Can i make money baling hay

Can i make money baling hay

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Silage goes for about three or four dollars a small bale.

If you are willing to do the work, you could make some money from the grasses that always grow there. If you want to go to the time and trouble of planting alfalfa, the cost is about six dollars a bale. But it is A LOT of work. How knowledgeable are you in growing hay in a competitive market?

can i make money baling hay

Do you know your local hay market well? Who will you sell acres of hay to? You are talking about 15, square bales or about round bales. That's a bunch of hay! I used to farm acres of hay myself.

Can you turn a decent profit- yes. Make a killing in the hay market-not likely. Do you have the time to put into it? It will be a full time job. Depending on where you live and what you grow you are talking about 2 or 3 cuttings per year.

Clicking ads to earn money costs, seed and fertilizer will all add to your start-up costs. Think hard and make a good decision before committing yourselves. You might be able to find a reputable farmer in the area who can harvest the hay for you or you could just rent the land to a hay grower.

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Dairy and hay farmer for 30 years. Can i make money baling hay there's significant local demand for the hay, you can even get most of the work done for you by your own customers. Around here rural Northern Francethere is a shortage of land suitable for hay, and many non farmers with as little as acres sell it very cheaply to farmers who sow, mow and bale it themselves - that way you get paid to have it mown for you!

There is money in hay, not a lot, but it is according to how you run your operation. If you are can i make money baling hay hiring someone to custom bale your land, you can probably come out in the black.

Location and species also forex trading winners a role. Planting annuals will probably not be as lucrative as a perrenial, as you will have added costs of preparing ground, etc.

I could write forever on the subject Farming as a money maker is very low on the totem pole!! When we started growing and selling hay — I was very excited- got a list of But it's expensive in the initial outlay. And you have to know what you're doing or you're going to have bales of mulch.

can i make money baling hay

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can i make money baling hay

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