What jobs make the most money gta online

What jobs make the most money gta online

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what jobs make the most money gta online

Grand Theft Auto Online is a dynamic and persistent open world for up to 30 players that begins by sharing content and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but continues to expand and evolve with content created by Rockstar and other players. Grand Theft Auto Online will continually expand and evolve over time with a constant stream of new content, creating the first ever persistent and dynamic GTA game world.

Money Making Guide by TheNathanNS. An Advanced Guide to the P Lazer Jet. GTAV Vehicle Specs Spreadsheet. New data suggests that the optimal time to complete missions is 4: If you don't have complete control over the mission end time, try to end a little after 4: Best possible pay for each mission if you complete each mission in 4: Please help by posting payouts from missions completed between minutes.

All times between minutes will be the same payout. If you miss 5 minute mark, wait for 6 minute! It is always bad to end the mission towards the upper end of a time range. To help, please make sure to accurately record the mission time to within 10 seconds.

I dont have a stopwatch so I just open a video or song on my computer and hit play from 0 when mission starts, and hit pause when its over. I find trash talk is best just having buzzards and its fun and usually ends at Obviously you need a buzzard but everyone should buy a buzzard cause its fun. I start every mission by calling my buzzard. I have literally used my buzzard 3 times since buying it back in It just sits there in pegasus collecting dust.

When you call pegasus and pay MORE money to order a buzzard which you have already paid over a million for, 9 times out of 10 you will be sent across the map when there is a closer helipad with a FREE buzzard waiting anyways. It pays for itself every mission you call it in. Not to mention it just makes a lot of them easier. Completing it faster and spending less money for me, thanks! I have no need to waste money and time on a buzzard when I can get a jet faster and free, and its possible to can destroy targets much faster in a jet too.

I don't have to spend money on ammo or vests either. I don't disagree that it makes missions easier. In my opinion jets are by far the most easy and fast method to make money on missions.

Even if you never buy a vest. And if you think grabbing a jet, and using that is faster then a buzzard, you're either delusional, or a troll, and either way you're a fool. Because I don't use any guns. I spawn near the base in my garage, get a jet, and kill everyone in the jet. Mission ended, no ammo used, no need for armor. So confident, but so wrong. First of all, Buzzard is a helicopter. Its in a different class than jets.

GTA 5 Online: How to Earn Money Fast | Strategy | Prima Games

All jets are faster than all helicopters, period. Secondly, every time I do trash talk, I am already at the 2nd destination killing crew already having destroyed all trash trucks solo before the people who decide to get buzzards even get there. And I kill the crew boss before they can too, every time. I will be posting some videos of my mission runs soon to supplement the tips in the OP.

Or you can add me on XBL and we will do missions together, and I will guarantee you will change your mind. How about you don't assume stupid shit and then say it sounds dull?

I roll with my jet crew, and we fuck shit up hard. We do missions in 3 minutes that take other people 9 minutes even with buzzards. And we grind missions for an hour or more. How about you take a fucking second to read my OP, and you will see most if not all my mission methods involve multiple people getting jets.

Hey guess what, that garage spawns everyone in it, and I never said I did it solo, thats you adding your own ignorant shit, so you can say its boring, when in reality its way better than boring ass buzzards or cars.

You're so confident in your assumption I did this solo, and you base your entire argument on that, but you are wrong. Maverick is slowest heli except cargobob , it has only 2 blades. Police maverick is faster with 3 blades. Frogger is next with 4 blades But Lazer outmatches them all. If you want the fastest vehicle though, get the new Besra, its even faster than the Lazer.

You have to take into account the time it takes to load the mission, go back to Free roam, choose it and find out again. Those things are part of any online session, wether you are grinding or not. When you are grinding, the money comes from doing missions as fast as possible, not from loading sessions and choosing things.

There is no need to measure time from loading sessions because it doesn't involve getting money, and times will be different for everyone. This is completely irrelevant to which missions are best and fastest. I am measuring the missions themselves only, not unmeasurable things like load times and waiting for players to start. The title of this thread is fastest and highest paying missions and methods.

what jobs make the most money gta online

Nowhere does it mention comparing average times for grinding contact missions vs grinding playlists, nor does it advocate either of those options.

That is a separate discussion. I didn't realise you were doing some purely academic table. I thought you were trying to help the community by compiling figures for which missions will generate them the most RP.

Since this playing time will certainly include loading up the game and getting players together, then I thought those factors would matter to you. Maybe I can make ammends by helping you out with an RP method that seems to be well above anything you have so far found. If you see an armored truck nearby, blow open the doors and grab the cash. This generates 2, RP and takes about 2 seconds. If you are ignoring things like load times etc, then this equates to 60, RP per minute.

Factors like loading are uncontrollable, and unmeasurable What's more, everyone knows loading times exist, theres no need for me to document them.

Feel free to start up your own table of figures that include irrelevant and unmeasurable things like load times. I prefer to document only things that matter for the people who are smart enough to make use of it. Thanks, but your attempt at being clever is still irrelevant. If we are using your flawed logic, missions pay out in 0.

Like I said, if you have any REAL methods that are better than what I have above, feel free to share them. If you don't, leave. Being intentionally ignorant is not helping. I will try to explain my point one more time, because it is important, and if you can include that in your figures then people really might have a chance to work out the best strategy for grinding money or XP does not matter.

Is correct, but you miss the important thing - the less time you are doing these things, the less time you are not earning. So, while the in-mission earnings per minute might be more for doing the mission in a short time, you will spend more time per hour turning them around.

So maybe you could work out an average turn-around time and add that to the mission time. So that's my 2c. Do what you like with it, maybe it will be useful, or maybe when you do the calculations you will still find that shorter missions work out best. FWIW My own rough experiments suggest it really doesn't matter all that much - you might as well do the mission at whatever pace you feel like, the more efficient earning is balanced out by the reduced wait times.

I suspect also that the extra player bonuses will be balanced out by increased waiting times getting them together especially on shorter runs. If you need to piss etc, do it while the mission runs and when you finish the mission, turn it around as fast as possible - make sure everyone is ready to go right away.

Like I've already said, Its just impossible to measure loading times and such things. Even if it were possible to take several samples and average it out, it would be mostly meaningless, as loading can range from 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on connection of other players.

Sometimes you have to dashboard because its frozen on loading. Should I somehow account for that too? All too much work for me. I am not a robot. I dunno how you are with excel, but it is really easy to put in the mission times, and then a range of turn-arounds - 1m, 2m, 3m etc and see how that affects the average.

Like I said, I am pretty sure it will even out. You really do have to factor in some down time if you want to get those kinds of figures. Now, if we take load times up to 5 minutes, it is slightly different, but again no one is going to be able to predict their load times or do anything about it. The best anyone can do is just play the top paying missions as many times as possible in the time allotted for grinding. Are you an Idiot, 2 missions done really quickly will have twice as much loading as one mission done not very fast so that's an extra couple of minutes so the money per minute drops.

If you work out how much money you will make in an hour the quicker you do a mission the more loading times you would have because there are more missions to load. After you finish waiting like a retard, you have to load and restart too, just like smart people who do it fast. So load times are not a factor. Still looks better to wait around like an idiot doing nothing? Having less fun and intentionally delaying the game? You enjoy wasting your life on grinding? Most people do it for the end result, not the grinding.

Get the fuck out of my thread that is dedicated to helping people who don't have time to calculate it for themselves. With your ignorant misinformed ass. No problem, it was originally for my own use but I decided to post it.

It's WIP, feel free to contribute if you want to. Also depends a bit when you add in the loading screen times and everything. If you had a playlist set up it would be worth not waiting for the 7 minutes and going for the quickest time, but if you're adding in the loading times of switching back to free roam after a job and such it would be worth it I'd think to stay that extra minute or two to get the higher payout.

Setup time also matters a lot. For the fastest way to do things, oftentimes you'll have to be north of the military base or at Sandy Shores. This takes time to drive over or flip through Quickjobs. I set my spawn location to that garage and find a new session after each mission. It takes less than 1 minute to have another job screen up and running and ready to go, and thats much less time than spawning at mission start, and then driving all the way to the base to get jets for the mission.

Also none of these methods need you to be north of the base, thats the worst jump anyways. The best garage is route 68, right near zancudo approach road. That garage is less than 30 seconds from a jet. Second player uses a heavy sniper to destroy the plane on the runway. Two magazines NOT CLIPS GODDAMMIT MAGAZINES usually do it.

You will get a wanted level. Second player makes the jump into the base from the north side. By this time, the first player should be at Martin's house - standing exactly on the yellow dot if at all possible.

As soon as first player jumps into the base, you'll get mission complete without killing the limo. Where exactly is the yellow dot after killing the titan? I have tried being there at martins house but it seems to put the yellow dot inside his house or something so you cant activate it. Also I would like to see what time you are able to get for extradition following your method of skipping the limo objective.

I am getting a time of around 4: Just tried again and the yellow dot is definitely inside his house, or on top of it Can you show a picture of where to stand? I cant see how a person driving here in a car could get to this checkpoint if its either on the roof or inside his house The trend I am noticing is that there is actually a strong incentive to be a good player.

You can't achieve these mission times and ratios if you suck.

GTA 5 Online Best SOLO Missions To Make Money On #2

Blow Up III, 2 players Blow Up III is maximum 2 players. We Gunner Tomson and I attempted a max efficiency speed run, one player heads straight for Simeon's, the second player destroys all the cars.

As soon as all cars are destroyed the mission can be completed, so the limiting factor in this mission is how long it takes to get to Simeon's. Out of Court Settlement 3: Editor and Thief solo 3: Romance Isn't Dead 2 players 2: Mixen Uppen Mit Cokenheimer aka Mixed Up With Coke 2 players 1: Fuelling the Flames 3 players 2: American Exports 2 players 7: Player one and player two rendezvous at helo pad, player two calls in privately owned Cargobob, player one clears airport bad guys at top speed with buzzard, player two lifts container, player one kills the chase helicopter immediately.

Handle With Care 2 players 4: Chopper Tail 2 players 4: For anything with a limiting factor, it could be overcome by spawning in a garage closer to the objective or in between objectives. The revised blow up 3 run means that it pays more to wait on that mission. It throws off the whole theory. Actually, there may be a "turning point" somewhere between 1: Since it's such an easy mission to time just wait to drive onto the yellow dot this would be a good mission to figure out what the breakpoints are.

They seem to differ at 1: Sure Im on right now, send me a message. My username minus the 5. Im trying to do this new trick on extradition I heard about elsewhere in the thread:. Extradition can be done faster. At mission start, one player in the fastest car available goes straight to Martin's house.

Damn so thsmey cut our money making potential in half basically with the rebalancing? I knew it was bad but not that bad. Yep, and they have the gall to tell us the "potential cash payouts have increased significantly".

This is such a deception. The only way to make that potential increased payout happen is to spend longer on the mission. I should have known when I read the patch notes it was too damn good to be true. The worst part is they've actually taken some of the heat of no heists off themselves by screwing us over and we got people on reddit still defending them. I thought rockstar was one of the good developers. I'm saddened greatly by seeing all these poor people saying things like "I got 22K by spending 20 minutes on rooftop rumble!

It's not just about the money per minute for some of us. I also like to think in terms of fun per minute. So what if we used to be able to do k per hour with RTR?

It was a mindless grind devoid of any fun. Just doing random missions could leave you with 50k per hour, which would make you feel cheated even if you had fun playing. Now you can play random missions for over k an hour in my experience - so you get less money than you used to get for grinding, but have more fun and variety. I'm not thinking in terms of lies and deception, I'm just thinking in terms of how much fun I'm having.

And I'm having way more fun now than I used to have before. The title of the post is not most fun missions. It is fastest and highest paying missions. If you don't care about the pay, this is the wrong place to make your point. No one is suggesting you stop having fun. They really screwed us higher level players, as if it wasn't hard enough getting past level , now it takes longer, unless you want to wait for incompetent players to join and start a mission with you You did an outstanding job with the breakdown.

what jobs make the most money gta online

Better than any guide I have found so far on the net.. Cleaning the Cat House can be done by simply jumping your car onto the motel roof. From what I have found, purposefully drawing it out actually gets you less money per minute spent. I might get around to checking that mission out later today. The good thing about it is that it's easy and there is only about guys you need to kill and you can snipe most of them, so you won't be wasting bullets.

After you kill the guys, you take the cocaine and bring it to Gerald. Like I said before, I purposely drove around and got more money for prolonging the mission.

GTA 5 Online: Fastest Legal Method to Make Money and RP After Update 's Rooftop Rumble Nerfs

It's an easy solo mission and I did it on hard. Does this mean that if i have a different number of players the payouts will be different? Yes, up to 3 players. With credit to you and KiefUrban etc.

I like your argument for doing mission faster but more often in order to make the fastest money possible during your playtime. However, I wonder if we have any more science to this payment fluctuation compared to time spent?

I usually solo and if I have some more exact info then I could refine my approach in the best way possible. Are there particular timed junctions where the jobs would payout more?

Does killing more enemy have any effect on payouts? Are there any other factors that may determine the payouts? Considering the amount of testing you've done to get this very helpful info, is there any info that you have to address some of my questions above? Is there anything that you can add that helps me understand how some of these payouts are calculated? If I can finish a mission in 8 minutes for Y payout, is it best to wait until the 10 minute mark in order to earn Yx2-ish payout?

If I was able to do this mission in 5 minutes, then doing this mission twice in 10 minutes is better aside from loading times. So I guess I'm asking if it's better to just wait out the 10 minute mark if I'm already slow to finish the mission within the 5ish minutes that it should have taken.

The better I can understand all these in-and-outs of payments, then I can make the best decision on the fly to maximize my payout depending on the current mission situation. Did the payouts change recently? I just did Extradition for 13 minutes and only got 16, instead of the usual 23k. Updated with new information! Please post any payout amounts from minutes, as all times between there will be the same payout.

The catch here is to exploit the concept of playing Contact Missions in groups wherein Rockstar has stipulated a specific bonus percentage in the payout system depending upon the number of players in each participating group. There is also another key point that money-hungry gamers should note, wherein the more time you waste to complete a given objective such as delivering the package in Rooftop Rumble, the more payout you will receive following the completion of all mission objectives.

Tip 2 is not correct. Just because the end payout is bigger, doesn't mean you are getting more per minute spent. Then you can play 2 missions in the time it takes to play one "intentionally extended time" mission. And you end up making 2x more money in the same time. No problem, I'm not being bothered by trolls, just people spreading misinformation. Help me spread the word so we can get screwed as little as possible. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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To all those who as a co-pilot in a buzzard, choose to take over the rocket functions. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Have a garage purchased near Fort Zancudo best is Route 68, near the two jumps over the south entrance to the base. Host Trash Talk while inside this garage, and everyone will spawn in your garage.

Drive into the base, get jets, and destroy every red blip. If you have multiple players, one team can handle the first four trucks, while another team goes to the final mission destination and begins destroying things there. The crew boss only appears once everything else is destroyed. VIDEO This mission auto spawns you right outside the base, but if you have a garage near the desert airstrip, try starting the mission from there, and you will find two jets on the desert airstrip runway.

If you don't have a garage out there, you will spawn outside the base, so go over the bridge and jump over the south entrance. When you get to a jet, set your course to intercept the titan by pointing your nose to the right.

The titan will curve around Mt. Chilliad, and directly into your path, giving you a lock-on much faster than tailing the titan directly. Now you can have another player be flying around the gas station area where the DA spawns, and kill him quickly using the cannons missiles miss the limo very often.

Now remove wanted level, land the jet on the road, pick up the briefcase, and fly it straight to Madrazos. VIDEO Again have a garage near Fort Zancudo.

Host the job here, and everyone will spawn in your garage. Drive straight into the base, using the jumps over the south entrance to the base, and grab jets. Again have a garage near Fort Zancudo. Drive straight into the base, using the jumps over the south entrance to the base, ignoring Ron's plane until the end. Destroy the lazers using sticky bomb drive-by's, then drive straight into the hangar with the Cargobob, and park your car with the drivers door lined up with the drivers entrance to the Cargobob.

Exit your car, get into the Cargobob it has bulletproof windows , and fly to the desert helipad. Exit cargobob or have friend exit and go get into Ron's plane. Now get back into Cargobob, or if your friend went to activate Ron's plane, the mission will complete immediately since you are still sitting in the Cargobob. You can also send someone to activate Ron's plane at the start of the mission, while everyone else jumps into the base in cars.

To do this all you need to do is kill all of the hostiles and stay on top of the parking structure. Uncle Escobar will drive himself to Madrazzos house and the enemies won't spawn to attack him. Even if you do however go past the ramp to get on the enemies will only spawn in that area and he will drive himself with no issues. Call in a helicopter either from pegasus or a merryweather pick up. Land on the roof above Anna's blip.

She will walk up to the roof and get in the helicopter. You can complete this mission without firing a bullet. One player heads straight for Simeon's, the second player destroys all the cars. Try buying a garage in between both and starting the mission from there to get even higher payout per minute! Two players with two helicopters or Jets! Player one immediately drives south, player 2 jumps in, gets into a cargobob, leaves the cargobob, gets into a buzzard, flies south at top speed.

Player one and player two rendezvous at helo pad, player two calls in privately owned Cargobob, player one clears airport bad guys at top speed with buzzard or Jet!

One player in a Buzzard or Jet! Spawn in Zancudo garage , kills everything, second player steals truck as soon as the helicopter arrives skipping the "Defend the meth lab" objective since the Buzzard killed everything, then drive truck straight to goal. Please submit your methods and missions here! Not to mention jets can take out buzzards easily, so they are not too useful in freemode either. I was flying to zanccudo with a maverick yesterday, seemed faster than a buzzard.

It doesn't even have Zentorno stats. That is why playlists are so good for grinding. Sorry to have interrupted you with my irrelevant muttering. Anyways, I never wanted to turn this into a pissing match. Good luck with your thing. You clearly haven't even looked at my numbers. Let's just fucking take a look: Thanks for all the new data points! We will figure this shit out eventually. Im trying to do this new trick on extradition I heard about elsewhere in the thread: Follow the method in the OP for best results.

Use an off-road vehicle so you can drive straight over the mountain to Martin's. I purposely drew it out to ten minutes and got 12k.

I did it solo. Just make sure to link back here, in case I update something which will happen often. Some examples I would like your advice on: Judging the Jury coming soon!

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