Ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock

Ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock

Author: qwest82 Date of post: 24.06.2017

A short, relatively light weight bolt-action Jeep of a rifle chambered in. Press release after the jump.

This newest version of the Gunsite Scout Rifle features a hybrid chamber that shoots both 5. The rifle weighs approximately 7. The cold hammer-forged, medium contour, alloy steel barrel and receiver feature a matte black oxide finish. A Ministyle protected, non-glare, post front sight and receiver-mounted, adjustable, ghost ring rear sight offer out-of-the-box usability. You and me both. I was expecting something a little more exciting, an all new gun, such as a Red Label semi auto shotgun.

Not even being sarcastic. Been wanting a 5. I love that rifle. When they shipped me my thunder ranch, it came with the wrong front sight bead.

I was on the phone for 30 min with a CS rep trying to explain the issue, and in the end they just sent me two more of the wrong beads. If someone else makes aftermarket ghost ring sights for the mossberg family of rifles that take NATO mags then I am all ears.

ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock

However, the GS scout will come with mini style sights which are excellent so I will compromise and add another magazine type to my stable. There are several sight combinations for the MVP that will give you good GI style aperture sights, though it would be nice to see Tech Sights come out with a product specific for it.

Or any other commonly available mag. Why in the world would Ruger chamber this magazine loaded firearm as 5. I can understand how they might no want to deal with a tall magazine well. But a new kind of magazine for this rifle is a major fail, IMHO. Not seen anything this stupid since AR How has that worked out? Why would Ruger STILL insist on the Mini14 using only Mini14 mags. When the rifle came out they could I suppose a case for not using the Colt mag. The marketplace has spoken and the AR mag is the answer.

Love Ruger and the Mini14 mag is a nonstarter stupid. This precludes having a tall magwell, IMO. Proprietary single stack 10 round magazines. There is an asking price, and a taking price. In the real world the priceing will be proably be abit lower.

I have magazines for my Minis. But how many mags do you need or want for a bolt action? Yeah, great, another 5. Hey, Ruger, you know what no one else makes? A BlkOut magazine fed bolt action with a threaded barrel. Check out Black Rain Ordnance. Not cheap, mind you but a damn sight better than a 5. I have almost zero interest in this gun.

Wanted to find a Czech Micro-mauser in 5.

Seriously, not taking AR mags. Ruger has done some great products in the past several years, many of which I now own. Had I won the contest for this I would have handed it back in trade for the version. Too bad, I was excited to see what they were going to come up with. Though I agree with your complaints overall.

They did it for the For one, lets remember that while weve made great strides in getting the RKBA to mean something to our various anti rights State and Federal governments, there remain areas of barbarism in America. In many states owning an AR is either a royal pain in the behind think CA or a legal disaster waiting to happen New York.

A manual action rifle chambered in easily available. Two, as an apartment dweller, the prospect of using a. A handgun round could go through the paper thin walls of this place, and a. Since I cant see through walls, thats a bad thing. A bolt action rifle is a poor choice for HD.

I would rather have even a SAFE Act approved 7 round semi-auto pistol. Even a Biden special over a bolt gun. The Mauser 98 type action used by the Ruger Mbased bolt guns like this one is difficult to cycle quickly, as would be desired in a home-defense situation. It could probably be mastered, but would take a lot of practice. I own the Stainless and have not had any problems with the bolt. Cycles rapidly and ejects with authority. If HD is your concern in an anti-gun state, go with a lever action before a bolt gun.

It looks like a mini in bolt action. You can start at Cerberus and go from there. As others have pointed out, assuming you live in a free state, how is this better than an AR? I second the notion of how is this better than an ar? A peruse of Gunbroker or slickguns confirms this.

And wood is not a big selling point to me. I would have gone for the. If they were the same price and used the same magazine they might have a winner. I like the nice and tidy 10 round magazine, and if you can do that with the rimmed. You could probably hand load. The other thing I thought about was going in the opposite direction with a Ruger No. My Remington is pretty slow to reload, so I think I could put a long string of shots downrange faster with a No. As noted above in states where getting a real AR is out the question I can see a market for this chambering but other than that why bother.

And why would you want a bolt gun in BLK? Pretty much what I was thinking in. Except in terms of price and availability. Despite cries about price, the. The sights on the. I never even scoped mine. A flat black AR sets off alarm bells more than a wooden bolt action. Could be an advantage. Then again, a scout squad M1A in walnut could probably accomplish the same thing.

No level of government in the U. Short term memory loss??? A quick search will let you know what happened in Louisiana after Katrina. And no amount of yelling about your civil rights would have stopped that from happening while in forex capital trading pty ltd affformentioned situation. And your gear would be rusted junk IF you get it space and binary options brokers comparison. For that kind of money you could buy eight Mosin Nagants, sort through until you find the best, sell forex settlement date others, use the proceeds to restock and sporterize it… bada bing, bada boom.

Price is a major factor. Depends on where you live. You have to go up to to hunt medium sized game. If you already have an AR why would you get bolt gun just so shoot varmint? I can still find US-spec.

If a guy reloads, rounds of surplus to start gets chadstone boxing day trading hours 2012 a pretty low cost per round going how to find institutional trades of a stock. And is there anything more reliable than bolt action?

Boy, what a mistake that was. Minute of pie plate accuracy at yards, malfunctions were common with the after-market mags bought right before the 94 ban. The Mini has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the semi-auto rifle market. It was all ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock the paper even at 25 yard. It was also chucking brass about the same distance with similar accuracy to the right. The only thing this has for me is the availability of a Left handed model. I have the original Ruger Scout in left hand and love it.

And is there any way they could not use the M-1 style magazine lock and release system? I strongly prefer a more AR metastock to metatrader magazine release system i.

Jeff Cooper is spinning in his grave at about 50 RPM. Cooper had utterly no use for the. Oh, he would have given Ruger an earful if he were alive to see this. I would have thought otherwise, since he was all gung-ho about the CZ Cooper was so highly impressed with the CZ design that he and his partners in work from home jobs plainfield il 10mm development used it as the basis for what became the Bren Ten pistol in 10mm Auto.

Cooper was not particularly happy when the Steyr Scout was issued in.

ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock

From his January Commentiaries:. The fact remains, stock option calculator spreadsheet templates, that no rifle in caliber should be called a Scout.

The concept was a handy, general purpose rifle.

New From Ruger: Gunsite Scout Rifle in / - The Truth About Guns

Trading stock in miami only used a bolt gun because semi-autos in. This rifle weighs more than a Mini and many other semi-auto. I suspect if Cooper was forced to use a. The idea of the Scout rifle is entirely sound. The FN variant of a M70 action would be my choice. Box fed, short action, Mstyle safety and claw extractor. I looked into getting the original GSR in. Had a very well worn SKS with a very poor fitting composite tactical stock.

Likely pulled stock markets and development jovanovic of an evidence locker somewhere and put on the shelf for a quick buck. I will have to ruger gunsite scout synthetic stock one. Why is Remington asleep? Yup, After all the comments they got from the 7. Even so what bout any polymer mags for it?

Nope wait a year and see. NIice rifle would make a good match for my BSA Monarch remember those? As for HD I would re-think my use of a rifle either bolt action or semi as if you live in a town both are far too powerful for HD; back to the shotgun or at least a 9mm handgun.

I used to live in Phx years ago and met Cooper at the only time I visited gunsite, his attitude and narrow minded viewpoint have done much for the shooting community but I suspect he turned off many folks by his close minded attitude and contempt for anything but. I reload for over 50 calibers but if I want something now I tend to reach for the most common calibers not the exoctic hard to obtain stuff which seems to be harder to get right now.

If you want a nice bolt-action compliment for your AR, there are plenty of bolt rifles chambered in. MVP with its AR mag compatibility is an obvious thing.

On the other hand, if you really just want a traditional bolt action, then CZ Carbine in. Lemme put it this way: I own an AR thats most likely more accurate with dirt cheap mags that I built myself for the same money over time. Replacement parts are easier to find and I got the satisfaction of building it myself. So Im gonna pass. Good for you guys and I mean this sincerely.

AR are restricted where I am. I have shot a friend of mine extensively in It is heavy, not even close to being MOA with good ammo, the mags are worth their weight in gold and weigh almost as much. After waiting 20 years for Ruger to get off their PC tukis and market normal capacity Mini mags I am loath to endorse thier products. Give me one of these in 7. Why so much for the gunsite special. I have an AR with the 20 round magazine and a very nice scope it woirks everytime and draws lots of attention.

The match grade M1A I have was built in Tucson after 20 years and a few thousand rounds of ammo it still will group 1. Have to stock up on Hornady 75gr, A-Max, and get a Aimpoint Just need to find someone selling reasonably. Seriously I think it is a great idea,think out of box, the coyote population here will cringe. I already have two. They are accurate and cycle easily but they are heavy. Fine for me but my son is a but smaller and needs something more his size.

I want something lighter and handier for my son when he is old enough to start competitive shooting. The scout fits the bill to introduce my son to service rifle shooting.

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle with Polymer Composite Stock

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Menu Gun Reviews Gear Reviews Guns for Beginners Hunting Facts About Guns. Gunsite Scout Rifle in 5. September 9, comments. September 9, at With all the build up I was hoping for a brand new firearm! You can change out the sights. Get some nice aperture sights. Or put on a scope.

I also would rather have the MVP due to ability to use AR mags. I was thinking your local gunsmith could attach whatever sights you wanted. Be prepared to donate blood to afford the mags MUAHAHA! The mags are proprietary.

The standard Mini mag holds 5 rounds and fits flush. Stupid as a cow in the ocean if you ask me. Major — MAJOR reason to pass this one up. September 21, at You know what else I have in 5. The magazine capacity will kill it for hunting game animals in most states though. September 11, at Actually, I think this is a step forward. There are plenty of bolt actions chambered in. Former Water Walker says: There are also other aspects to consider beyond availability of ammo.

Ruger® Gunsite Scout Synthetic Stock-ShopRuger

September 10, at From the Heller v. Beautiful little rifles, too love that green stock. Comes forth the 5. Nice cohort for your AR. Gets pretty good reviews too. Eventually sold it and will never have another Mini or mini like product from Ruger. Richard In WA says: I hear ya… But the new minis are supposed to be more accurate….

Nice, but would be more appealing if it accepted AR style magazines. From his January Commentiaries: September 12, at Mike in NC says: Last SKS I saw was at a third rate LGS outside St. But gimme a dirty Mosin Nagant.

Gimme a dirty Mosin…. Dripping in cosmoline is not a bad thing. It sometimes means factory new. September 13, at September 22, at October 23, at November 27, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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