How to make money through blogging philippines

How to make money through blogging philippines

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March 21, By Victorino Abrugar 3 Comments. So you want to earn dollars without going abroad? You may have heard that blogging can be a great way to make money at the comfort of your home. You have probably learned that there are already many Filipino bloggers who are earning and cashing in some bucks without even going to office to work for their bosses.

How Top Bloggers Earn Money [Philippines Edition]

But how will you do it? How will you follow their steps? Making money from blogging is not an easy feat. It requires patience, practice and the right strategy to succeed. Thousands of Filipinos have already tried to make a blog to taste the passive income it might give, but many of them failed.

However, by following the right steps, you could actually make it a success. Here are 10 steps you may follow to earn dollars while blogging from the Philippines. Find out your forte in writing. Identify your best talent, skill or profession where you can excel and crush your competition. In other words, choose a niche where you have a rich supply of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Choose something which is matched with your career and even lifestyle — something that you can do consistently even for a long period of time. Identify a list of top blogs on that niche.

Visit those blogs to observe and analyze their content and the strategy used to attract and retain readers. Determine their blogging tactics and styles. Then go further by visiting their social media profiles to analyze their social media engagement. From there, you can already have a good idea of who your competitors are and what you should do to outshine them.

You may also join groups of bloggers on Facebook and other forums to observe how blogging works. Just write down your strategy, procedures, competitive analysis, SWOT, funding, timeline, and other important information that will guide you to your goals. Remember that blogging requires you to spend money and time. This one is technical. If you are serious with your blogging career, invest in a quality, professional and marketable blog.

This step involves registering your own domain name, setting up your web host, and developing your blog. And aside from that you will also need to install, design and develop your actual blog using WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform now. This package already includes:.

COM domain registration worth P just add P1, to register a. Publish evergreen and engaging content. Write evergreen content or those articles that can still be useful even after 3 years or more. Creating unique and high quality evergreen content is the best way to generate organic traffic from the search engines.

Real Life Philippines Earn money living in the Philippines

This kind of traffic, once earned, could last for years and help you generate passive income. Evergreen and other high quality content require time and patience to create. But once you have them, you can relax and sit back while watching your traffic coming.

They also naturally become viral on social media. Optimize your content for search engines. However, to further increase your search engine rankings and make your blog more visible to the right audience, do some basic search engine optimization techniques. These SEO techniques include using the right meta tags, such as page titles, descriptions, and keywords. Using engaging images with the right alt texts the alternate texts read by search engines on images will also enrich your content and become more visible on search engines.

Promote your blog and content in social media. Create profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other applicable social media platforms to build up your brand and attract followers. These social media profiles will also help your blog increase its authority in search engines. Moreover, share your latest blog posts in your social media network so that your followers will be updated with your latest content.

If you want to increase your Facebook Page likes quickly, you can try Facebook Page Ad with a minimum budget of P40 per day. If you believe that your latest blog post has the quality to become viral, you can also buy Facebook Page Post ad to reach more audience and boost engagements. However, remember that not all niches work with Facebook Ads.

Making money blogging in the Philippines -

If your niche tackles the latest and hottest issues on the Internet, then Facebook Ad will probably work. Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console in your blog to monitor traffic, search visibility, site health, performance and other important information about your blog.

This will also help you determine if your blog is already ready to make money. Remember that you have to wait for your blog to have enough quality content and generate at least 1, unique visitors per day or 30, UV per month to start generating income. To give you an idea, this blog is generating , UV per month.

how to make money through blogging philippines

Hence, focus on publishing more quality content to generate consistent traffic before thinking of earning dollars. Apply and implement available monetization schemes. If you believe that your blog is already eligible, join advertising programs that are most applicable to your blog.

AdSense is one of the most popular and easiest monetization schemes available for bloggers. Once your application is approved by Google, you can already start using AdSense to make money from your blog according to their terms and policies.

how to make money through blogging philippines

Aside from AdSense, you could also earn from affiliate programs, blog sponsorship, direct advertising and other monetization schemes available for Philippine blogs. Continue blogging and wait for your earnings. Be patient and consistent. Blogging as a startup small business could be tough and competitive. You will normally face a lot of hardships and challenges.

However, if you have a good plan, just implement it. It could take 3 to 6 months before you can generate enough traffic, which can be converted into blogging profit. Aim for your th quality blog post.

How to make money through blogging? | Yahoo Answers

So just continue providing quality content to get more traffic, and eventually, more profit. The only difference is that, if you will consistently blog with quality and strategy, your blog can generate passive income for you. Victorino Abrugar is a business consultant, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur.

He's the founder of Optixor, Inc. Follow him on Twitter at viclogic. Blogging , Make Money Online Tagged With: March 21, at 3: It takes a lot of hard work and devotion to get to the point where you are making some decent money at it.

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how to make money through blogging philippines

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