Mini 14 tactical stock options

Mini 14 tactical stock options

Author: Cruzenshtein Date of post: 13.06.2017

Hello and welcome to our Ruger Mini Tactical conversion page. This page is long but filled with a lot of information about our accuracy conversions. This didn't go over well with some companies, as you can see in their adverse advertising. We will be up front with you. We are not cheap!

Shooting the Archangel Sparta stock / mini 14 tactical

If you want a cheap conversion remember you get what you pay for. Or do you want a company that makes the Mini their business and guarantees accuracy?! Cheap is not always better when it comes to accuracy.

mini 14 tactical stock options

The Mini is well built and is worth every penny you spend with us to upgrade the rifle to match grade accuracy. I don't have to tell you that it ends there, but they are still very similar. The Mini is a very tough, well built system as it is. It will take all the abuse you can dish out and still be depended on to function when you need it. Here is a quote from General George Patton: Well below are some good reasons. Not to mention, have you priced a new M14 lately?

Yes, it does shoot a Winchester compared to a Remington. But it also weighs more, cost more and doesn't come with an accuracy guarantee unless you pay extra. Don't feel stuck with the caliber either, we do offer other calibers to suit your needs. Mini mini 14 tactical stock options - No hot gases are dumped into the bolt. So the bolt is not over come by excessive heat!

Also there is no carbon to build up and lock up the bolt! AR15 - Hot gases are test drive unlimited 2 money cheat ps3 into the bolt to say the least and carbon will build up if not regularly cleaned causing a malfunction and or cease to operate condition.

Mini 14 - All steel receiver and case hardened to a thickness of at least. Mini 14 - Open bolt design is a close copy of the M The open bolt is very forgiving when it comes to dirt, dust or sand.

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The rifle clean or dirty just keeps ticking and ticking. AR Closed bolt design. Just ask our troops about the plastic baggies they need to use to keep the sand from jamming up there rifles. Mini 14 - Self-cleaning gas system no buffer tube to collect moisture or dirt and lock up the buffer system. Mini 14 - Field strips in seconds. Pop the trigger guard and the rifle practically dismantles it self.

mini 14 tactical stock options

Mini 14 - Now here the AR has an advantage over the Mini. Out of the box ACCURACY!

Mini 14 - But here we can help! We can turn your Mini 14 into a rifle that will shoot right next to an AR15 after one of our conversions is completed. Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of the rifles you would have to say the Mini definitely has some advantages and we can take care of the disadvantages!

All rifles below are examples of what can be built on your Supplied rifle. Remember we can mix, and match any item seen below to accommodate your needs and budget.


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The Conservative package applies only to the Mini Mini 30 Barrel Package Prices You supplying your rifle. ASI Tactical Fluted Ranch Rifle with Linear Quiet Muzzle Brake. New Complete Mini PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH OUT NOTICE!

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