How to make a wire transfer of money wells fargo account

How to make a wire transfer of money wells fargo account

Author: eli7e Date of post: 27.05.2017

I need to transfer rent to my land lord who uses Chase. I cant find an option to input his routing or account number. I dont have the cell phone or email address linked to his account. Thank you for your question! We are working on getting you an answer and will follow up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your question. To send money from your Wells Fargo Account to your landlord, you do not need his account number, but you will need either his mobile number or email address to set up your money transfer. This video provides instructions on how to transfer money to a non-Wells Fargo account. This question may be "assumed answered," but anyone with a heartbeat who takes the time to read it can plainly see it has not. I'd like to know, personally. It's a massive shortfall not to offer this option, by the way.

Hi Robert, thanks for asking the question. Wells Fargo has a service called SurePay. SurePay put's the burden to the receiver to register something with Wells Fargo. But why should I have to put the burden on the receiver if I already have all the data that is technically required to transfer money? Hi Michaelaye, I am researching several things for you. I called Customer Support and asked them their advice on this since I am not a personal banker.

And when you are paying a landlord regularly, Britany thinks Bill Pay is easier. Here is the post on the community that provides the same information for the reason you mention above. How to send money to a landlord through online BillPay? Let us know what you decide to do because there are many others with the same question and would love to here about your decision and experience.

Hi michaelaye, I asked the product manager of SurePay about the reason a recipient is asked to go through a registration process. See below for a reason for the process.

Let me know if I can help further. We also validate that the recipient has access to the email address you provided, and it is only a one-time process. We wanted to update the Community about the below article relevant to this conversation. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions. How to transfer money from a Wells Fargo account to someone else who has a Non-Wells Fargo account.

The number to reach them is Let us know if they're helpful. I Know the options. But then what if there is no branch in Massachusetts! How does that work? Well I called you guys and you said there's nothing you can dI. There's sure pay which makes the receiver register which is rude in my opinion and then there's bill pay which is rude because it sends a check which takes 3 to 5 business days then they have to go to a bank to deposit the check.

If I have a routing number and account number then I should be able to send money online. I hear your request and currently you are correct in the knowledge of the types of money transfer options Wells Fargo provides. With regards to Wells Fargo SurePay SM , it sounds like your concern is with the part of the process where recipients are asked to accept an invitation to receive a transfer of money by registering their email address.

We thought we would provide you with a bit more information about this. When transferring money to someone else, we have found that most people are uncomfortable asking someone for their account number, so we provide a different method.

The nice part is that not only does the recipient only have to complete this process once, but at that time they can choose an additional optional transfer process and add their mobile number to be used by you if desired.

For more information, we included a few articles that you might find some additional nuggets of helpful information.

Wells Fargo Wire Transfer

Let us know if we can further assist. Should I use Bill Pay or the Wells Fargo SurePay service to send money? I still think that if they already gave me their account number and routing number, then Wells Fargo should at least allow an option for that. They gave me those numbers thinking that it would be easy enough to just plug it in and do it. So there's no reason to have them register for anything.

It's wrong that Wells Fargo doesn't give an option for this. Bank of America has this option and it's perfectly safe. Does Wells Fargo intend to implement the same level of service that every banking customer in Germany and Australia regardless of bank enjoy? The same level of service that companies like HSBC and Bank of America offer to their customers? I just moved back to the states after living in Germany for the last 10 years, and this service is standard there.

I have been a loyal WF customer since they took over Great american in So in essence I have been using the same bank since when i opened my first savings account. If there are no plans to implement this service, then I am, unfortunately, going to have to move to a different bank. This service is too critical in today's society for a bank to not offer it as a service. So we can properly pass this along for you, would you mind sharing some more detail on what you would like to see implemented?

Again, your response is greatly appreciated. What I would like to see is the ability to transfer money to someone as long as I have their routing number and account information. I am used to being able to pay bills or transfer money to individuals using my phone or computer when I have their name, IBAN, and account number.

To be fair, this transfer ability comes with the requirement to use a security token to generate a transaction authentication number TAN. I am willing to pay a one time fee for the security token in order to have this ability with Wells Fargo.

Have you considered informing your customers that these numbers are in no way private? Account and routing numbers are on every check.

People shouldn't feel uncomfortable sharing this information in order to receive payment. It's simply an address. So much so that I prefer to transfer to the landlord from my other banks rather than Wells Fargo. Thanks Wells User for the feedback particularly about your need to pay your landlord easily. As you can see, we have received similar feedback and we pass it along to our contact who manages payments and transfers.

While we can't reveal information about future products or services at Wells Fargo, they wanted us to let you know that they hear your frustration and appreciate the feedback. Our customer's feedback is always an important consideration in future planning.

I tried using Sure Pay to send urgent funds to my daughter at a different bank. I received notice that it failed 2 days later. Why- Because Wells Fargo failed to instruct me and failed to post information within the Sure Pay page, that the recipient has to register their Email address on clearxchange.

I am about to withdraw everything from this bank. They are completely out of touch with their services. Our Social Care team would like to speak with you regarding this experience. Would you please email them at SocialCare wellsfargo. Let them know that you came from the Community and make sure to not share anything private, such as account numbers.

I received Email that they were going to address the problem but I am still waiting for someone to contact me. It's going on 3 days now. Hi stymie, We apologize for the wait and we appreciate your patience. We will follow up with our team regarding this and will contact you as soon as we have updates to share.

Hey stymie, we checked in with our support team and it looks like they were able to assist you. Thanks again for reaching out to the Community.

This thread was started in Two years later and your customers are still frustrated with trying to do something that the rest of the civilized world has figured out a long time ago.

I was doing online transfers in Europe and Australia in You keep saying that you will pass the information on, but you never post any updates from the people you pass it on to. Please do not placate us anymore with; "we will pass it on".

I'd like to hear what wells fargo is actually doing for it's customers who are about to jump ship. I have had the same frustrations and I have recently come over to the USA from South Africa.

The fact that online transfers can't be done in the USA with Wells Fargo is bizarre and something I cannot get used to. I have been doing online transfers in South Africa since before , just like sattycommo.

I spoke to a "social care" representative and blatantly told her that the banking is YEARS behind Europe and Africa and I am sure all the other continents on earth. The fact that Pins on debit cards are only a recent security feature being implemented in the USA is actually slightly terrifying. I have used a Pin debit card since the year Adding additional security to prevent fraud is not a difficult thing.

Add more pins, one time pins sent to cellphones when doing internet transfers etc. I am in agreeance with all of the above customers. I have been a Wells Fargo custome for over 15 years, and I WILL be switching to a new bank ASAP!

I agree that we should be able to send money given an account and routing number at another bank. I have had so much trouble setting up automatic payments for my landlord that I now drive to her bank and deposit the money in person. WF dropped the ball twice when setting up my payments. My landlord does not want a physical check delivered to her address and I don't want to annoy her because I'd simply like to avoid anything that could put a damper on our relationship.

I went to my local branch and had someone help me set up having a check delivered to my landlord's bank with her account and routing number attached so that the other bank would deposit it for her, and that process fell apart after only a few months, resulting in my landlord not getting paid one month, and being double paid another month.

It made her angry, and me stressed out. My landlord won't be happy signing up for a wells fargo account just to receive a payment. She's provided me with routing and account numbers.

how to make a wire transfer of money wells fargo account

In her mind, she is not responsible for doing any more. Her attitude is another problem, but if wells fargo would provide a simple service in a manner that doesn't place any burden on the recipient, I would have no problems. As it is now, I don't wish to rely on any service wells fargo offers to transfer money to other people's accounts, because they're unreliable and they place a burden on the individual receiving the money.

My solution was to open an account with another bank to do my transfers, and just use the wells fargo service to transfer money to myself. Since Wells Fargo representatives are unable to post the correct answer, here is the actual answer for everyone who needs to send wire transfers to other people at other banks.

I send many transfers to various people, institutions and banks. Wells Fargo does support sending wires online via their Commercial Electronic Office CEO services at https: This allows you to send money to anyone just using the Routing Number and Account Number, which is the most proper and simple way to send money.

SurePay is useless, especially if you need to send money to various institutions who won't even authorize their employees to sign up and accept SurePay or other junk methods promoted by Wells Fargo. Using wire transfers is also the only way of sending money to all other countries, because that's the world standard.

And this explains why Wells Fargo is unwilling to offer the same services to regular folks with personal accounts. They prefer to charge lots of money to provide access to such services to privileged people like myself, while other banks make this a regular service for everyone. For example I can send wire transfers online via Citibank website without any hassle, special account types and extra fees.

Thus I'm considering switching away from Wells Fargo as well, as what they are unable to stay current with the modern times and methods of doing business online.

However, anyone can send money transfers at a local Wells Fargo branch by manually filling out a long form, thus basically wasting your own time and the time of Wells Fargo employees. Here is a sample form for sending wire transfers from your local Wells Fargo branch:. On another hand, wire transfers are mostly used for business-to-business transactions, therefore some banks may not offer such services online for personal accounts. Based on your messages, it looks like you have a business account.

So I had a need to transfer funds to to make a payment using an ACH like transfer Name, routing number, account number from one of my accounts. It is March 17, and this thread goes back to When is Wells Fargo going to make this an option in their online transfers?

I'm looking at moving my personal and business accounts to Chase because they have this one single option. Please provide an update on when or if this is going to be an option really a service that other banks have. Feel free to give us a little more detail of what you would like to see, as we will gladly pass that along for you.

Since you state "make a payment", we wondered if you're referring to paying a bill i. Its pretty simple and since I'm getting set up with Chase I'll show you an image of what they have if i can figure how to attach an image that is Oh and since you seem to not have a clue what an ACH is see this wiki page Automated Clearing House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My insurance provider requires ACH or wire transfer. Can't use your bill pay no way so don't suggest it. But that would be silly right? Cause customers will just move on to other banks. Unless the insurance agent is independent and does not have a payment service most major insurance companies already provide ACH and autopay services through their websites which are probably more efficient than going through a third party such as a bank and having to pay a fee.

We reached out and forwarded this feedback to the team. They appreciate you sharing your feedback on this. Not sure why this question is marked as answered. Yes, the title is technically answered, but if you read the additional information it is not. It would seem the answer is that you cannot transfer funds using account and routing number.

This is clearly supported by most major banks, so it's unfortunate that Wells Fargo does not provide this. My new land lord is requiring this and it looks like my only option is to open an account at another bank, which is annoying. This is not a resolved issue. The comment that " We reached out and forwarded this feedback to the team" can be read as "we are doing our best to ignore you!

They really don't want to be better than the competition, just mediocre. Hey flux, sorry that you felt we ignored you. We do want you to know that we hear you. Check out the below which is new and let me know if this may be helpful to you. We did make sure to share your prior feedback to the team that looks into transfer options. To check if this feature is available for you, Sign on to Wells Fargo Online, select the Transfers tab, and look for the Wires tab. As a European I really wonder why this has taken so long or why it is still so expensive from experience its free in the UK, Belgium, France and Germany.

Anyway, I was trying to set up a wire online but unfortunately it doesnt seem to work. Only last week I transferred to the same recipient by having the banker at my local branch do it. Now when I try to do it the online tool tells me the routing number is not valid for wire transfers.

Since I wasn't able to do it I went to my local branch. I did the same thing there and the banker at the branch was adamant that the routing number changes on whether they or I do the transfer.

No need to comment on that, everyone can make of that what they want. Were you able to check the Online Wires page and see if that offered any insight i. Since we don't want you sharing account specifics here on this public forum, you may need to contact the Service Center so they can look into the specifics of your transaction.

If you still need assistance after calling, let us know and we will look for another path for you. I've also spoken to the Service Center who's idea was for me to switch browser and delete WellsFargo as a favourite.

I get the same result via Mozilla or IE though. Please look for a communication from us in your Community inbox. I have a recurring wire transfer I need to make.

I went to the bank 2 weeks ago and they could do it just fine. I thought, hey doing it online is far easier and I can do that anytime not just when I have time to swing by my local branch. When I tried to wire money online, I got an error message regarding the routing number. I had sent money to the exact same recipient 2 weeks earlier.

Since WF believes they should decide who I can sent my money to I'll be leaving them. I was also frankly disgusted by the stark incompetence in branch and behaviour. The manager was showing pictures of how she wanted her nails done to a colleague during our discussion, and simply couldnt understand the difference between an entry mask on a computer and how account and routing numbers work. We're always sad to hear about a customer leaving. We will make sure this feedback is shared with the correct team.

I am also, 2 years later, having this problem. This question has not been answered. I recently moved my accounts to Wells Fargo, and I'm considering leaving. I want to do a simple, monthly recurring ACH transfer from my account to another person's account at a different bank.

I do not want to do a wire transfer. I do not want to use SurePay and ask them to register. I want to enter their name, routing number, and account number, and have money automatically transferred each month.

My last bank had a simple form for this. I called the customer service number and the online support number. They both told me I could do this by going to a branch.

I went to a branch today and spent an hour, speaking to every banker, including the manager. They called their support numbers. No one could figure out to do this, so they told me that Wells Fargo couldn't do this type of transfer. This is ridiculous, as every other bank I've ever used does this easily. When I got home, I did a Google search, which brought me this form:. This form apparently allows me to debit someone else's account, but not to credit it? Does anyone at this bank actually know what's going on?

I'm feeling very frustrated. Please email the team at SocialCare wellsfargo. Tell them you posted on the Community or feel free to share a link to this post , and they will investigate this further. Do not share anything private when emailing them, such as account numbers. Our company needs to pay our lawyers and accountants based in the US. How are going to do the wire transfer ONLINE using our wells fargo checking account when we are based in ASIA.

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Mar 1, 8: Nov 30, 8: How do I transfer funds to a customer of a different bank? This content has been marked as final. Please let us know if you have any other questions! HOW can a Wells Fargo customer transfer funds online to a DIFFERENT person at a DIFFERENT bank. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Hi rhythmicgirl88, I hear your request and currently you are correct in the knowledge of the types of money transfer options Wells Fargo provides. We will go ahead and pass this along. I second all users above. Wells Fargo needs to have ability to transfer money online using an account and routing number.

This WFPay for recipient registration is a big burden or driving to the Branch. My landlord refuses to register with Wells Fargo and rightly so.

There are still no instructions on the page. I wrote to the Board Communications over 2 weeks ago and to this day, they have not responded. Totally mad about it. Hey stymie, we heard from the support team and they wanted to share the below with you.

To the wells fargo moderators of this forum. Here is a sample form for sending wire transfers from your local Wells Fargo branch: Ok here is some detail: Forget your bill pay for this discussion it's not for business accounts.

ACH transfers and payments. Hello, is there anyone out there? Did you see my replies above? Its a domestic transfer, so really there shouldnt be any issue. Let me check with our Online Support and see if they have any insight. How to access your personal inbox: Ensure you are logged in. Click on your name in the top right of the page, next to Welcome. A drop down box will appear.

You will see a new message from us. Alright, I want to summarize what happened so that other people can share my insight. Called the hotline - They were convinced it was the recipient's fault and told me to check with them again. When I told them I had done so, they said, they I should do so again, something had to be wrong with their info. My reply that I wired money 2 weeks ago to the same recipient was ignored.

Went to my local branch - Since the phone thing didnt work I went to the branch and tried it with them. We even called the recipient. All bankers were in completely over their heads. And they were totally adamant that it made a big difference who entered the account and routing number me or them because their screen looked different. My reply that it was just a different mask was ignored. They were completely convinced that the fault was on the recipient side and they couldnt do anything.

After posting here - So I came here, and I got a phone number from people with some competence. Who explained that the accounts you can send money to is restricted and you cannot send money whereever you want. In my case, I wanted to send money to TransferWise, a FX broker. When I got home, I did a Google search, which brought me this form: Hi, Our company needs to pay our lawyers and accountants based in the US.

I hope you can help me find a permanent solution on this one.

How to Send Money to Others Online

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