in plaint text.

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Anyone using a network sniffer can discover them. Seems as if you haven't heard of FTPS yet. How do you login if your usrname is an email address? For example "ftp myemailaddres mycompany.

Once ftp sees the it assumes the rest is the server address. Thank you for the FTP tutorial and I could easily follow it. Now would you be kind to let me know how to download sub directories like images, css, includes and so on?

Log in or Sign up. How to use the Linux ftp command to up- and download files on the shell Learn to manage hosting with the powerful cPanel dashboard. Reserve a free copy! Establishing an FTP connection Step 2: Login with User and Password Step 3: Working with Directories Listing directories with security settings: Downloading files with FTP Step 5: Uploading Files with FTP Step 6: Closing the FTP connection.

No sensible site even enables FTP anymore.

Use SFTP or scp, but plesase DON'T use FTP You might want to cover the ftp-ssl command as well, it's great for connecting to FTPS sites. It was great to stumble upon this post. Succint, to the point, easy to skim, works. How can I to send a file via ftp using specific port automatically.

I tried of differet way but not work.

linux ftp command line mput

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