Argentina black market currency exchange rate

Argentina black market currency exchange rate

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Since the economic crisis and resulting devaluation of the peso, visitors looking to get mileage for their moolah have been flocking to Argentina, although tourism has slowed in the last few years.

Unemployment numbers declined as well as poverty rates, although they are inching up again now that the country is undergoing austerity efforts. Argentina is still considered an affordable destination for travelers, but the years of eight dollar steak and Malbec dinners have disappeared — for now. Wine is still an affordable commodity though.

I went to Argentina and the currency crisis is no joke - The Buzz - Investment and Stock Market News

In the last few years rapidly rising inflation has made some food and services and any imported product quite pricey compared to a few years ago.

Argentina had many years with currency restrictions in place, which created a black market for dollars, under the government of Cristina Kirchner.

argentina black market currency exchange rate

Now the black market for foreign currency is almost obliterated. Another way to access money and avoid bank fees it to utilize a money exchange service such as the one on this site.

Argentina's Currency Black Market - Business Insider

In Argentina, rates fluctuate, so check this currency converter before planning your trip. Buenos Aires Tango Festival.

argentina black market currency exchange rate

How to Take the Buenos Aires Subte. Wednesday, June 21, Wander Argentina Travel in Argentina, by People Who Live There.

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