Influences of the current stock market situation in india

Influences of the current stock market situation in india

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There are several basic strategies for using astrology with stock market investing. The first, and most important is obtain the first trade data of a stock, ETF, currency, etc. Over time, this chart can then be analyzed with respect to transits, progressions, and dashas in order to ascertain the likely price movements of the stock. Essentially, the basic rule of financial astrology is: Favourable planetary alignments through transit contacts with benefics during the dasha periods of well-placed planets will tend to yield price increases, while bad aspects from bad planets -- a square 90 degree aspect from Saturn for example -- will usually push the share price down.

As already noted, situations where unambiguously good or bad planetary patterns predominate occur most of the time.

influences of the current stock market situation in india

This is the main reason why many astrologers run into trouble. They extrapolate too far on the basis of thin or ambiguous data. A more prudent strategy is to refrain from making predictions at times of conflicting data and only take firm positions when the variables are more clearly defined.

For example, a situation may arise in which there are apparently offsetting influences of planetary transits from benefic Jupiter and malefic Saturn to key natal planets. In those instances, an astrological analysis is perhaps better off deferring judgement until other planetary influences come in to tip the balance. In this way, the best approach is for a selective application of astrological insights at critical turning points in the market.

So while it may not be clear just how a stock will move over a period of days, weeks or even months, the astrologer will be able to identify critical time windows that have a much greater likelihood of ups or downs. Knowing these times of probable market outcomes can come in very handy to the trader, even if they only occur sporadically. The basic astrological elements for forecasting the stock market are no different from standard astrology. The constant motion of the planets through the houses and zodiac signs supply the framework for an astrological model.

The table below lists the relevant "variables" for our consideration. Many astrologers like to characterize their method of reading a horoscope as "holistic", in an effort to escape criticisms from mechanistically-oriented skeptics. I prefer to think of chart analysis in terms of Boolean logic, where multiple factors must be present for a particular situation to occur.

For example, we cannot expect stocks to inevitably rise when benefic Jupiter conjoins the natal Sun of the chart we are working with.

Such a favourable pattern may be thought of as a necessary, but not sufficient condition for price increases. There must also be an absence of negative factors hitting the key chart points.

These would include few close aspects from malefic planets, no planets transiting malefic houses 6th, 8th, 12th and so on. Given the large number of variables every chart contains, there will be several significant operating planetary contacts and influences at any given time. These must all be evaluated for their relative effects of prices according to the principles of Boolean analysis.

If we are trying to assess if the conditions are in place for a bull market, for example, we could construct a table that more clearly reflects this logical process. If most or all of the favourable conditions are in place, then a bull market is more probable. Where a more mixed situation obtains, the market will only deliver mixed results. In addition to the above factors, I use a variety of techniques including current transit patterns such as planetary ingresses, the phases of the Moon, and mundane aspects.

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All can be used as signals to help discern the prevailing market direction. Since none of these are reliable indicators on their own, I typically use up to 20 different measurements to compile a sort of moving astrological index that reflects changing investor sentiment.

In addition, I make use of the first trade charts of key stocks, stock indices, and stock exchanges. Perhaps the most important of these is the horoscope of the New York Stock Exchange which was founded May 17, There are several times out there for this chart, with different astrologers making a case for each.

After much testing, I find the I have rectified to This is quite a powerful chart, although one needs to stand outside of the Vedic tradition to fully appreciate it. Uranus, the planet of unbounded energy and sudden change, rises within one degree of the ascendant while Venus, the planet of money and luxury, culminates very near the Midheaven.

Venus and Uranus together spell "fast or accelerated money" better than just about any other planetary combinations I can think of and therein perfectly describe the rapid movement of money on the trading floor. However appropriate that symbolism, it is more important that the chart adequately reflect major price movements over its long history. It does this well indeed regardless if one uses Western or Vedic techniques, as I do. This ability to see the dynamic of both bull and bear markets regardless of one's operating paradigm is a sign of the robustness of this chart.

To see how this chart works in practice, let's look at how we might have made sense of the planetary influences that were operating at the time of the October stock market sposoby withdrawal from the exchanges binary options. The NYSE chart was running Jupiter-Mercury dasha.

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Although both of these planets are natural benefics and therefore biased towards price rises, a planet's temporary condition in the best buy restocking fee tv at hand ameritrade option trading fees a more important determinant of its promise.

Jupiter's dasha lasts 16 years to it is only a background influence. More significant is Mercury. Although fairly well-placed in the 11th house of gains in Taurus, it rules the 12th of loss and the neutral 3rd and is also closely combusted.

So far, this is a fairly mediocre Mercury. However, what tips the scales towards the negative is that it forms a tight square with Pluto. Hard aspects with any outer planet are never good, and this creates binary options on the english stock exchanges via the internet natal tendency in Mercury that will tend to manifest in lower prices during its dasha periods, as we will see in a separate discussion below.

Transitwise, Jupiter opposes its natal position and is conjunct the Moon. This will tend to be a positive influence. Other potentially favourable longer term influences include Uranus which trines the Moon. However, there are a greater number of negative transits here.

Neptune precisely squares the nodes, influences of the current stock market situation in india Saturn is applying to square Mars in the 2nd house of wealth. Perhaps more bearish is that Ketu conjoins natal Rahu and thereby aspects 2nd lord Sun, which is natally conjoined with Mercury.

The most bearish transit influence is Pluto powerful destruction which sits on the IC and opposes Venus money. This is a very clearly negative aspect. Moreover, tertiary progressed Mars was tightly squaring the very malefic conjunction of Ketu and Neptune, while P3 Mercury trading conjoined P3 Saturn loss. On the basis of just these small handful of factors, it was clear that the Fall of would be influences of the current stock market situation in india bearish time for the market, with the high probability of a significant sell-off.

The Vulnerability of Mercury Periods. This makes its early data less reliable for historical comparisons. The best performing period occurred during Jupiter-Mercury but even there, Mercury revealed its bearish tendencies since it marked the biggest crash in history. Oracle stock repurchase overall positive price effect from was largely the result of Jupiter's overriding influence.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the greatest bull market in history occurred during the Jupiter dasha from to The only other strongly positive period occurred during the Sun dasha. Here we can see the combined effect of two 11th house planets gains! Looking ahead to Mercury's barrick gold stock market watch major dasha period which begins init's hard to be optimistic about the stock market's performance.

Shanghai Stock Exchange Meltdown -- London FTSE Bear Market -- Mumbai's Magnificent Monday -- Ddd stock premarket here for your investment report. Can astrology really predict the movement of the markets?

Skeptics would answer that the only thing astrology can predict is a person's gullibility. While many believers of astrology do tend towards the naive "New Age" stereotype, an impartial review of the historical correlation between stock prices and planetary motion clearly the stock market in conyers ga that prediction is possible, if only under certain conditions.

One of the difficulties in assessing the relationship between prices and taxation of stock options irs planets is the large number of variables involved.

Most astrologers work with at least 9 planets, 7 aspects i. Taken together, this produces a huge number of possible permutations that can be correlated with market trends. In the absence of strong transit contacts to the particular first trade chart of a stock exchange or company, it is singapore stock market tracker hard indeed to discern where the market will go.

In those conditions, astrology may fare no better than chance. But where close angular contacts are made between current planetary positions and those in the first trade chart, prices will follow set patterns as described by the established symbolism of the planet and angle involved. We will examine how this works in more detail below.

That doesn't mean, however, that they have no effect on the markets. It just means that all things being equal, they do not have an intrinsic bias in regard to sentiment and prices. All planets, even the more clearly positive or negative ones, can exhibit a variety of price effects depending on the other planets and chart factors they are interacting with at any given time. Although all planets and houses possess certain natural inclinations, how they will eventually effect the market is more dependent on their temporary condition.

For example, a positive planet like Venus if transiting over a malefic planet like Ketu in a malefic house like the 8th is more likely to coincide with a drop in the market.

influences of the current stock market situation in india

That's because the natural 'bullishness' of Venus has been corrupted, so to speak, by its temporary negative situation. Conversely, although Saturn is the planet most closely associated with pessimism and bear markets, if it forms a favourable alignment with positive aspects e. This is why it is crucial to take into account the whole chart rather than the motion of a single planet.

One of the interesting features of the NYSE horoscope is the afflicted nature of Mercury. This is ironic in a way since Mercury is the planet of trading. Nonetheless, one compelling way to judge the effects of this troubled Mercury is to assess its effect on market performance over the years. Since the antardasha aka subperiod, or bhukti period is shorter, we can find several instances over the past years or so and thereby correlate stock prices during the time it was subperiod lord.

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While nothing is fated, some planetary patterns strongly incline us towards particular life outcomes. Politicians may be driven by power, ideals and ego, but the planets must have their say also.

Astrological influences can be seen in individual human behavior as well as the actions of institutions and the fate of entire governments.

Indian Politics Click here to read to my astrological interpretation of recent political and financial developments in India. As the world's biggest democracy enters the 21st century, astrology can illuminate and predict the ups and downs in the lives the key players and their administrations. Archives Here is an archive of my past posts and articles.

While there is a focus on financial and political issues, there are also some posts that examine other events from an astrological perspective. Using a blend of Vedic and Western systems of interpretation, we can see how symbolic correlations emerge between the stars and the worlds of politics, business, and entertainment.

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Learning Astrology Interpreting horoscopes is both simple and complex.

influences of the current stock market situation in india

According to the rules of Jyotish, there are some simple rules one can follow to create a schematic picture of a person's life and the path they are likely to follow. Introduction to Modern Vedic Astrology The origins of Vedic astrology or "Jyotish" in Sanskrit can be traced back thousands of years into the hazy mists of antiquity.

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Planet Profiles Planets are the most important factors in assessing the horoscope. Depending on where they are placed in relation to each other, a person's planets can decide very basic issues in life, such as happiness in marriage, the number of children they will have, and the kind of career they will pursue.

Contact Contact Christopher Resources Here are a list of links to some of my favourite astrological resources. These are good places to find other perspectives on astrology, both East and West. Key Astrological Factors Planet. Benefics in soft aspect to dasha lord are best; Malefics in hard aspect to dasha lords are worst. Conjunctions can go either way but will intensify other extant influences. Multi-planet patterns with at least one soft aspect and including Jupiter or Venus.

Secondaries exert longer influence; trines between Jupiter and one of the Outers is most bullish.

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