Jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key

Jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key

Author: AndreS08 Date of post: 07.07.2017

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Though it may be a duplicate question but i'm not able to find a solution. I have a text box for searching using jQuery autocomplete.

When I type something in text box, it is showing the suggestions out of which none is selected. I found out that selectFirst: If I select an item in the drop down list and press enter, it is working fine. The problem is that if user enters app for apple and presses the enter key, it tries to submit the form with app.

The form should only be submitted with one of the values from the drop down list. I tried to disable the form submit on pressing enter so that I could submit form from JavaScript but couldn't find a solution.

jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key

Please help me on this:. Note that there is and not 'submit', so default enter pressing should not work for form.

Autocomplete: Automatically select first item in dropdown OR add item into drop down menu - jQuery Forum

It jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key the autocomplete i guess that is submitting the form on submit. If you are using this: If you are headlines from the stock market crash of 1929 facts jquery ui for auto complete, all you need is specifying the autoFocus: It will automatically select the first result and when hit enter key it will use the jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key result.

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jquery autocomplete select first item on enter key

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Stack Overflow is a community of 7. Join them; it only takes a minute: Please help me on this: Here is my code: Ashutosh 2 14 Would it be fine if like you expect selectFirst option to work, you can have the first option to be focused by default?

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