Putin russian adoption ban

Putin russian adoption ban

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And we have demonstrated that nobody can impose anything on us. But today the people of Russia have demonstrated that such options, such scenarios will never achieve success in our country, never!

Russian Adoption Ban Sent to Putin - WSJ

I have promised you that we would and we have won! Yes, indeed, dear President Putin, my dear Orthodox brother in Christ, you who are reviving the Church and Christianity in Moscow and beyond, Glory to Russia! At a round table meeting, held just prior to the March 4th presidential elections, Putin addressed a number of key military experts at the nuclear research city of Sarov not far from Moscow. There, Putin underscored his determination—just as he declared in his victory speech above—that NO outside force will be allowed to impose its will on his regime, whether at home or abroad.

What do I mean by this? Just a few years ago, as I know, they used to speak of us among their fellow allies as follows: All they have is rusted-out junk. Putin then added with a dose of Russian realism: Ultimately, Israel will find itself caught between two fires. Between enraged Muslim nations to its West and enraged Muslim nations to its East.

What happened was that last weekend I found myself almost entirely immovable and in a state of extreme exhaustion. Thus, I cancelled both my Knoxville Trip and Boston Trip scheduled for this week and toward the end of March. However, due to my financial straits to pay the bills, I had to put up another article and do another Video this one to keep the funding coming in as I am in the throes of a day-to-day struggle to keep my public ministry alive.

I had to use my own personal funds reserved for rent, food, personal expenses etc to pay the bills for my public ministry. Be assured, as Putin put it, they will NOT impose their will on OUR site here at Real Zionist News.

So, if you like what I am doing please consider helping me financially. It is a day to day struggle now to maintain my public ministry. PS - A handful of caring people have sent in cash donations in the last few months and before as well even from overseas. BE ASSURED that I DO GET all cash donations safely and securely. Thank you to all who send in cash donations! Arthur at Radical Press up north. I am blessed with the ability to get up to your neighborhood several times every year, and I would like to have a meal with you this month or early April.

Is that possible if I were to be nearby when you are also? My email is on top and bottom of every article and video posted here AND on the Home Page. If this is not just the next divide and rule spiel, Putin might truly be the hope of the world. He does appear sincere to me. The satanic New World Order aims at an ultimately soulless machine world, where everything is artificially controlled. Not only economically the worker ant status, but even down to the bloodstream of people, their genes, information, beliefs, emotions chemically, emf and they are working at mind control devices as well.

Let the New World Order-lings taste the hell they profess to love so much and leave all peoples and nations alone for good, so we can finally live in a sane and godly way. Snapshot imagery cannot transmit the same impressions. There seem to be well esteemed fellow writers on this site, who believe Russia is a communist country or others, equally esteemed, purport to believe that Russia may be under masonic rule and would at the first opportunity attack Europe, of which it is part, the object being to bring to us, well, to bring to us what?

To bring us Communism? We have got more of that than Russia in the shape of our Union-Commissares. Or to bring us masonic rule? Have we not also got our share of this as the events of Norway show? So what could the Russians of today bring us, if they would attack us?

Maybe a little relief from our star-Union Commissares? Deletion button pressed on the Park Avenue and Wall Street Money Suckers? An attack then, I must confess, that I would welcome! The Reality is that Russia is neither in Communist, nor Masonic, nor Jewish hands.

When I see the crowds Putin is pulling and when I hear what he is saying to his people, I am reminded of my post on Kennedy a few days ago. Like Kennedy and other historic figures before he is trying to protect his people from the Jewish curse and up to now he is doing quite well. May a few quanta of more luck accompany Putin on his way than fate had granted to Kennedy and others.

And maybe we will see that his accomplishments in Russia can be a guiding star for those of us who are still suffering from Jewish rule, especially when it has spritually mutilated us to such a degree that we have problems to recognise realtiy even if it is transacting itself before our very eyes.

Communism should seemingly collapse and if the West falsely believe that the cold War is over a surprise attack had started. I am convinced that glasnost and perstroika was a deception. The same people who had power in Communism were controlling Russia Jewish Oligarchs and it seemed to many people in the West that Russia was not a Communist country any more.

Furthermore there were several seers like Irlmaier with an incredible hit rate who foresaw a third world war starting with a Soviet invasion. But I think this scenerio is over now, at the latest since the Jewish drunkard Yeltsin was removed from power. And the Oligarchs are now kept in check. Last time I had some doubts about Putin was After the metro bombing were many troops moved, two weeks later was the plane crash in Smolensk where half of the Polish elite died and allegedly a laptop with NATO codes vanished.

Probably the work of Mossad or CIA who tried to prevent that Poles and Russians come together. Putin prevented a third world war several times; e. Or also on other occasions, too. And would be relatively unbloody because there is no defence any more.


Our American masters ordered a complete dismantling of the defence. A Jew with good connections to US, brought to a close what other before him have started: To apostate Hebrew tribe originates from 13th tribes of Israel in the Bible has only 12 tribes in the space of the former Soviet Union and called K H Azari and now hold through its branch offices all over the world almost all the financial and banking, industrial, commercial, and other cultural and religious activity.

Especially Muslim countries are the gang eyesore because it is not allowed to register and action Masonic lodges except Turkey and were not able to spread their sick doctrine and immorality, so that those countries attacked by provoking crises and wars and adjusting slave regimes Today operate over sc. Al-Qaeda, which the Americans have created and existing under the direct command of NATO and spread terror throughout the world unjustly blamed Muslims.

All is a dirty game that hardly an objective observer can understand the first in the Middle East and Palestine and what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinian people is nothing but a genocide carried out since The world is here and talk about the conflict, does this conflict-the Palestinians to defend themselves for survival and the Israelis attack and destroy unarmed people.

My sympathies, which were repeated by many popes and therefore did not recognize the state of Israel, are on the side of Palestine, which take away the basic right of life. Jews are doing the same thing the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them even worse, nothing they did not learn history.

In European countries where Liberals are allowed to do their dirty work they literally dissolve all the healthy forces in society and all the abnormal becomes normal, everything becomes unhealthy, healthy, everything becomes inhumane humane, and thus promote homosexual marriages, abortion, euthanasia, contraception, promiscuity, quick divorces, etc all with the aim to destroy the basic unit of society-family, which is the basis for the survival of nations and states.

Culture of death is at work will not succeed in their plans but need to be healthy forces in each society, each involved in their range of options on the good side because, as Edmund Burke said, that evil prospered, good men need only do nothing!

The clock is ticking away, and now, with every passing second another layer of skin peeled from the Zionistic onion. Method and Motive are coming into focus more and more. Thanks to Brother Nathanael, and Vladamir Putin, Zionism has its back to the wall and none of the mainstream whitewash propaganda is fooling anyone. The real race is on, every second that goes by without an attack on Iran, the true complexion of Zionism becomes blemished by its own history.

Everyone has Zionism under the microscope. As the ugliness comes into focus for the world to see — time ticks on — pressure builds — and something must give. On a pressure cooker, this is known as the relief valve.

In Zionism, well, desperation is pressure — TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK…. They are the problem in the world still today, and it is truth that the Satan and his Hidden Hand remains in control of the planet today. I wonder Brother Nathanael, Do you know if the Evil ones have left Russia after they destroyed her?

Does Putin have complete control over them, or is he in the same situation as the Western World in this regard? Very powerful video and beautifully done.

I also agree that Putin will save us from destruction by putting our cowardly leaders in their place…. If a miracle happened and Ron Paul were elected president, I could see a friendly alliance with Russia and the dismantlement of the illegal state of Israel — and peace in the world.

The Russians saved the U. Liberty Ship from total destruction by the JEWS. The two hour attack on this hapless ship that resulted in the murder of 34 American sailors was not called off until a Russian Destroyer raced to the scene and offered assistance to the Liberty.

The WAR MONGERING JEWS are threatening World War 3. And now the Russians are drawing a line in the sand with respect to Syria and Iran. Will this stop the long planned WWIII? And keep telling yourself this is all about fighting terror. The nutters have to love this. Like during Operation CYANIDE [US-Israeli attack on USS LIBERTY, combined with Israeli attack on Arab nations, June ], the Russkies again saved the World.

Please listen this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT podcast by Glenn and Dankoff - well, since VERY IMPORTANT MAP OF The Jewish State TUT Podcast Feb 27, http: This is more than enough to know how much Organized Jewry like him.

Many of us and our ancestors still prefer to bear grudge for the murder and rapes by Soviet soldiers inforgetting that those people were brought to animal level by Jew commisars and Ilya Ehrenburg.

I myself hope that Europe will shake off the shackles and join with Russia in repairing our Fatherlands and our souls.

I am sensing a major epiphany and the bully is meeting with growing resistance. Israel assumed its US slave would go and take out another domino, why all the silence. The longer this drama drags out, the worse it gets for Israel — and they know it, thus they are increasingly cornered.

Expose the Holohoax, the Bolsheviks etc. Unleash the records you have. Once the truth is known, it is game over.

If these roaches are not removed, they will re-load and plot and resurrect. Nuremberg II would be justice. He needs our prayers for covering now as he stands courageously against the zionist-controlled west. According to the New York Daily News NYDNthe unidentified young boy contracted herpes simplex virus Type 1 from the Rockland County rabbi that performed the ritual on him, and died shortly thereafter. Have you seen it? How is going to stop??? Pro-Assad Christians in Syria: A nation transformed from goodness to garbage — NOT in 2 thousand years — but in in two generations.

We are a morally rotted corpse of the gutless walking dead in endless denial of reality. WE ARE AN OCCUPIED NATION - no less than Palestine - only we do not have an OUNCE Of moral courage to defend our own families as do the poor Palestinains.

Did any of you bother to read the documented TRUE story of what these Jew monsters did to a Palestinain child and her parents? You know, the one where these demonic scum turned loose hungry dogs so as to eat the body of the child right before the eyes of the parents and provide jew style sadistic entertainment for their cowardly IDF.

It is the JEWS STUPID! Do ANY Of you who are still parroting that word for evil Jews to hide behind ever actually READ my experiences inIsraHELL? The term Zionists is a cop-out for evil wicked Jews. BS, it does NOT work like that. Today we make Sodom look like Camelot! I have lost my OWN beloved son to this suffocating evil. One could look for months tring to find a TRUE Christian church today that has NOT Been poisoned by Jew filth.

Catholics today now have in essence- a JEW Pope! How much worse can it get? THAT is the ugly truth of what shallow, cowardly, hypocrites we have become.

Yes - I for one would WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS a foreign force who would liberate us from the suffocating filth, and stench of death, and evil, AND criminal ignorance that now permeates every pore of what we once stood for. I would proudly fight at their side if they were to convince me that liberating my country from these disgusting, filthy, demonic, wicked, sadistic, lying Jews was 1 on their agenda. THERE - I have said with all sincerity what I never believed I could - and am not ashamed in any way.

The possibility of being able to live out the rest of my life in peace among men of wisdom honor and good will is all I live for. Everything else that I ever loved respected and believed in has been taken from me.

May God bless Brother Nathanael. But I will NOT be so insolent and hypocritical as to ask God to bless this evil wicked sinful place which USED to be the land of the free and home of the brave.

We have irrevocably damned OURSELVES by our majority loyalty to the Sons of Satan. Being a long term truth seeker I have always found myself suspicious of anyone, even Putin. After all, he is well aware how a few grams of lead can stop him dead in his tracks. Could you please explain, how does the non-existence of Communism in Russia make any sense at all? Why would Communism take over the world but give up the very country they used to establish their power structure? Now others in higher political circles need to show some balls by taking a stand.

Putin can inspire those without political position who understand the treachery of Jew perfidy — people such as us. However, those with political muscle must begin heeding his words. Putin is courageously putting himself and his country on the line!

What about other political big-shots around the world? Will at least some show a bit of courage through taking a firm stand? Who among us is without flaw? I wish I was as knowledgeable about the history as many of you here. I will not be detered because I am sincere, even if my choices of words are incorrect.

It was likely planned to give the Jews some legitimacy on the world stage, but most certainly asylum when their tribesemen got caught corrupting other countries. I wonder how many Russians, via the Internet, have connected the dots to the Bolsheviks, and how MILLIONS of their ancestors were tortured and murdered. I think these pictures will interest you and Brother Nathanael. They are of Russia before the Jew Revolution of and they show the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour before it was burned down.

Sadly, most of the priests in these photos would have been humiliated and then murdered once the Commie Jews took power. There are also hundreds of other old archive photos of Russia before Jew Commie destruction took its toll. Each of the links on the page represents a whole sheet of new photos. If you need some English help, then you can translate it through Google here:.

The numbers are still staggeringly high, over 50, more orphaned each year. I ask, because as Christians, we are scripturally obliged to help the little ones James 1: Do you know if the Orthodox Church is getting more involved with local Russian orphans or if Putin is helping by making the nation aware of this terrible internal problem? Maybe, what the West needs is a dose of what they have been doling out for far too long now. To free the Americans of their tyranical and corrupt regime that has been driving world conflict for longer than I care to recount.

The fact that the US and by extension, Israel, have been able to continually target and impose terror on so many nations while claiming to be the victim, is enough to drive anyone to tears. If that means China or Russia finally have to step up and proclaim enough is enough, then so be it.

Who is going to stop the aggression? The tortures, the secret prisons, the drone strikes on wedding and funerals. I will welcome the day when America gets a taste of what it has been feeding the rest of the world. And all those who would be waving American flags for their terrorists in uniform will finally see what it is like to be labeled terrorists, insurgents, etc for merely defending their homes.

The day I see American tanks rolling down my street, you can best bet that I, too, will be sitting up at 3am making roadside welcome packages for them. You can call me a terrorist…an insurgent…whatever you choose.

But I will still be fighting for my country, and you will still be the terrorists in my eyes. The last 20 years or so that I have been awake have proven to me that the Americans cannot be trusted, and should not be trusted.

They have proven they are nothing more than an infantile warring nation that thinks of itself as somehow better than the rest of those they SHARE this world with.

However, they continue to use the dangerous and practically useless modern therapies on their goy clients. Hamer protested this hypocrisy. This is why the Jewish community labels him as an anti-semite. I am so happy to see this latest video back up, and that whatever glitch there was before has been taken care of.

This latest video is really the frosting on the cake. Some more of the picture. US Ambassador to Russia Michael Anthony McFaul experienced a rough reception when he took his post in January of this year.

Bill Burns knows this country extremely well, having served here as the US Ambassador from until Folksy from Montana, staying chipper through a pretended ambush from out of the blue, you make it sound like it just happened to coincide, and that you just happen to tag along with Burns to a number of meetings with senior Russian officials over the weekend prior to his actual start date. No, these diplomatic events were all carefully coordinated through the US Department of State and its Russian counterpart according to protocols, including the later coordinated meeting with the noisy gaggle of Western-backed Russian opposition geese.

And, since visiting senior U. Mikhail Leontiev, in a scorching broadcast on Jan 17 or 18? That is, cooperation with authorities and at the same time, specific work with the opposition. In this work a McFaul should not be any problems [for the opposition], given the strong threads that bind these people. InObama nominated McFaul to be United States Ambassador to Russia. On December 17,the Jew-controlled Senate confirmed McFaul by unanimous consent.

Both neoconservative Republicans and human-rights activists rallied to support his confirmation as ambassador in the face of Senate delays. He is only the second ambassador to Russia in 30 years who was not a career diplomat, and Leontiev points out the significance of this as a historical parallel coinciding with the total collapse of the FSU in the early s.

McFaul born in Glasgow, Montana is a Stanford University professor of political science. Three years after McFaul earned his Ph. Prior to his ambassadorial nomination, McFaul worked for the U. National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs. Wikipedia, in its entry on Michael McFaul, then snitches on the Obama Administration and the US Department of State about the various heads of Russian opposition parties who made a beeline, seemingly altogether, to meet with McFaul on his first day, January 17, within a short 24 hours of presenting his credentials as US Ambassador to Russia.

Obviously these were pre-arranged appointments through diplomatic, NGO, and back-door channels, as one visitor simply does not casually drop by for a chat and best wishes, not to mention a whole gaggle of opposition geese:. On the entrance to the embassy they were encountered by TV journalists who asked them why they were visiting the new Ambassador.

The visitors to Michael McFaul included: Two weeks later, journalist Olga Romanova who managed the financial spending of the December protests, also visited the American Embassy.

She said that they discussed Russian protests and the United States Presidential election campaign with McFaul. Ambassador McFaul, perhaps you should stop and think about why you got this embarassing drubbing to begin with. Official site of the Synodal Department for Church Charity and Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate.

The Synodal Department for Charity coordinates social ministry of the whole Russian Orthodox Church, encourages Church mass volunteer mercy movement. The Synodal Department helps unprotected members of the society: Healthy white babies and toddlers are most in demand in the US, although it began to slack off inprobably because of US economy.

Overseas adoptions had caused its own problems too, especially in the 90s when Russian and Ukrainian babies were in demand here for adoption in the US.

It also reflects the official position of Moscow Patriarchate on relations with state and secular society. In addition, it gives a number of guidelines to be applied in this field by the episcopate, clergy and laity.

Therefore, its deals primarily with fundamental theological and ecclesio-social issues, as well as those aspects of the life of state and society which were and are equally relevant for the whole Church in the end of the 20th century and in the nearest future.

The nature of the document is determined by the needs experienced by the whole of the Russian Orthodox Church during a long historical period both within and beyond the canonical territory of Moscow Patriarchate.

Many nations are paying the price of setting aside the idea of God and the basic principles that true religions teaches.

putin russian adoption ban

Atheism as a consequence, has filled the vacuum along along with relativism,secularism and all sort of sociopathologies, very well instrumented by MSM aiming to reduce the gentiles to expendable lab-monkey status. There can be no separation between the acts of man, which should be done within the boundaries of moral and ethics, and the acts of Government, which, as ruled by men, fall under the same principle.

Otherwise, sooner or later, a total disregard for mankind will be the signature of the letter and spirit of the Law, i. It cannot be smeared as Fundamentalism the simple and natural Christian desire to be coherent with our principles beyond the walls of our Church. Putin has a mission, to give Russians and their nation the place it deserves after 70 plus years of being set aside from the correct path.

Lets hope, Putin commitments fully crystallize, to show the World that any accomplisment was the product of working hand in hand and with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church.

We Jews are the divine Gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race,other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled over by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.

I only wish I had awakened earlier, I would have left this evil, evil nation and emigrated to one I could have been proud to have fought to protect. The Royal Family of pre-bolshevik Russia protected and helped preserve the U. Thirty years later the U. Now, I believe the Americans are really behind the eight ball when it comes to the inhabitants of the International Space Station. With no more Space Shuttle launches, America must putty command line ssh port entirely on Russia to travel to and from the ISS.

He should force America to come onside with the rest of the World when it comes to the Palestinians; if not, then no more rides to outer space for the Yanks. One cannot be loyal to Israel when push comes to shove, and still remain an American with all of the privileges and protections that entails. We know where the allegiances lie when it comes to Zionism.

The WAR MONGERING JEWS polluted the whole of the Middle East with TONS of Depleted Uranium. Polluted the earth, water and food in the Middle East with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a MILLION YEARS. Thousands of females are having deformed babies.

All part of the JEW New World Order plans to cut down on the Population of the World. The Stampa su forex bologna MONGERING JEWS polluted the whole of LIBYA with TONS of Depleted Uranium.

Polluted the earth, water and food in the LIBYA with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a MILLION YEARS. Thousands of females are going to have deformed babies. The WAR MONGERING JEWS are going to pollute the whole of IRAN with TONS of Depleted Uranium.

Pollute the earth, water and food in the IRAN with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a MILLION YEARS. The WAR MONGERING JEWS are going to pollute the whole of AFRICA with TONS of Depleted Uranium. A special message to the WAR MONGERING JEWS. We do NOT WANT YOUR Depleted Uranium in AFRICA.

The WAR MONGERING JEWS have more than ATOMIC BOMBS. When is the UNITED NATIONS going to place SANCTIONS of ISRAEL? When are the Americans going to grow some BALLS? When are the Americans going to grow some BALLS and prosecute the WAR MONGERING JEWS? The WAR MONGERING JEWS have HIJACKED the USA Government. But, as in the case with Ron Paul, one man on a white horse is only one man, and what happens should he be struck down or fall?

Thank you so much for your detailed post and the time it must have taken to put it together. But, as long as more hear about our Lord Jesus Christ, and get to know him, we know their eternal futures are safe, children and adults alike. Thank you again for all the information. I pray God helps them reach more lost souls, and helps them practically, but even more so spiritually to find Christ and the eternal hope that comes with Him.

Zionism is a Judaic belief system, but there are Jews who are not Zionists. However, introduction forex tutorial fact that there are Jews who are not Zionists does not mean that Zionism is not Judaism; just as the fact that there are Christians who are not Catholics does not mean that Catholicism is not Christianity.

Just as the Jews seek to horde all the gold, silver and jewels of the World and bring them to Jerusalem, so too does the Jewish god. Just as the Jews seek to rule the World forex trading mac os x Jerusalem, so too does the Jewish god.

The point is, Judaism is ultimately mundane and political, and the Jewish god is a reflection of the Jewish person.

The fact that there is no distinction between Zionism and Judaism can be easily proven in a simple example, one of a large number of such examples. Consider the fact that the Zionists want to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel and to drive out all non-Jews from Jerusalem. It is important to note that the Jews were never the native population of Jerusalem, but were instead always genocidal, racist and segregationist invaders.

The Jews have only been majority residents of Jerusalem for relatively short periods of time in their history, and never natives. The same is true of the Jewish god, incursion strategy guide sought to drive out and exterminate the native peoples and their gods and make Jerusalem an exclusively Jewish city. The Zionists are in the process of putin russian adoption ban this Judaic quest a reality, not because politics demands that the Jews be absolutely segregated and that no non-Jews ever again be allowed into Jerusalem, but rather because Judaism demands these things of the Jews, in the Old Testament.

Zionism and Judaism are indistinguishable, but this does not mean that Judaism must be interpreted as the Zionists interpret it, or that every aspect of Judaism is Zionist. It does, however, mean that Zionism is Judaism. And what is it that prominent Zionists say? Their non-acceptance of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel is a rejection of the sovereignty of the God of Israel and of his kingdom. Removing them from the land is therefore more than a political matter. Let us remove the Arabs from Israel and hasten the Redemption Thorns in Your Eyes, pp.

Kahane, Thorns in Your Eyes, New York, Jerusalem, ? In the Land of Israel, it is a duty actively to chase out idolatry until we have exterminated it from the whole of our country. Hence, if one sees one of them who worships idols perishing or drowning, one is not to save him. Hence you learn that it is forbidden to heal idolators even for broker forex terbaik di malaysia fee.

But if one is afraid of them or apprehends that refusal might cause ill will, medical treatment may be given for a fee but not gratuitously.

But when Israel is predominant over the nations of the world, we are forbidden to permit a Gentile who is an idolator to dwell among us. He must not enter our land, even as a temporary resident; or even as a traveler, journeying with merchandise from place to place, until he has undertaken to keep the seven precepts which the Noachides were commanded to observe Hilkhot Avodah Zara, ch. The Jews want to take Jerusalem and make it an entirely segregated Jewish city, not because Zionism arose in the Nineteenth Century, but rather because the conquest and segregation of Jerusalem means for the Jews that they will then rule the entire Earth, judge and then exterminate the Goyim, which is the ultimate goal of Judaism, and was from the beginning.

Christian Zionists know this and support it based on Luke Christian Zionists are traitors to their own nations, traitors who want to destroy all Gentile strategy for a novice binary options 60 sec and make the Jews and the Jewish god masters of the World.

This is not a new plan. Comunism is an ideology, something abtract. Think about it and then try to re-phrase your question accordingly. In doing so you will see that you might encounter a few problems. This in turn will lead your thinking close to the point where you find answers.

In case all your searching brings you no forex patterns and probability pdf to illumination try this: The Chinese and Russian communist movements were borne by revolutionary energy. By equally revolutionary developments around Russian Comunism collapsed, and with it the Sowiet Empire. The consequence was that even though this might have been in the air since a few years earlier the Chinese also abandoned classical Comunism and changed their economy step by step into a market orientated economy albeit without loopholes for predators and suckers as wide as we have them.

Anachronistically the Chinese Government Party still calls itself Communist Party, which confuses a lot of putin russian adoption ban. The answer is simple: As I am seeking phrases to answer you I am realising that your question is not as simple-minded as it may seem, but for all I can see the final question would be: Why is government controlled capitalism better than Communism?

Most experts seem to agree on this: Communism demotivates people, capitalism the right form of it tittilates the best performance out of all segments of society for there is kurs eur sek forex motivation like your own pocket! If I were a reporter I would look up his soon to be ex- as she has the claws out now and can probably be counted on to provide alot of juicy Soros pillow talk from the past five years.

Anyway…this article explains a lot of history and the Jews methodologies appear to be the same then and now, both most undervalued stocks in the market America and in Russia; the Jewish Oligarchs War Against Putin. It is by A. The scene opens with distant glimpses of the British Kingdom based upon Christianity, and its own ancient traditions; these sanctions binding Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and the people in one solemn bond on the one hand; on the other hand, the ominous rumblings of Calvinism.

Calvin, who came to Geneva from France, where his name was spelled Cauin, possibly a French effort to spell Cohen organized great numbers of revolutionary orators, not a few of whom were inflicted upon England and Scotland. Thus, was laid the groundwork for revolution under a cloak of religious fervour. I had read that Calvinism gave the Brits the same feeling of superiority which meshed well with the Jews beliefs.

This charter handed over to an anonymous committee the Royal stock market dataset of minting money; converted the basis of wealth to gold; and enabled the international money lenders to secure their loans on the taxes of the country, instead of the doubtful undertaking of some ruler or potentate which was all the security they could previously obtain.

From that time economic machinery was set in motion which ultimately reduced all wealth to the fictitious terms of gold which the Jews control; and drained away the life blood of the land, the real wealth which was the birthright of the British peoples.

The political and economic union of England and Scotland was shortly afterwards forced upon Scotland with wholesale corruption, and in defiance of formal protests from every county and borough. The danger was that the members of the new joint Parliament would sooner or later, in the spirit of their ancestors, challenge this state of affairs.

To provide against this, therefore, the party system was now brought into being, frustrating true national reaction and enabling the wire-pullers to divide and rule; using their newly-established financial power to ensure that their own men and their own policies should secure the limelight, and sufficient support from their newspapers, pamphlets, and banking accounts to carry the day.

The New Banksters were in…. There were many more to follow on similar lines, notably in France. In a further important clue to these mysterious happenings fell into Gentile hands in the shape of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In that document we read this remarkable sentence: The article duly notes how eerily similar the French Revolution was to this. The end of the process must only be trading stock in miami matter of time.

The moneylenders must become millionaires; those who own and work the land, the Englishman and the Scotsman, must be ruined. Perhaps it is due to their protests that the actual act of banishment has never to this day been repealed. The Jew-controlled NAACP, SPLC, ADL etc, Liberal Democrats, Black Marxism, And the Jew-controlled NAACP Have Destroyed The Black Community and Paralyzed the Majority White Community.

Jews and Liberals have convinced them that the Evil White Man, not personal responsibility, is the cause of all of their problems. There is a firm entrenchment in the entitlement community that government can solve their problems. In the s when racism truly was a problem for blacks in America, most Black kids grew up in two parent homes.

Today, after 60 years of liberal democrat entitlement programs, most Black kids are growing up in fatherless homes. No matter how you slice it, something is seriously wrong in the Black community. And it has nothing to do with White folks nor republicans. Lloyd Marcus currently serves as president of not the NAACP NAACPC National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color.

Well, here are some stories you NEVER heard about on the nightly news. Thanks to Pat Healey at Incogman. But more important seems to me the objective observation that when a people commit themselves by their distortions of scriptures to plans and deeds, which humanity regards universally as criminal in nature, then these people position themselves outside the ranks of said humanity.

Whilst I admire JC without reservation I also felt that he had come down a little harsh on Kwai Chang, whose article on vampire-like penis-sucking rabbis was not the worst post I have seen on this thread. For us Gentiles, the best proof of innocence is a sincere relinquishing of Judaism ties, whatever denomination or branch it may have.

And a better one it is to come to our field with a precious gift in the shape of all Judaism knowledge that stands as evidence of their not-so-secret plans regarding Christians. In many cases, Jews honestly leaving Judaism had faced discomfort in their lives by severing family or group ties, even risking a successful business, just for the sake of seeing the ALmighty by the promise of Eternal Life.

This was unbearable for die-hard Jews. He was pressured behind the scenes to recant, in the end he apologized to the responsible ones. It is almost like in an ordinary court, the prosecutor asks for forgiveness from the convicted criminal. Embracing the Gospel of Jesus: Little can be appreciated the attitude of former Jews like BN, as he perhaps left behind a profitable business or professional carrier, going as far as embracing the Orthodox Church.

Let us pray for his prompt recovery and to remain a beacon of light against the darkness of Talmudic designs. If you follow history, you will see that We have been screwing up people and nations for eons. Why - screaming and yelling as children at their favorite watering holes as they worship their precious Stupid Bowl NFL heroes. When was the LAST TIME be honest you readers actually heard a neighbor in a social environment make a rational thought-provoking statement that could remotely be construed as profound - or even WISDOM?

Certainly nothing to be proud of, but nevertheless sadly TRUE! We are a dullard, selfish, shallow, greedy people — easily distracted - as are children — and as one famous pundit and newsman once stated: We are one of the shortest lived large Republics in world history. Once upon a time a famous French author, statesman philosopher and admirer of our then fledgling Republic made this ominous observation as to our ability to maintain our posture as an admired moral world leader.

His name was Alexis De Tocqueville He stated the following profundity: What He spoke then is ALL that ANY TRUE Christian EVER needs to know about Jews — PERIOD! Had that ONE PARAGRAPH been mandatory reading for every American Christian on a weekly basis—since this nation was founded upon Christian principles—we would be a free informed and Godly nation today. Of that - I have NO DOUBT!

Our options are to take as many of them with us as we can — or to offer our lives up as a sacrifice to God or the broker forex terbaik di malaysia cause as we understand it.

After 30 years of harassment, character assassination and several years of imprisonment he is still standing tall.

The Germanic New Medicine is not just another alternative therapy, it is a new way of thinking. A very different approach with which you can easily and cheap cure all kind of diseases. And somehow if have the feeling that one day in the free world - maybe Russia, who knows - this medicine can be freely used by everyone.

Well, well, another cog in the British-US-Israhell-Oligarch political machinery, this time in the middle of Jew York — Pavel Khodorkovsky.

Pavel works in a Jew York as project manager at New Media Internet, a tech support company owned by … Vladimir Gusinsky, an exiled Russian Jew media baron. Pavel and his wife, Olesya Khodorkovskaya, a former Bear-Sterns employee, are two of three founders of Enertiv, a energy monitoring firm headquarted in Jew York City incorporated in Pavel is also founder and president of an NGO named Institute of Modern Russia, Inc IMR devoted to the promotion of civil society in, of all places…Russia.

Pavel, despite his protests about not living in the lap of luxury in Jew York, has enough clout to go to Brussels for talks with the EU policy makers. In the zombie-land of Times Square, there was not the packed crowd of thousands of street protestors one sees in Russia. Such low-key street level folksiness by the scion of Mikhail Khodorkovsky is simply for American consumption.

Something good to say about American apathy, for once. No one showed up. Several dozen Russian immigrants critical of the political system led by Prime Minister and president-elect Vladimir Putin rallied peacefully on Saturday on Times Square demanding democratic reforms in Russia. He works in a media company in New York, and has a wife and a one-year-old daughter. He is also the president of the Institute of Modern Russia, Inc, which seeks to promote the development of civil society in Russia by penny stocks to buy march 2016 the rule of law and strengthening relationships between Russia and other countries.

Khodorkovsky says he has been unable to return to Russia for fear of political persecution and actions against him aimed at pressuring his father to abandon his legal battle.

It is encouraging for me to know that I, as a former Jew, am welcomed into the Body of Christ, forex capital trading pty ltd that you accept me as a sincere Christian who has undergone a complete transformation of mind and spirit due to the intervention of our Lord.

It is no secret among adherents to Judaism that communism was started by a Jew Karl Marxbacked by Jews Rothschilds, Frankfurtermaintained by Jews too numerous to name and practiced by Jews the satanic state of IsraHELL. Jews routinely mock Christ and Christians in their satanic rituals, and seek to extend and perpetuate their plan for world domination through their control of the media, the courts, the financial system, medicine, the educational system, etc.

The ascension of Vladimir Putin to the leadership of Russia was a sign of hope for the millions of Orthodox Christians persecuted by the Jew-communists during the years of communist rule.

When the bloody ritual was over, the Jews had a big party, with lots of kosher food and plenty of wine and even harder stuff. Believe me, those Jews can really put away the liquor.

And when they get drunk, they get even louder and more obnoxious than usual. This was one of the reasons why I left Judaism, due to the sadistic pleasure that Jews get out of watching suffering. The Jews defend this satanic practice by claiming making money with toolbars it is humane, but that is a bunch of Jew b.

Many countries have banned the ritual kosher killing method — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Britain, New Zealand, among others. The Dutch tried to ban it, but gave in when the Jews pressured the politicians.

I have found historical stock market yearly returns a petition asking Congress to ban this inhuman form of killing, and I urge all sincere Christians reading this micro forex account uk go to this website and circulate it.

Christians have to unite and take action against the Jew-monsters to make them stop acting like Jews and start acting like human beings. This is the teaching of the Orthodox Church which understands the cultural mileau AND the Spiritual complexion of the Old Testament. Bjerknes whom you quote is an enemy of The Church. Bjerknes is fiercely anti Christian and does not have the competence to come anywhere near grasping the cultural, historical, redemptive, Spiritual meaning of the Holy Old Testament.

I sincerely hope that Putin is a champion for the world, he seems to have always been anti-Zionist and knowing of their ways. Jews behind the English revolution explain many things. For example how they have been able to infiltrate the nobility.

They killed families who were not on their page. And now we have many judaized noble families. The Semi-Gotha, a genealogic book written in Weimar reveals the origin or the intermarriage of around European noble families with Jewish blood. Especially the British nobility is full of Jews. The Windsors consider themselves as Jews e. Kate Middletons mothers name is Goldsmid. In the Royal Library in castle Windsor is [supposedly, maybe a reader can confirm or refute this] a parchment from Heralds College which shows that all British Kings descents from David.

The College of Heralds London has traced Queen Elizabeth II to be the th direct descendant of King David. The reason, why you have such often a lion in coat of arms, which is a non European animal, is simple: Also in the English coat of arms you have a lion. These symbols are from Old testament:. He shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones and pierce them through with his arrows. He couched, he lay down as a lion.

And as a great lion, who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee. He stamped out his enemies who he regarded as Amalek and treated the Irish who he regarded a Canaanites very bad. The first thing what Nazis did in was a animal protection law to ban this disgusting practice of animal torture.

The GENOCIDE of the Whites in South Africa by BLACKS is up to STAGE LEVEL 6 United Nations definition. And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll, or to look at it.

So I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll, or to look at it. And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth.

Then He came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying: Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice: And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, I heard saying: After all, our government is all about freedom, civil liberties, justice, and constitutional rights… right?

It is dangerously thin ice that some stand upon who would insinuate suggest or hint something negative in an indirect and unpleasant way other than what you have many times declared. Christian Zionists are traitors to their own nations, traitors who want to destroy all Gentile countries and make the Jews and the Jewish [version] god masters of the World. My spouse is of Brit roots, and while we have our jabs at each others culture, at the end of the day we laugh it off. One of my jabs is the Brits got their butts kicked out of Europe — the European mainland had enough of them.

This same action appeared across the board, in very black and white fashion. So can a judgement panel, per se, of diverse Euro cultures be wrong about the Jews? The Jews saw a weak point in England, with puppett Cromwell, and it ended up like a Anglo Bolshevik revolution. They were able to establish their roots and hooks and create their first ZIO base in England. I would suggest that the Brit Zionists feared the USA and need to undermine it, as it could be a threat the Zio Brits.

Thus, the Zionists use Brits as a home base for Bank, and the US as a slave colony to send forth an imperialist war machine. So, how does something like this affect you? Ultimately, exactly this way: Edgar Cayce, in one of his readings, said that eventually Russia would be the salvation of the world. At least one Staff Sergeant from McChord Base shot and killed 16 Afghan villagers while they were sleeping. A PATRIOT nowadays does Asymmetric Guerrilla Warfare, mostly of the Psychological and Spiritual type.

Iranians, Anti-Zionist Moslems, Russians, Nationalists of other countries and of course the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. The American people have gone from the most LOVED in the World to the most HATED in the World as a direct result of the WAR MONGERING JEWS who are stealing the Worlds natural resources.

And it is clear to me that true Christianity is the answer to all our problems. All so called anti-Zionist organisations will fail, I believe, unless they also stand up for Christ and his teachings.

It is as simple as that, something we all too clearly can see here in the decadent West when we compare it with the Christian East - where Christianity at present is being restored to its former glory. Before a man will pick up a gun and threaten to kill people who have done him no harm in order to get their usually meager possessions he has to get comfortable with some things.

He has to accept he may be killed while robbing. He has to accept the felony conviction for robbery will haunt him all his life. He has to accept he may need to kill a completely innocent person to get away with his crime…. Reading this thread, we have painted a dark picture, have brought the gloomy aspect into view, and it is rather severe.

How difficult it is to seek the Lord in relation to it and come into line with His intention to overcome it. I believe that if you and I were adequately impressed, and fully alive to the tremendous issue, we could never pray mere prayers. We could never allow words to run out of our mouths, which is what we call praying.

The above is an excerpt from Austin Sparks. If the Jews and their masters the Rothschilds have so much money and influence there could be a good chance both sides are controlled.

Yes, the media seems to bash Putin all day long on their JewsMedia networks. But I wonder what next…. The British government is set to argue at the European Court of Human Rights that Christians do not have the right to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work.

Critics call the move a blow to Christianity, saying the display of its symbols of faith is restricted while symbols of religions such as the Sikh turban and Muslim hijab are granted special status. I have believed that Putin in Russia, like Ron Paul in America, are about the only two decent people left in power.

I do not usually post, but I go to your site regularly as I believe you have an excellent understanding of what Zionism and Jewry are doing to us. Africa is one of several targets prized by the JEW NEW WORLD ORDER as they move to grab vital natural resources, grab all the Electricity Power Stations, consolidate power and unleash their monetary enslavement and world totalitarian government end game around the globe. Pollute the earth, water and food in AFRICA with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a MILLION YEARS.

MUST SEE VIDEOS Copy onto your computer before JewTube removes them. Beyond Treason Documentary http: At the end of this video, he explains that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea must be destroyed; otherwise there is no world order.

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel https: He promised to protect the Christians in Syria. God Bless Vladimir Putun! Congress is introducing legislation to authorize MORE regional forces for Africa on humanitarian grounds, opening up a larger AFRICOM invasion of the continent closely on the heels of the viral KONY video.

Hope all you trendies are happy now. The resolution, introduced by Reps. Makow, of Polish Jewish stock, hates Russia, Putin and seems to be a closet Zionist. Spiridon Ivanovich ran away from his poor peasant home in Tver Province when he was age 15 to St.

Trump should push Putin on adoption ban - Chicago Tribune

There he eventually learned to became a chef by profession at restaurants in St. He seems to have been very good, as it is also mentioned in various sites that Spiridon Ivanovich cooked at several fancy St.

He would later cook for Joseph Stalin when the Soviet leader visited one of his dachas in the Moscow region. A position as a cook for the leading governmental families was an indication of trustworthiness within the Soviet system.

Putin was allowed to visit as a youth he was born late inwhen his mother was 41 and seems to have been inspired as a kid by this connection and the workings of the USSR government. Spiridon Ivanovich was a serious, reserved man of immaculate honesty. Putin describes his grandfather as a man who liked remaining silent most of the time. He certainly managed to survive the years of terror and starvation. His complexion is fantastic, he seems to have a lot of energy for his age, and I wish to God, that if this man has sinned in the past, he has repented and will lead Russia to Christ and peace.

Here is an excerpt from a current article by Vanity Fair, written sympathetically as part of a Western effort to raise public opinion and put pressure on President Medvedev and by extension President-elect Putin for his early release:.

At the Mendeleev Chemistry and Technology Institute…Khodorkovsky became active in the Communist Youth League, the Komsomol. Upon getting his degree, inhe was hired by the Komsomol. He would seem to have been embarking on a career in politics, Soviet-style.

After several years of working mostly to collect Komsomol dues from fellow students, he could expect to be appointed to a junior position in city management someplace far from the capital. Because he was a part of the system, and well liked by highly placed apparatchiks, Khodorkovsky could take advantage of quasi-official and often extra-legal business opportunities. It had started even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, in He and his friend and business partner, a former software engineer named Leonid Nevzlin, produced a capitalist manifesto called The Man with the Ruble.

Our Lord is His Majesty, Money, for it is only He who can lead us to wealth as the norm in life. Khodorkovsky would soon become a household name in Russia—less as a capitalist ideologue than simply as a very rich man. He built a new life in accordance with his new philosophy. Mikhael Khodokorvsky had cultivated very impressive ties to the Anglo-American power establishment, with ties to the Russian Jewish mafia.

Khodorkovsky, besides being former chief executive of Yukos Oil Co. He was among 15 luminaries who help the firm sort through investment opportunities in energy industries, along with former secretary of state James A. Baker III, former British prime minister John Major and Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin.

There were two launches of Open Russia - one in Britain, and the second in the US in Piotrovsky graduated with honors in from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Leningrad State University, specializing in Arabic Studies.

He attended Cairo University from to and later joined the Institute for Oriental Studies, where he earned his doctorate in history. During his tenure there, Dr. Piotrovsky participated in several archaeological excavations in the CAUCASUS, CENTRAL ASIA, and YEMEN and was head of a team in the Soviet-Yemen Expedition from toand its director from to Hungarian-born American Jew George Soros established his Open Society Institute in Moscow about as one of 26 in his Eurasian spiderweb network, which ensured his place as certainly a low-profile, but significant member of the Red Mafia or Russian Oligarch.

Stuart Eizenstat, a partner at Washington, D. During the Clinton administration, Eizenstat was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury on July 19,while remaining Special Envoy for [Holocaust] Property Claims in Central and Eastern Europe, reporting to the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of State.

The Story Behind Russian's Gay Adoption Ban - Crisis Magazine

He served as a commissioner on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holcaust Assets in the US, chaired by Edgar M. Khodorkovsky, the most powerful oligarch at the time, was serving as the vehicle for what was becoming an obvious Washington-backed putsch against Putin. More and more in the US, the Jew-owned Obama-Clintonites being used as proxies by the Oligarchs as a front for pressuring Russia, have been romantically casting the arrests and convictions of convicted criminals, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev as a drama.

IMR was founded on Feb. Open Society Institute is a Soros thing], which promotes democratic development in Russia. The Observer article may actually mean the New Eurasian Foundation in Moscow, Andrey Kortunov, president.

Kortunov is also the president of the Information Scholarship Education Center ISE and a member of the Educational Board of the Open Society Institute, member of many editorial boards, and appears often on Western mainstream media - ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, and BBC. Besides Pavel Khordorkovsky as the president, Pavel Ivlev, Russian Jew, is listed as executive director. Ivlev is a deputy managing partner of ALM Feldmans, the Moscow-based law firm, and a longtime legal counsel to Yukos Oil Company and its former CEO, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In Septemberhe founded the Committee for Russian Economic Freedom, dedicated to free markets, free people and free ideas in Russia. Alexander Yanov, renowned historian studying the Russian opposition from the very start of its existence and a prominent expert in the field of Russian nationalism.

He taught at the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and the City University of Jew York. Richard Sakwa, Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent, Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a member of the Advisory Boards of the Institute of Law and Public Policy in Moscow.

Ekaterina Mishina, a Russian lawyer, involved in various projects of Open Russia Foundation; in capacity of either general manager or legal expert, she participated in several projects for the World Bank, the Ford Foundation, the European Union and USAID. She was a visiting scholar at New York University fromhad internships in the U.

Congress and Washington, D. Since she works as an Assistant Professor for the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow where she teaches comparative constitutional law. Yuri Felshtinsky, historian who co-authored the book of anti-Putin smears Blowing Up Russia with the late non-spy Alexander Litvenenko.

Igor Kokarev, doctorate in sociology, former officer of the Open Russia Foundation, taught at the famous VGIK—the All Russia State Institute of Cinematography—before the perestroika era.

Russia Today RT winds up owning Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul in this interview from February 22, where he feigns surprise about the public criticism directed at him for meeting with members of the opposition on his first day on the job. In this interview, McFaul asserted that the US does not finance either the opposition or Putin.

This is technically true, the US government itself may not do so out of taxpayer money. This summer, George Soros said that he was closing out his Russian activities. Dmitry Lovrev, a lawyer for the Soros Foundation, said they had a year lease on the office, that they were up-to-date with the rent.

Karamzin did not have all the facts. Last July, when Soros decided that he had given enough cash to Moscow, the investigation into the Yukos oil giant moved into top gear.

I think I may have remembered the facts incorrectly regarding the Putin grandfather who was a cook for Lenin. I have read all I can about Putin, and do have all the old books about what really happened in Russia, including a book by Rev Fahey written in, I believe, Lying comes so naturally to these people.

You are right that the Makow is a fake. It went on a par with the Judaization of the Papist Church the moment of the introduction of the Jewish azymes as the Eucharistic Sacrifice - against the formal interdiction of the Canons of the Universal Church - is of crucial importance. The only counterforce that has any balls against the Jews can come from within the awakened factions of the Pentagon.

Awakened by Sabrosky, Piezcenick and Susan Lindauer, Americans of Jewish ancestry. Pentagon should and will enter very soon without knocking in the White House and your Congress throwing out the moneychangers and jail them in your maximum security prisons for life. It has nothing to do with supporting Jewish politics nor is it a sign of any compromise. At the end of the 19th century, the Russian government - which was a Tsarist government at that time - invested money in the Holy Land there was no Israel at that time yet by buying land there and building churches as well as other buildings, most of these places were intended for Christian Orthodox pilgrims.

After the Bolshevik Revolution, all these objects were taken care of by the immigrants from Russia, but when Israel was created the land and the buildings became the property of the Israeli government. When Putin came to power he demanded from Israel to return the former Russian property.

Some of that property has very high value as it includes buildings located in the center of Jerusalem. Netanyahu did not even wait for Putin to ask for it twice. There are also other reasons why Putin is being diplomatic with the Jews. He knows very well that Jews in Israel and in other places as well, of course will, sooner or later, find themselves in trouble. But he also knows something else, namely, he knows that in Israel there is a very large Russian Christian diaspora.

According to some estimates there could be about thousand Russian Christians in Israel. Back in the 90s when Russia was in total mess there was a large exodus of the so-called Russian Jews to Israel.

Here, however, the Jews made a big mistake. While some of these Russian immigrants may have been Jews, most were not. Many had false papers. Among those who could be called Jewish, there are lots of people whom the Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel does not recognize as Jewish. If your father is Jewish and your mother is half-Jewish - for example her father was Jewish but her mother was not - you are not Jewish. Some of these Russians came to Israel because they had a Jewish wife or husband or they had an uncle married to a Jewish aunt or something like that.

I am a Christian. I was once married to a Jewish woman but we divorced a while ago. I have served in the Israeli army quite a few years.

This is my country now and it is also Holy Land. We Russians do not celebrate Jewish festivals, we celebrate Orthodox Christmas or Easter. There is also a considerable number of people with Jewish roots who have now become members of the Orthodox Church.

May God bless you and your work in revealing, in a most concise, courageous and clear manner, an exclusivist agenda so evil and pernicious that Satan has finally been left standing in a queue for food stamps. Marlon Brando once castigated his former Jew employers about the racist stereotyping of Filipinos, Latinos and Asians etc. Thank you for all your good work. I donate as can. Just wanted to share a favorite song of late, highlighting the beautiful Orthodox churches. Then on Saturday 31st March one of our leading newspapers ran this story - http: To say I was shocked is an understatement.

I checked out the author of this essay and found it to be Masha Gessen, a Jewish author, surprise, surprise. She has made her way here to Australia for the Sydney Writers Festival, I just sincerely hope that John Pilger makes a mockery of her while she is here, or someone else. But this typifies the media that we have here, our newspapers are all Jewish sympathisers, most of the scribblers are Jews, even our government owned media company ABC, is now controlled by Jews.

It seems every week there HAS to be an article written by a Jew showing Israel to be the superior race. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. We are talking about the ultimate enemy here, the Antichrist. He has built his symbolic home called Israel. We all agree on that. Now who is actively fighting this enemy?? The answer is presently:. Russia has refused to sell S missiles to Iran. You see, the Anti-christ is such a powerful beast and Putin knows it.

Putin will keep him in his view, but he will not cross path. They snuck in with their material wealth and greed the Zionists created! Look at what they are doing! They are now bring that homosexuality as the normal thing, and if you go against it, you just might be a terrorist! No, you are a terrorist for thinking it is wrong! They have brought in corruption to its very core! They have strived so hard at breaking the normal family to get rid of all male influence on the family, because the fathers are the ones that discipline the children to get them ready for the world!

A Mother nurtures the child! A sad world we live in under their Satanic control! They kill, lie, steal, and destroy all that is good to bring in their Order Out of Chaos. A NWO of no Creator of Heaven and Earth—NO GOD! But a god-less society under their whole Dictatorship of Cashless Society and everyone micro-chipped under their Beast System They want their death chip in everyone. Micro-chip to severe the Beast?

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