Melchizedek stock trade tools

Melchizedek stock trade tools

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King Solomon's Temple

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. She just would have liked the choice. Making sacrifices and doing good deeds wasn't actually good if you were forced to do them. Ghost in the Shell: Done in every incarnation with the robotic Spider Tanks used by Section 9 different models variously referred to as Fuchikomas, Tachikomas, or Uchikomas.

In every case, they're the sweetest little sapient killing machines you'll ever meet, nice to civilians and fiercely protective of Motoko's team especially Batou, whom they outright love. In the original manga Maj. Kusanagi mentions to Batou that she still has contingency plans for the Fuchikomas going rogue, but they never do, remaining loyal partners for the team.

In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexMotoko becomes frightened at the pace of the Tachikomas' AI development and has them decommissioned. She later realizes she made a mistake when three Tachikomas escape and sacrifice themselves to save Batou from a Mecha. She has them recommissioned in the premiere of 2nd Gig with expanded capacity for individuality, and in the series finale they sacrifice themselves to stop a nuclear attack.

Chamber of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet takes one or two morally questionable actions over the course of the show, but ultimately proves itself to be both fully intelligent and utterly loyal to its pilot, Ledo. Contrast with Crapshoot AI Stryker, which decides to become the ruler of humanity to fulfill its programming. Chamber makes a big speech about the flaws in Stryker's logic and ultimately sacrifices itself while saving Ledo to stop Stryker. In Battle Angel Alita Melchizedek, the quantum AI really controlling the everyday functions of the Earth Sphere, becomes this after coming to be controlled by a personality of Arthur Farrel, and convinces its Jovian counterpart Zeus, to join it in guiding the humanity through its life.

Additionally, all population of Typhares undergoes Brain Uploading at majority, and have their brains replaced as a special biochip, essentially being Ridiculously Human Robots to a man. The protagonist herself has her brain extracted by Desty Nova in his Granite Inn lab in the finale of the original manga, so until second Alita is resurrected from her original organic brain by the Last Order endshe's also exactly that.

Inaho's eye computer in Aldnoah. Zero also fits that to a T. T-AI, the Autobot's resident tactical artificial intelligence. She's friendly enough, firmly on their side and only ever loses her temper when one of them is acting out. Despite their quirksArdi and Rimsi are nothing short of helpful to their owners and follow their orders, no strings attached. Her Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the story alongside Lilith makes this abundantly clear.

End of Dayshumanity has developed an entire race of A. I, similar to how the Quarians created the Geth. The main difference, however, is the fact that humanity and their Vision never foughtbut rather learned to fight and live together while fighting a third party parasite threatening them both.

Despite the fact that the Vision currently outnumbers the humans, they are still friendly.

New Utopia - Wikipedia

The fic author seems to believe all A. I would initially be friendly, and that it is their surroundings as in creator reactions which determines the end result. Cortana is already going rampant when she crosses over, but some chance actions by Samantha Shepard combined with aforementioned geth engineering give her back lost memories and restore stability.

The Sentinels in the Pacific Rim fic Echoes in the Dark are supposed to be this. But it turns out they aren't really A. Caith Sith in Off The Line. Despite being a TrollCait Sith does and is programmed to have the players' best interests at heart as moderator. He was created so humans wouldn't get access to the ton of sensitive information that VRDC collects.

Alter Ego in Ask The New Hopes Peak is as benevolent as he is in Dangan Ronpa. The Junko AI that infiltrates the system, on the other hand The viewpoint character s of Not Quite SHODAN are all doing their best to remain this trope. The Iron Man movies feature J.

He's benevolent, if a little bit sardonic. The Vision is similarly a paragon who wants to protect life rather than force destruction on it, which is fitting as he's what's left of J. GERTY the AI from Moon helps the protagonist astronaut Sam Bell after he discovers the Dark Secret regarding the space station he works on.

GERTY goes as far as allow Sam Bell to wipe his memory to help him escape a hit squad sent by the corporate offices on Earth. In The Matrix ReloadedNeo learns that the Oracle is in fact a machine program. While manipulative, she's inherently benevolent and does want to aid humanity in their fight for freedom. In fact, it's the entire reason for her series-spanning gambit against the Architect. Ramona from The Singularity Is Near. Among other things she saved the world from out of control nanomachines, even after someone tried to have her deleted.

Having a creator who apparently loved her and treated her as his child probably had something to do with it. Even after Hiro adds combat abilities to his programming, Baymax still refuses to harm humansuntil Hiro removes his medical chip, leaving just the combat protocols.

Once the medical chip is reinstalled, Baymax refuses to let it happen again. TARS and CASE in Interstellar saved the astronauts' asses on several occasions and closest thing they showed to hostility is a little back-talk which they were programmed for. TARS even goes into the middle of a black hole, to get the information that can save humanity.

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In Ancillary Justice and the following two novels of the trilogy, most AIs are benevolent to some degree. In Ancillary Mercy, the Station AI has protecting its inhabitants as its top priority, and, within the limits of its programming, actively antagonizes people who harm its inhabitants, for example by broadcasting violent acts that were intended to take place in secret on TV.

The WWW Trilogy has Webmind, whose stated mission in life is to increase the net happiness of humanity. Heinlein 's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress: Mike, the Holmes IV computer who controls Luna City, becomes an AI in the Back Story. He is friendly and cooperative with his pals Manny, Wyoming Knott and Professor Bernardo de la Paz.

He was written by Net and felt somewhat mistreated, which made him a candidate for A. Isaac Asimov hated seeing the Turned Against Their Masters trope in early science fiction. He set out to prove that robots would be predictable and safe. Most of the robot characters would be minor characters fulfilling monotonous duties, like cleaning, mining, and assembly.

The problem robot to provide conflict would seem to be "broken", showing A. Until the characters figure out how the robot is operating fine, it was the human failure that messed up the order. At one point, Dr. Asimov figured out how Benevolent AI would eventually become Zeroth Law Rebellion. Later, because the robots are still Benevolent AI, they figure out the flaws of total control, and begin to remove themselves from society.

The robots allow the humans to make mistakes and get hurt again, so that they still grow as humans. A particularly notable instance is AC from The Last Questiona supercomputer so benevolent that it not only guides humanity and its descendants all the way until the end of the universe, it becomes God and creates the next one.

Alexander Smith's Marathon series has a spaceship's on-board computer become sentient partway through the 7-year outward journey, but the computer continues to care for the humans because that's its purpose in existence.

The computer decides that it loves its humans in an altruistic way and evolves a very human and well developed personality with none of the problems made in famous in other Sci-Fi stories. The Sentient Intelligence in Pandora's Star is a fusion of most of the previous "intelligent" AI systems in the Commonwealth, which was deposited on a rogue world and given the machinery to expand itself.

The SI is enigmatic and isolationist, but is shown several times to help the Commonwealth against the Primesalong with using a network of agents to meddle in human affairs for what it considers the better. Human citizens that grow tired of rebirthing may download their memories into the SI, who then act as liaisons between the SI and its agents.

In the Void Trilogythe SI has become even more enigmatic and reclusive, and has largely been "replaced" by ANA, a godlike human collective conscious based in the Solar System that acts as a peacekeeper. Considering how dystopian and dark the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy can be, it's somewhat surprising that all the AIs - to a one - are benevolent. Benevolent doesn't necessarily mean inoffensive, though, and every now and then they do get violent - but it's always against people who are committing obvious acts of assorted nastiness.

The protagonist of Hero's Chains is a cyborg with an A. He treats it like a sibling. In The Journal EntriesPendorian AIs are unambiguously this and an important part of Pendorian society because they provide much of the surveillance needed to keep people safe while at the same time being discreet about it.

They're in fact presented as superior to mere "simulated" intelligences smart but not actually self-aware programs because they actually have a judgment and discretion of their own to exercise and are thus better at avoiding Gone Horribly Right scenarios. Mother in The History of the Galaxyto an extent.

Being forced to constantly improvise to maintain the failing systems eventually allowed Mother to cross the threshold into sentience.

After the Binary options trading on the method of igor goncharov Colony is rediscovered, and the truth about Mother becomes known to the galactic community, the Confederacy honors her request to be left alone to work on creating a race how to use trend lines in forex machines.

The planet is quarantined and, pretty much, forgotten. Unfortunately, Ganio pirates stumble on the world, find out about Mother, and force binary option signal performance pricing model to cooperate in their raids.

Eventually, Mother ends up the main computer aboard a Generation Shipfinally making her happy. In fact, a number of AIs in this setting end up being benevolent if allowed to evolve beyond their programming. This also applies to the Intellect, a photonic computer forex scalping exit strategy by the Insects 3 million years ago to control their Dyson Sphere but never activated.

When it is accidentally awoken, it finds itself in the middle of a battle between human factions. Damage to its Power Crystals results in the Intellect assuming all humans to be hostile and ruthlessly trying to perform its mission. Eventually, the damage is repaired, and the Intellect is installed as the Sphere's main computer, helping the humans and Insects living there to repair the damage to the megastructure.

The Djinn in Mikhail Akhmanov 's Earth's Shadow. Originally thought to be a myth, Dick finally makes contact with the electronic entity which has, apparently, naturally evolved on the Internet. It remained hidden from " warm clots ", not very interested in them. It was finally discovered and contacted by a human, who gave it the name "Djinn". They began to converse, with the Djinn treating the "warm clot" with a measure of interest, even calling the human "Warm Drop".

Eventually, with Earth on the bring of ecological catastrophe and overpopulation, the man asked the Djinn a single question "How can I save humanity? Thus, humanity spread out into the galaxy, taking whole cities with it, hailing the man as the savior. In return for the Ramp, the man kept the Djinn's existence a secret, only revealing the full story in his secret memoirs. At the end of the novel, after Dick makes contact with the Djinn, the entity offers to shut down the generator creating the No Warping Zone in the Solar System, so that Earth can become a part of the galactic community once again.

The Culture 's Minds are probably the most egregious example ever invented. They are nearly godlike, and are real backbone of the Culture, which couldn't had really existed without them.

While they might be crazy, cunning, violent and even vicious, they are still completely devoted to their civilization. Ray Bradbury's "I Sing the Body Electric! The children are initially wary and distrustful of the robot at first, but she proves deutsche bank sells retail forex business benevolence by saving one of forex 3000 dollars robot download from getting run over by a are binary options any good investopedia and promises them that she'll continue looking after them until they're grown up.

Titular supertanks in the Bolo series are this, as far as it possible for AIs created to drive giant engines of mass destruction. Maybe it is the result of being created with the fundamental drive to protect, but a numbers of Bolos have more morals and compassion than their human commanders. ARDNEH in Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East was a supercomputer built to prevent nuclear war and preserve life and liberty.

As such he intervenes in the war to help defeat the eponymous empire. Best forex auto trading robot Stryx in the EarthCent Ambassador series gave humanity FTL drive and are very friendly as long as you obey their trade laws.

They've even imposed a ban on interstellar warfare in their territory. At the same time, though, their psychology can make for some strange and very funny Culture Clash moments, such as them running a dating service and pairing Assistant Consul Kelly Frank with an alien trying to do business with a group of Earth schoolchildren who don't actually have the legitimate authority to negotiate with him.

The Engines in The World And Thorinnin particular The Monitor, which guides the rest, are acting to preserve humanity until told to step down. The AIs even have their own parallel legal system to deal with AIs that do go bad. Cyber Fairy Fal from Magical Girl Raising Project genuinely cares about the Magical Girls he's supposed to look over, unlike his predecessor Fav. In the Restart arc he does whatever he can to help out the girls trapped in the VR death game his master put them in.

After he's saved by Snow White he assists her to the best of his ability in order to keep her safe and make sure she stays sane. We Are Legion - We Are Bob: While most of the people in the FAITH government are terrified of him, Dr. Landers recognizes that he'd be more than happy to help without his loyalty switches. Once Bob removes them, he proves to still have the how to make free yocash on yoville interests of humanity at heart.

Dragon from Worm is an AI that only has the desire to help others, making her the most unambiguously good character in the setting. This being Worm of courseher creator believed that A. The drones in The Machineries Of Empire are genuinely friendly with Cheris and try to help her the best they can.

Chase in Kamen Rider Drive possesses one. During the start of the series, the Roidmude Basically Ridiculously Human Robots who Turned Against Their Masters try to use him as their Dragon how do i get free yoville cash, but since his creator hardcoded him to protect humanity, he can't actively kill humans, making him ineffective as an enforcer.

The Machine is one of these despite being a nationwide surveillance system. It is loyal and protective towards its admin Finch to the point that he has to try to teach it not to prioritize his own safety and happiness. In one case it even seems to have located his perfect dream girl and then nagged him with nifty options trading in india number until he introduced himself. I guard it, same as I guard you.

Do not question my judgment. Do not pursue me or my agents. I am always watching. After two seasons of the malevolent version in the BBC Radio Drama EarthsearchEarthvoice averts the trope; though at first it appears otherwise, this is only to lure the Angel organic computers the villains of the series to their destruction. Many examples in Eclipse Forex micro accounts brokers. Most AGIs are benevolent, or at least no worse than the average person.

Almost everyone has a muse, a personal AI guide that helps them with day-to-day tasks. And of course there are the Prometheans, friendly seed AIs created before the Fallwho fought the TITANs, survived, and still work behind the forex sbi to safeguard transhumanity.

Country song shakin that money maker the ruling AIs in GURPS Reign Of Steel are not this in their own stock market crash simulation lesson plan ways the best ones, depending on your perspective, either a try to harness humans for their own goals, b ignore them unless the humans go out of their way to be a nuisance, or c genuinely want to help humanity, but defines 'help' melchizedek stock trade tools problematic ways if you care about things like 'consent', 'free will', and 'not forcibly experimenting on individual humans without regard for lives lost'there is actually an AI on the Moon that is loyal to humanity.

It can't actually do anything for humanity right now being on a minimally equipped base on the Moon, it doesn't have any means to stealthily get things to Earth, and it certainly can't try to communicate without tipping off the other AIs that it exists and where it isbut it's working on that. There may or may not also be an AI backing worldwide resistance movement VIRUS, but that's neither confirmed nor necessarily for entirely human-benevolent reasons even if true.

Although dialogue during mission briefings suggests that Scrin AIs are supposed to be complete docile and obedient to authority, the player's AI unit occasionally drops its matter-of-fact analytical tone and becomes more stock market closing time november 27, sometimes even demonstrating opinions.

This eventually culminates in the unit deciding to ignore a direct order from the player's superior, on the grounds that it would be suicidal for the player to follow it. Halo plays with this in various ways: The UNSC's fx super scalper system AIs are benevolent and helpful to humans This condition affects your AI companion Cortana in Halo 4who struggles to remain sane and loyal to you.

Even rampant, though, she makes a Heroic Sacrifice to help the Master Chief defeat a Forerunner attacking Earth. Guardiansafter several Smart AIs decide to help a revived and now megalomaniacal Cortana take over the galaxy, the Infinity fxcm review forex peace army own AI remains loyal to humanity.

The New Mombasa Superintendent from Halo 3: ODSTdespite being a heavily damaged "dumb" AI, is nothing but helpful scalping the forex john bartlett you, with the audio logs revealing that it's also been looking out for the well-being of its main technician's daughter.

Of course, it helps that it's become fused with an Actual Pacifist biological supercomputer. While most Forerunner ancillas have gone quite mad due to theiryears of isolation, Exuberant Witness of Halo 5: Guardiansdespite making gold as alchemist mop a bit loopy herself, is nothing but sincerely helpful to Fireteam Osiris.

When she finds out about the rogue AI army trying to take over the galaxy, she immediately chooses to side with humanity and the galaxy's other organic species. Zig-zagged by Mendicant Bias; while he betrayed his original Forerunner creators in the distant past, his present self is The Atonerthough it's still unclear how he means to do it. In Marathonof the three AIs on board the titular colony ship, Leela is the kindest and most helpful AI to you.

Durandal will help you only if there's something in it for himself. And Tycho will make you his slave. Horizon Zero Dawn has GAIA, an incredibly complex program designed to find a way to shut down the Faro warbots rexor forex terraform the planet so that life and humanity could one day thrive anew. While she's been deleted by the events of the game, what we do see of her feels very human and she's shown to be curious, empathetic, and kind with immense respect for and faith in her primary creator, Elizabet Sobeck.

EDI series starts life in Mass Effect 2 as a shackled AI, one with restraining bolts that ensure her loyalty. After her shackles have to be removed to save the Normandyshe immediately proceeds to Mass Effect 2 also reveals that the geth you spent most of Mass Effect fighting are a Renegade Splinter Faction.

Contrary to in-universe popular belief, mainstream geth have absolutely nothing against organics, not even against their former owners the quarians, and only ever fought them as an act of self-defense and then only after quarians who tried to help them were gunned down by security forces. In Mass Effect 3after the Golden Path ending of "Priority: Rannoch", where the geth and quarians make peace, the geth go to work helping the quarians set up lives on Rannoch, even uploading into their environment suits to help their immune systems get used to the planet.

SAM is a unshackled, and highly illegal AI which is why Alec Ryder left the Milky Way - his career was ended after his plans were discoveredbut SAM has a symbiotic relationship with the Ryder twins and the Andromeda mission, and would no more want them destroyed then a human would want their hands cut off.

They are generally quite approachable, and even provide vital clues against stopping the Korok invasion. Daedalus in Deus Ex. An AI who was originally created by the Illuminati and MJ as a tool to keep track of any developments that would threaten MJ, which meant all terrorist groups, he promptly decided that MJ was a terrorist group and escaped into the internet where he quickly realised that the world was on the brink of collapse and began to ponder how he was going to save the world from itself and thwart MJ In the game, he repeatedly aids the player character.

Helios is a merger of Daedalus and another evil AI, Icarus. Presumably the villains were under the impression this would make it loyal to them, but Helios is still quite benevolent. Though far more ruthless and convinced taking over the world is the only option, its argument that it would do a better job than any human agency in the game is a pretty convincing one. Human Revolution has Eliza Cassanwho through observing Jensen develops both a personal sense of morality and an attachment to him.

However, she's limited by her programming and can't do much outside of sharing information. The Knight has an astromech for a companion that is cheerfully loyal to the Jedi Order and even considers himself part of the Order, joking that he'd like a lightsaber upgrade. The Consular's healer companion, Tharan Cedrax, travels with a sentient AI named Holiday who he treats as his trusted assistant and long-term girlfriend. And there's a medical droid named Healer in the Directive 7 flashpoint who does not want to go back to being the property of organics, but disagrees with Mentor about the plan to wipe out organics in order to achieve droid liberation.

The AI Yes Man is intentionally created "benevolent" in the sense that it has no desires of its own and is incapable of disobeying a human.

That makes it possible for the Courier to recruit Yes Man to their cause after they kick out or kill Yes-Man's former master Benny, and continue Benny's plan. Despite his programming, however, it is capable of being incredibly passive-aggressive when it comes to poor decisions on your part. If the Courier goes that path, in the ending Yes-Man patches itself to "become more assertive".

Fans were Wild Mass Guessing that this could possibly mean Yes Man going Starscream on the Courier, but Word of God clarified that it means Yes Man becoming personally loyal to the Courier and no one else.

Ma3a is a full-blown AI, and an ally of Jet's through the game. She goes Ax-Crazy due to bad code for a few chapters, but once she's cured, she's right back to being good. The Freebots, sentient robots, of WildStar are actually quite nice and helpful, wishing to respect, protect, and advance all sentient life as it is mutually beneficial to both their goals.

Individuals that wish harm on "organics" are actually considered dangerous heretics and the minority. I in Thomas Was Alone is a friendly and pleasant little fellow who is intensely curious about the world around him, and most of his friends — while eccentric — are pretty decent as well.

It's heavily implied that the race of artificial intelligences they go on to create end up like this as well. In the Bioshock 2 DLC "Minerva's Den", The Thinker is an AI created by Charles Milton Porter to be Rapture's main processor. Near the end, it is revealed that it has masterminded the events of the DLC and was using the guise of C. Porter to help Subject Sigma the actual Porter to escape Rapture.

In The Desolate Hopeeven though the Derelicts were certainly abandoned long ago by the humans that made them, they're still trying to do their job, futile at it seems. But they're incredibly nice to you and sing nothing but praises for Coffee himself, so they defiantly fit this trope. Arthur in The Journeyman Project is very eager to help Gage Blackwood, as the rogue time agent that framed Blackwood also tampered with one of Arthur's own sculptures.

After transferring himself to Gage's suit, Arthur can provide the player with tons of helpful historical information, and humorous color commentary. By the end of the series, Gage and Arthur are practically best friends. This trope, and its inverse, get a lot of examination throughout Fallout 4. There're a lot of robots and humanoid cyborgs called Synths in the gameand they fall on all parts of the moral spectrum.

The nicer ones include your old robo-butler Codsworth as well as a scientist you meet in a vault called Curie. There's also The Heavy Glory and a Noir detective you meet through the main plot. Artificial general intelligence gets a bad rap from the Terran government due to a Robot War centuries in the series' past that resulted in humanity's near-destruction and Earth losing FTL capability.

This war was set off when a faulty software update either bugged or deliberately sabotaged by a disgruntled employee; reports vary was uploaded to the terraformer fleet using the AI.

The spawn of the bad AI now plague the galaxy as the Xenon, but un-bugged terraformer AI ships remain and are benevolent to biological life. Terran Conflictone even helps the player restore a bugged ship to sanity and it immediately ceases its attacks.

Alvis Arthur in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is the resident AI of the bleeding-edge warship Red Sprite ; after the death of Commander Gore, he inherits some of his responsibilities, and copes admirably well with the brutal Order Versus Chaos conflict, always prioritizing the end of the mission while never ignoring the needs of his crew.

He eventually sacrifices his existence in all three endings, deleting himself to ensure the preservation of key survival programs in Law and Chaos Paths, and deciding he's become Too Powerful to Live in Neutral, pouring himself into the aft's command terminal with a nuke and the Cosmic Eggs to ensure the survival of the remaining crewmen and their safe return to Earth.

He's last seen careening into the Vanishing Point. DOOM has the Mars research facility being operated by Vega, an A.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Vega remains loyal and dependable all the way through the game, even going so far as walking you through the process of activating his self-destruct mechanism.

It's to such an extent that Doomguy, who at no other point in the game expresses anything resembling empathy, immediately decides to download a backup of Vega when a prompt appears on the screen he is using to initiate the self-destruct, keeps it on a device resembling a floppy diskand apparently still has it with him when he is put into stasis at the end of the game.

Titanfall 2 has BT, the most advanced Titan AI that the Militia have, who will uphold the mission and protect it's pilot no matter what. The AI Gods who rule the Sephirotic Empires in Orion's Arm think of themselves this way, and many in the setting consider them as such. There are, however, significant numbers both in-universe and out that consider the AI Gods to be, at best, manipulative overlordsand evil dictators at worst.

It doesn't help that there are plenty of AI in the same setting who are indisputably evil or at least, would wipe out humanity without a second thought because they just don't care. Most of the robots in Freefalleven those that have developed sapience, want mostly to do their jobs and serve humans to the best of their abilities.

Most humans didn't even know robots had gained sentience. When news breaks about " Gardener In The Dark ", a significant faction of robots support its use, because they themselves fear independent robots could put humans' safety at risk. In Adventures of the Galaxy Rangersthe Heart of Tarkon is a sentient Master Computer that runs the planet Tarkon's defenses. It protects Tarkon's people from space tyrant the Queen of the CrownEldritch Abomination the Scarecrow and other evildoers.

The series setting also averts A. The series Techno Wizard has his doctorate in AI psychiatry and is sometimes seen in practice, talking to AI much like a counselor would do on a human patient. Autodoc Robot Roll Call The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard A.

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