Stock market simulation apps

Stock market simulation apps

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Remettre la description dans sa langue d'origine Anglais Traduire. Stock Market Game to test your trading skills with our free stock market simulator. Our stock market simulator uses historical market data to generate random chart and stock data.

5 Great Games for Learning Stock Market Strategy

You will then judge based on the candlestick chart and the volume chart to predict whether the stock will go up or down. When you make the correct decision, your account will grow. Your account will decrease when you make the wrong decision.

In addition, you have the option to skip the trade for charts that you don't like. When you are unsure about a stock chart, you also have the view option to see how a stock perform without buying or selling the stock.

The stock buying silver stocks online we use in this stock market game is called MPAndroidChart written by PhilJay, and it is open source https: Virtual Trading A-Life Software, LLC.

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stock market simulation apps

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