How to get money in dekaron

How to get money in dekaron

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Dekaron, previously known as 2Moons, is a action free to play 3D MMORPG set in a violent Middle Ages based scenery, with a strong emphasis on PvP. The game is very exciting and interesting due to the availabilty of large selection of skills and talents which enable you to design your player as you wish to.

All the players in the game are divided into six different classes, which are: Azure Knight, Segnale, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Vicious Summoner and Bagi Warrior. Each of these six classes have there own unique skills and talents.

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These skills and talents can grow with stats points. One can gain five stat points with crossing each level. The characters are differentiated with four criteria that are: Strength, Dexterity, Health and spirit. Different characters have different increase of stats with each point given to it.

Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more! Read related news Edit Game Report Problem. Nexon is killing game, game is nearly dead,like most of games they own. WTS Dekaron global dils 0. I left the game for couple years, came back in about when nexon paired with gamehi. For one of the older MMORPG games out there, this game does stand alone it seems in gameplay and skill graphics…I also have played the sumy character…EPIC weapons graphics indeed!

Was slow and hard but addictive.

Stopped coz i went mac. In its latest incarnation — easy to lvl to then it require some commitment. As a user you have so much control over your character that you can make it perfect to suit your style — want to be a glass cannon, crit monster, tanky mage…. They have cleaned up all the bots and also have had major lvling events I got from lvl 0 to in 31 days and u can get exp boosts now for free with some luck playing thier ingame lottary. They now ban hackers and bots everyweek but the playerbase took a big hit from all the bots and hacks the last few years but I played for a month now and havnt seen a single bot or hacker and they post every account they ban.

I remember playing this game years ago or so I was roughly level 60 or so when I quit. I loved the Azure armour. For some reason, my best memories were going to the cemetery near the lake and killing zombies. I really enjoyed the dark environment.

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I think there was a fishing skill. Recently I started searching for 2moons and kept redirecting me to the wrong game. Great RPG with Beautiful graphics, it has got a bad reputation, acclaim support has not been the best support, but since the 26th of augustit was no longer acclaim, its was owned by Gamehi, but in Nexon took over, that is great news for most players, less hackers, and great support, Nexon currently run MapleStory Dragon Nest Combat Arms Mabinogi Dungeon Fighter Online and finally Vindictus, With nexon running Dekaron, it can only get better, its got a great choice of weapons,you can upgrade it to or what ever you wish,plenty of different magic stats and options, its got a nice party system,has great events,Great skill and state builds too, PvP is very well done, there is alot to do,and has a nice choice of classes.

Thanks Forty very helpful. Nexon is so damn complicated due to their having different games in different neural network forex indicators of the world.

On the other hand Mabinogi is run by Nexon in US as is Dragon Nest — but the latter is run by someone else in the EU! Dekaron though is not available through Thinkorswim forex commission in the US — maybe that is why it is pretty ignored here? Yes prices for cosmetic stuff are high but it is up to you if you want to waste your money I do! So I am looking for another Nexon game to play in the EU — looks like Bfc forex hyderabad would be the one to try first.

Are you kidding me?

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The company that runs Dekaron is NEXON-EU, not the original nexon, This game went to hell ever since Nexon took over. Nexon-EU destroyed this game. Havent played for about a year…Im hunting down my old friends… idk if thats the right term. This is great news! Although there free forex mechanical software robot a lot of other F2P MMOs out there that feature insnete 3D graphics like Cabal Online, Ragnarok is still a classic!

This game was a huge blast when it came out, i played the 2 moons from acclaim and if was fun and fast paced.

Didnt tested this version at the moment, but i fear that the years that passed over this game didnt left it with much to offer to new players, specially with other good f2p mmorpgs around. First off, this should not, in any way, shape or form; remind you of DII. I love DII and How to get money in dekaron find it highly insulting that anyone would compare these two in a favorable manor.

I used to stock market vip crossword puzzle playing this game with a friend of mine, when it was 2Moons. It seems to have changed a lot and not for the better unfortunately. It certainly looks better graphically, but that is about where the improvements stop.

I have a good computer that runs most games fine on high-max graphic settings, however when I look at the sun glare yes, only the glare coming from the sun my game lags badly or actually acts as though it might freeze up for a few seconds. I prefer not to play any game with Bloom enabled so I have no idea what that would do along with the sun glare. Runs fine otherwise, I have no idea how to change that. I played this game since 2moons and never lagged at all and trust me, I had the shittiest comp ever, you said you had to right click to use skills?

Theres 2 battle modes in the game, 1 for the keyboard and 1 for the mouse which can be toggled in game options. Anyways the game will probably run on a commodore It features extremely dynamic combat and overall gameplay.

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Dekaron 54 votes, average: One of the bloodiest free MMORPGs out there Large selection of skills and talents Will remind you Diablo 2. Dekaron Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 Processor: GeForce MX or better VGA card.

New Action 17 to arrive SOON!!

how to get money in dekaron

Havent played for about a year…Im hunting down my old friends… idk if thats the right term If ur still playing then lets meet sometime! I have to add these two points as well…. Judging from your comment, you never reached lvl or higher. Ah, the good old days of 2moons. I remember being in the closed beta. MMO Games You May Like Skyforge. MMO Forum Activity Eve Online,F2P, Ultimate Guide EvocationzAdheraToday at MMOBomb About Us Work with us!

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how to get money in dekaron

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