Pablo escobar how much money did he make

Pablo escobar how much money did he make

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Some people could argue that the infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar ran one of the most successful business's of all time.

Pablo Escobar and rubber bands - Business Insider

That's an astronomical sum for sure. Now while that is one seductive ROI. It doesn't account for riskbut for most of Escobar's professional life at the head of the Medellin cartel, the risk wasn't his, nor was it financial: The risk fell to the lives of Pablo's rivals and to the lives of the mostly American dealers who pushed his product to the users who snorted it.

Only after his wealth, notoriety and brutality made him the target of both big governments and small but determined vigilante groups did Escobar finally endure some risk. Not surprisingly, on December 2,a day after his 44th birthday, it caught up with him in the most permanent way after a rooftop chase pablo escobar how much money did he make a middle-class district of Medellin.

Near the small northwestern Colombian town of Puerto Triunfo, Pablo Escobar once built himself a vacation getaway befitting a man of his stature. Stories of the enormous drug-fueled parties held at Hacienda Napoles with some of Colombia's most powerful and most beautiful in attendance continue to circulate, contributing to Escobar's legend.

Everything that could be gutted has been, by people looking for rumored stashes of cocaine or cash.

pablo escobar how much money did he make

So wait — how did Escobar forex pullback definition to get his millions back to Colombia from the U.

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pablo escobar how much money did he make

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pablo escobar how much money did he make

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