Bollinger bands excel bloomberg

Bollinger bands excel bloomberg

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Introduction to Bloomberg charts: Technical Analysis Part 1 This tutorial will show how to use Bloomberg charts for technical analysis. The tutorial will look at a number of studies and how these can be loaded directly onto any security chart.

Bloomberg Markets

You can create a custom chart by using the chart style wizard that will start you off by looking at either a standard G chart, a two security spread or ratio chart, a seasonality chart, rolling tick or kase bar charts, point and figure, or scatter charts.

Alternatively, there are chart templates that you can automatically load. You can play with moving averages and dates here. If you want to change the chart time you can by click up on the period.

bollinger bands excel bloomberg

You can also play with both the Y and X axis to drill down further. To make the chart easier to read you can change the display to Y Axis R2 which will display the chart to the axis which will allow you to see how the securities move together or the correlation of the pair.

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You can also simply edit the chart under Edit option to the top of the screen. This is where you can change the way the data is displayed including chart colors, background colors and styles.

Changing chart colors can be useful if you want to display charts in reports etc. Saving a chart is also easy and you save the chart to ensure that you have the preferred studies and colors that are needed for your reporting. Fintute Powered by WordPress. Max Magazine Theme was created by. Beginners FX Commodities Equities Investment Banking Economics Technical Analysis Contact Contribute — write content for Fintute!

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bollinger bands excel bloomberg

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