How to make money donating plasma

How to make money donating plasma

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With the economy starting to improve, there are fewer people who are taking extreme measures — like donating plasma — to make a few extra dollars.

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Which is why the donation of plasma has greatly decreased. However, this can be a legitimate way to earn a little extra money and do something at the same time that could be a life saver for many people. Just how much you can make donating plasma differs from center to center, but it sure is an easy way to make some quick cash.

Plasma is used to help burn victims and hemophiliacs, along with other people. Without the plasma there to help, these people could suffer endlessly or even die, which goes to show how important it is for people to donate plasma.

5 Ways to Make Money With Paid Medical Research Studies & Donations

I have talked about selling your hair for cash before, but this is a bit different and can be scary for some folks, but it is relatively pain-free and super easy.

There are tons of places across the United States that are set up to accept donations and pay for the blood that is being donated. For example, Biolife Plasma Services has locations across the United States, and are a very impressive business to work with.

how to make money donating plasma

In order to qualify for plasma donation , there are a few requirements that you must meet. After you have met all of these requirements, there will be a health screening, to ensure that you are in good health.

In addition, these donation centers want to ensure that you have no diseases which could be passed onto someone else. To understand more thoroughly what types of health problems could keep you from donating, visit: If you are sure that you want to donate, take the time to shop around for the best price for the plasma that you will be giving.

You will want to look for a reputable center that has a good health standing rating and pays the most money for your blood plasma. You can check out their locations and get direction on their Donation Centers page. Click to Join Ipsos Now! Once again, this all depends upon the center. In addition to the actual cash that you get, some centers have prizes or gifts that they give to those who sell their plasma, as an extra incentive to get people to use their services.

Most centers want people to donate around twice per week, so they want to encourage people to do this through offering extra incentives.

Some centers even give you more money if come in twice a week. If you like this option, you may also be interested in how some folks are making money from clinical trials.

I personally think donating plasma for money is a great way to not only make a few extra dollars but also to help others who depend on such blood donations for their health. This is so wonderful!

How College Students Can Earn $70/Week Donating Plasma

Hi Charly, I am not sure about the age restriction and whether or not parent sign off will help. Best option would be to call the local center and ask.

Jose C Mosqueda says. The said pay is a month. Kudos to you, my friend.

Medical Information : How to Get Paid to Donate Plasma

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How to Make Money Donating Plasma - Wallet Hacks

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how to make money donating plasma

Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway! Discussion Charly Maricle says This is so wonderful! Do you get paid in cash?

how to make money donating plasma

Or do you get a check? How long does it take to donate plasma in one session? Thank you for the kind words, Taryn. More Money Hacks Online Teaching Jobs: Pages About Contact Contribute. Topics Earn Money Save Money Get Free Stuff.

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