What job earns the most money in the uk

What job earns the most money in the uk

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Architect degrees make the cut. Job search engine Adzuna has crunched through thousands of listings on its database to calculate the average salaries on offer right now for graduates of every degree. It covers everything from entry level roles to top executive jobs, so it's a good barometer of what the earning potential is.

Maths degrees are also a great starter for breaking into high paying careers like banking or finance. It's also good for working in technology — a boom area right now. Engineering degrees in general are in short supply, just like maths, and they form part of the STEM subjects that the government is encouraging people to study — science, technology, engineering and maths.

what job earns the most money in the uk

The government is currently trying to encourage more scientific entrepreneurship in the UK through initiatives such as MedCity in London, and the completion of the Francis Crick Institute next year — a huge research institute in London — will provide a further boost. Like most of the degrees here, the technical and highly-skilled nature of science means grads can command higher salaries.

It takes 7 years to become a fully qualified architect, including several years working in agencies on placements.

what job earns the most money in the uk

That means many of the junior roles are taken up by people still studying and actual graduate level jobs are higher up than most other careers. There's also a building boom in London and the south, which is good news for architects. Unsurprisingly, finance degrees make the list.

Careers in finance have long been some of the best paid in the world and now that the global financial industry is largely back on its feet, both hiring and pay are picking up.

Economics graduates are pretty much in the same boat as finance. Often graduates of both subjects will find themselves fighting over the same jobs, although the more high-minded economists outnumber finance grads in careers like statisticians and, of course, economic think tanks.

While many of the most successful figures in the world of technology are actually computer science drop outs like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, those who do graduate will do pretty well too.

With technology touching more and more industries, the demand for people who can write a good database or build a beautiful website is only growing. A career in accounting is one of the most stable and predictable jobs you can get in the UK.

5 highest paid jobs and degrees - Save the Student

The so-called "Big Four" — KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY — hoover up thousands of graduates each year, who then climb the ladder over the years. Britain's accountants are also among the most revered in the world, working all around the globe, and therefore pull in big fees. Jobs you can get: Aerospace, defence, automotive, chemical, and construction engineer; patent officer; management consulting.

These are the 10 best paid jobs in the UK

Just like mechanical engineers, there is more demand for engineers than supply. An engineering degree, although less specialised, is seem by some employers as more comprehensive than a mechanical engineering degree, which specifically focuses on building machinery unsurprisingly. There's therefore even more of a scramble for engineering degrees and pay is a bit higher.

Top of the pile are civil engineering degrees. These are the guys who build bridges, dams, railroads and buildings.

What are the highest paid jobs of in the UK? | Money | The Guardian

Not only do they work in highly skilled roles but the current boom in skyscrapers across London and huge infrastructure projects like Crossrail and HS2 means there's plenty of high-paying work for civil engineers. Why big data can make HR more important.

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