Stock market performance 2016 vs 2016.5

Stock market performance 2016 vs 2016.5

Author: S&S Date of post: 28.06.2017

On November 8,the US presidential election will determine the 45th president of the United States.

The US has two major political parties—the Republican party and the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, while Donald Trump is the Republican nominee in this election.

stock market performance 2016 vs 2016.5

Hillary Clinton is a senator and wife of former US president Bill Clinton. Donald Trump is a US businessman.

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stock market performance 2016 vs 2016.5

The US stock market had top gains under former Republican president Gerald Ford in — However, former Democratic president Bill Clinton and President Barrack Obama had the second and third best returns for the US stock markets under their tenure. US stocks markets rose by an annual average of The energy sector contributes to 7.

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Changes in the energy policy could lead to volatility in crude oil XLE XOP USO UCO and natural gas UNG BOIL UGAZ FCG prices. It could impact the economy and the broader stock markets.

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