Mark cuban stock market

Mark cuban stock market

Author: alex_black Date of post: 22.06.2017

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Mark Cuban speaks at the Wall Street Journal Digital Live conference. In an interview with Fox Business' Neil Cavuto on Tuesday, the investor and reality-TV star said that the uncertainty from a win by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would cause a collapse in the stock market.

Cuban previously expressed this view , but he reiterated it in Tuesday's interview. Cuban has not been a fan of Trump for some time, most recently tangling with both the candidate and his lawyer over whether Trump was trustworthy. Cuban has also endorsed Trump's opponent , Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

mark cuban stock market

He also expressed concern over the state of the market in general. Cavuto asked Cuban if he was expecting a more tumultuous autumn after the market's quiet summer.

Cuban said that uncertainty and market dynamics have set the stage for a more volatile end of the year. Part of this is because of uncertainty about the economic outlook, to which a possible Trump presidency contributes significantly, according to Cuban.

In the event that realDonaldTrump wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks. Why big data can make HR more important.

The Evolution Of Mark Cuban: From "No Doubt The Market Tanks" To "[Trump's] A Big Plus For The Overall Economy" | Zero Hedge

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