How to get free coins and money on csr racing android

How to get free coins and money on csr racing android

Author: Greendrake Date of post: 17.07.2017

In multiplayer, the player spends money to enter a room of 6 opponents. Also one can complete a car with gold coins. In multiplayer, players are ranked by RP, or Respect Points. Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a question or comment, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. I have already participate in pro club but my rp always increase arround to max is it always happen if your rp gets higher??

Frustrating but it is what it is. This is making the game a bit boring at the moment because I know no matter how much I race in multiplayer that I can never win the prize car.

Thanks for a nice article, Robert. Thanks for commenting Robert! I was wonder when the best time to buy unlimited gas and pro tuners would be? What do you think? In my opinion the best thing would be to hire the race team on the first day of the season and race as much as possible.

The 1st day of the season awards the most RPs. The last few days reward the least. Also have k gold tho: Can you shed some light on how each race is scored? Yes, the RPs will continue to diminish. CSR Racing does have a mid season RP boost that allows you to earn more RPs with your favorite car and weekend RP boosts for specific cars which you may or may not own.

Not sure when this mid season boost will end but sure it will end soon. I only drive the McLaren P1 and win almost every time. Hope this helps…and thanks for posting a comment! It may not be worth the effort. Winning is easy going as long as I got tyres and engine nitro always helps. Any tips using the LaFerrRi. I have around K, but i need more to keep racing to keep the place at the top.

Does the car on the multiplayer lobby screen looks like the pro version, couse it looks cool, bus standard and a bit boring. Even if it is the most sexy car in the world. This was and still is a long and hard event but I think it will be worth it when the International begins on Thursday. Im currently using the mustang boss ls from tier 3 and i hit Also, you might earn more points per race if you step up to a T4 or a T5 and hire the Pro Tuner.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by! A tip is that you use a tier 5 car. You get more rp if you hace a world tour or pro car. And the team is good so you dont loose a race or you rp. I need some help, maybe you pros can help. For the first, whats the best world tour car? For the moment i only have laferrari and P1, but i have soon the others.

CSR Racing 2 hack and cheats: get unlimited cash and gold for free

Laferrari seems to be my best right now. Is it some kinda trick or? LaFerrari and P1 are your best options. Make sure you check the CSR Racing facebook page to see which car is earning bonus RP over the weekend.

Thanks, i have around K now, i got it in 2 days exactly. But i have no idea how to get K on a week. Its around 50K RP. So im glad if i can get the car at all. I have tested yout tactic that i use N20 after 5th gear, and then shift to 6th, but thats not the best.

Id you use nitro before shifting, and then shift to 6th. I also do the same with laferrari, but to the 5th gear. My best time with that tactic is 7. Is the P1 better if i use all boosts, couse i get 6. Ehm, forget about what i just said, i just got 7. I waited with the nitro. I have noticed that i made wrong in my calculations, and im very happy for that. I get like 45K a day if i play 20 streaks every day.

I maybe get the car. No need to apologize…I love getting comments! I only lose when I do something stupid like look up at the TV. I got some speed with my fingers, i often loose because i start a new race when the engine boost is done. So being spontanious is good and bad in CSR. I only have 7 left. So, i need some advice on how i should spend gold.

The problem is that i wont pay for the game, for some reasons.

how to get free coins and money on csr racing android

Im trying to get stars and stuff to get more gold, so i can get maximum RP like the second season, so i dont waste the small ammounts. So i normally have 50 gold to spend on a normal season.

Any ideas how to save, and the same time use gold? So you get like 7. I have 10 gold right now and I try to save it for emergency gas refills. I watch an ad to get gas and then my 5 minute RP bonus and pro-tuner runs out. Yes the Viper is nice and yes you are awesome! There is a faster pattern where you go Perfect Start straight to 5th quickly! Proceed on that one with caution. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this…. Great advice on driving the LaFerrari!

I also have 10 free upgrades so I think there is a CSR imposed limit. Hi Roland, new to the game and got lots to learn, but hoping for some help. Any advice would help! Hi Scott, I think when you win gas it goes right into your tank.

Even during the last days of the season I manage to get over RP per race. I get it, but I think I need to spend some gold on refueling then. Thanks for your input.

Excuse the incorrect post, those shift instructions are for the P1 GTR, and were meant for Roland. Study well and do well with your tests. I have quite a bit of research and studying to do myself, so I can empathize wholeheartedly. XaiLo — I can relate to the grandchildren thing…I have 8. I just started playing CSR Classics and it is very cool. Thankyou for the wishes guys. Actually I lost about 50, RP getting interrupted while trying to play.

My 7 month old grand… he had like grandpa wants to have fun radar every time I started to play he woke up. Roland I may have to check it out some time down the road, after this month I have to focus on three projects. I like to win lol. Who knew that IOS users and Andriod users had separate leader boards.

I thought it included all devices. Ended up racing some more to see if I could get the bugs out of driving LaFerrari. All I can say is viva LaFerrari. Do you have the extra capacity gas tank available through the in app purchase?

Not forex scalping exit strategy good car at all! It can only achieve 7. Shifting is a bit of a challenge. Hi guys,great advice on this page. Dependin what car u have. Just need to hold off for 2 more days.

Been racing hard over the weekend and got the 50k RP like Matthew said. Now just need to hold my position. Just curious, anyone have any idea what PP the Enzo will have ,?

The key to winning is understanding the effective use of Nitrous and its relationship to wheelspin. Will it be required in one of the race modes at some point? It took a while to get brokerage for options icicidirect to the LaFerrari even though the shift patterns are similar but just enough of a difference to produce unforced errors if I forgot what car I was driving.

The competetion for certain cars increases dramatically with each subsequent winning streak within a short time duration, and others not so much.

CSR Racing - Wikipedia

But if memory serves me right those seasons seemed to be shorter than this current season. In any event those percents are a floating metric which are dependent on many factors. From total number of entrants to how well their racing on any given day. The following shift pattern will average 7. I went hard out the first 2 days and my RP has only increase about RP in 2 weeks.

Yet I still remain forex day trading psychology I average around 7. With protuner I average about 7. Fast enough to beat all cars regardless of number of streaks. I only do world tour for cash, and pro club if I just want to relax. With pro tuner my average was about 7. Chingy make that money mp3 time with pro tuner has been 7.

The up coming season will probably be my last hard run season. Curious to see how far one how to get free coins and money on csr racing android get without spending real world money, done pretty well so far.

Finished single player mode so this is the first multiplayer season I can just race for pure fun. My new PB with only ProTuner is 7. What position are you in now Xialo?

Actually scratch that comment of mine. Only cache is if your willing to play at least 24 hrs straight. Since it takes about 4 mins for me to finish a streak and there are mins per day, you should be able to earn roughlyRP in 24 hrs.

There are 4 days remaining in this season so you can break it up to 6 hours per day if the bonus remains the same. I managed to stay up 24 hrs straight on the second day good time to buy lloyds tsb shares made about RP those RP included from those cards too.

But its purely up to the person if they want ludacris money maker video ft pharrell mp3 download zippy work for it.

I just found out, you must go to 7th gear for LaFerrari.

how to get free coins and money on csr racing android

If you stay on 6th, it can only do mph compared to mph on 7th gear. You are in perfect position. In fact, many me included would envy the position you are in. Just wisely use your gas and cash. I agree, with 2 weeks left it is possible for anyone who is willing and or able to race everyday to get to the top.

Just dropped from 13th to 21st in a day. Competition is without bollinger bands 4h doubt firing up.

So I will give this a try for fun this season and see how things turn out, but I believe everyone should too.

CSR Racing - GameRevolution

Yes, I got locked out too past 2 days, something to do with an update, was so annoying to try figure out how to get rid of it. Then later I realized that if you log on facebook, close CSR racing and reload it, the update will occur. Do you know which car earns more points for this season? I noticed I only managed to the best of forex factory beyond books about RP per race journal entry for purchase of call option is quite low compared to the first few days.

Also, does the Tier level of cars matter in the Pro club?? The highest Pro car I got is only T2, but it only gives me about the same points as if I race freely with a T5 car. I do switch to whichever car is earning double bonus points during the weekend. The best way to earn points toward the end of the season is to hire the entire race team for 24 hours or more and race as much as you can. Another good idea is to purchase the large capacity gas can from the mechanic. This will cost you real money but if you only do it once in a while it can be worth it.

The PSP for the McLaren P1 GTR is Launch when the tach reaches 4, Shift 5 times until you reach 6th gear, press the Nitro button, then shift to 7th gear. Oh one more thing, is it better to use a high rated car to how to get free coins and money on csr racing android RP or a lower rating car and callaway razr x black shaft options beating a higher rated car??

After wards I reinstalled it and got that this season has ended and I got a message from Frank that I had played well and the reward was the normal challenger drag pak So I wonder what happened. Same thing happened to me…blocked by update and no wifi. I too have benefited from your articles, thanks for the tips.

The car offered is one that I need to begin my World Tour races and having the pro car and 10 free upgrades banked will really help. I did have a question about hiring the blogger.

I thought that once I hired them I would no longer have to pay to regain my lost RPs, but I still have to pay, is this normal? Is the amount simply reduced when I hire the blogger?

In addition to winning cool cars I really enjoy collecting free upgrades those stage 3,4 and 5 upgrades are expensive! When you hire the blogger she will keep your RP intact when you lose a race. This can make a difference between finishing in 1st or 2nd place and this is why I always keep her and the Pro Racer in my corner.

And thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed that someone made a guide how to get bigger wins in Multiplayer. I hope it will help me. But your advice really helps. Your email address will not be published. About Me Getting Started Make Money From Home Why MLM is Evil Habits of the Rich Report a Scam Make More Money as a Security Guard Make More Money as a Stay at Home Mom Make More Money as a Nurse Make More Money as a Lifeguard Make More Money as a Teacher FAQ.

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