Futures trading months abbreviations

Futures trading months abbreviations

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FT abbreviation stands for Futures Trading

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Origins of futures trading month abbreviations F,G,H,J,K I am having a hard time trying to remember the corresponding abbreivations for each month: January-F, February-G, March-H, April-J, May-K, June-M, July-N, Augus-O, September-U, October-V, November-X, December-Z Does anyone know where these abbreviations arose from?

Is it just unavoidable jargon for futures Is it just unavoidable jargon for futures trading?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Trending Now Sarah Jessica Parker Marian Hossa DeAndre Jordan Megan Anderson Kia Sorento SUV Lincoln Navigator Angelina Jolie Jazz Jennings Alyssa Milano Medicare. Futures used to be primarlily an open outcry exchange. Orders phoned to the floor were written out on orders and then carried into a pit by the runner. These codes were short hand so that orders could be written out quickly. Buy orders were written on the left side of an order ticket, and sell orders were witten on the right side of an order ticket under their respective columns.

Thus - to write out an order to buy 50 contracts of September corn, a floor clerk would only have to write the following on the left BUY side of an order ticket: I and L do not exist because they could be easily confused with J for April, O does not exist as eazily confused with Q for August, etc Penny Stocks Trading http: Binary options trading is very popular in many countries around the globe.

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